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Nixxie Solution For Publishers/Partners

Nixxie’s partnership solution uses intelligent technology that can read and understand the content of your websites pages. By doing so, Nixxie delivers advertising that is most relevant to the content of your web pages.

Increase your website’s revenues by providing your users with relevant and revenue generative advertising. Nixxie’s technology automatically delivers the most appropriate sponsored links, price comparison and auctions listings which are matched to the content of each of your website pages.

  • Through our partnerships with Overture, Miva, ThomsonLocal, Kanoodle, Kelkoo and, Nixxie offers one of largest advertiser databases on the Internet featuring big high street brands to local niche products and services.
  • Nixxie is fast and easy to implement. Nixxie enhances user experience by displaying only relevant ads in your ad slots. We have a variety of unbranded implementation options tailor made to suit your website’s look and feel.
  • We geo-target listings to deliver the most appropriate listings to your users based on their location.
  • You earn revenues every time a visitor clicks on Nixxie’s contextual listings.
  • We guarantee superior customer service and timely payments.
Nixxie Ltd [did also : Nixxie for Advertisers ]
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