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With Niches-in-a-Box, every month you get one netire turn-key Internet Business with eight passive income streams paid directly to you, for less than many people spend on dining out each week!

There are Pocketfuls of Cash EVERYWHERE On the Internet, Just Waiting to be Found... Discover...

  • How to get a team of experts to build your Internet business for you, for peanuts...
  • How to earn 8 different streams of income from MAJOR companies
  • How to keep that money rolling in month after month, with very little work
  • What a gem mine and two very old men have to do with your online future
  • Why the person who misses out on this is going to kick himself in the head repeatedly

But Why Stop There When You Can Earn Commissions From Not Just One, But EIGHT (or more!) Different Sources?

Your websites are designed to accommodate ALL of the following, and to Achieve the Highest "Visitor’s Profitabilty" possible :
- Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for you to display relevant Google ads on your website’s content pages and earn money. You get 3 regular ad blocks, a text link ad unit and the Google search form. For more information on AdSense, click here. (Opens in a new window)
- Yahoo! Publisher Network (formerly Overture) offers sponsored web searchs that bring new revenue sources to your websites. For more information on Yahoo Publisher Network, click here. (Opens in a new window)
- Chitika|eMiniMalls SM are automatically targeted to the content of your webpage. eMiniMalls selects the best products and provides your users with comparative shopping information to make an informed buying decision - before they leave your site. As users click, you make money. For more information on Chitika, click here. (Opens in a new window)
- Amazon Associates is among the largest and most successful online affiliate program, with over 1,000,000 members world-wide. As a Web site owner, you can make up to 8.5% in referral fees. For more information on Amazon Associates, click here. (Opens in a new window)
- Search SM is a leader in pay-per-click advertising, offering you the opportunity to monetize Internet traffic with access to millions of highly targeted and relevant ads. For more information on SearchFeed, click here. (Opens in a new window)
- ClickBank offers over 10,000 digital products that pay commissions as high as 90%. Choose products of interest to people who visit your website for an excellent source of additional income. For more information on ClickBank, click here. (Opens in a new window)
- Commission Junction provides you, the website owner, the opportunity to earn more revenue from your audience on a pay-for-performance basis. You can ’partner’ with hundreds of advertisers and access millions of ads via the BFAST Partner Gateway and the CJ Marketplace. For more information on Commission Junction, click here. (Opens in a new window)
- Your own ebook! We’ll talk more about this later, but you’ll also receive a complete ebook with private label rights that you can sell on your website. YOU keep ALL the profits!
- You also receive several modules that you can enable or disable from your control panel. These modules allow you to promote affiliate programs, your own programs, ebooks, software and services, your own newsletter. You can add text, images and more.
- Plus, you also receive an "Affiliate Package" with selected affiliate programs — You simply choose which ones you want to promote. Talk about easy!


- 13 to 15 sites covering a profitable industry
- Each site targets a sub-niche and has been selected for its profitability (many sponsors, many searched terms)
- Each site comes with a complete analysis : you get 13 to 15 complete keyword lists
- 250 to 300 exclusive PLR articles covering each sub-niche (you’ll get 20 articles in general for each sub-niche). These articles target the most researched keyword in this given sub-niche
- 200 to 300 keyword pages for each one of the sites(see below : these page are highly optimized)
- 600 to 1000 link pages for each one of the sites
- This is a total of around 15,000 to 20,000 pages a month
- Affiliate package : a selection of affiliate program covering the industry
- Adsense tracking module already plugged into the sites

- RSS Generator : The RSS is built automatically based on your last 4 (or as many as you want) visited pages. Just submit this RSS feed to RSS directories and/or plug it into your WordPress mass poster......and watch the hits roll in! Any site can now grab and display your feed regularly, driving traffic your way. Update your RSS file, and all the external sites that subscribe to your feed will be automatically updated. What could be easier? That’s not all. Your RSS data not only flows into other sites, it can also go to PDA’s, email ticklers, cell phones, email newsletters and voice updates. Also, affiliate networks can harvest each other’s RSS feeds, display the new data to other sites in the network, thus ......driving more traffic throughout, and adding FRESH content to your site!

- Blog & Ping Ready Module : Generate Text Links for RSS2blog or any of your favorite automatic blogging tools:

    • Text links will be generated for the keyword files and / or the link files
    • You can choose your delimiter as well as its frequency
    • Get your site indexed by the search engines fast, often within 24 hours
    • Get endless new content for your site, via RSS2blog

- Navigation : These sites can be browsed 3 different ways

    • 1- Keywords Each page of the site is already optimized for a given keyword (for example, "online futures trading software.") This means that for each one of these keywords, the webpage will display
      • Relevant news
      • Articles
      • Ads
      • Links
      • as well as using relevant tags (H1, H2, H3, meta tags, bolded terms, etc.)

Each page has a high density for the primary keyword of the site ("futures trading," for example) and for the page-specific keyword ("online futures trading software," for example). Keyword links in the navigation menu are randomly selected to ensure freshness of content and uniqueness of each page.

    • 2- Articles Articles are displayed on each keyword page to raise the keyword density of the page. If keyword-relevant articles are found, one of these will be displayed. On each page, you will also get a selection of related articles, raising interest and time spent by your visitors on your page, thus raising the "visitor’s profitability"! And you can also view each article independently of the keyword page. With the permalink feature, your are now able to:
      • Bookmark a given article page
      • Submit a link to a given article when you submit articles to directories
      • Have a list of all the articles directly via the navigation bar and then browse them by following the links to the articles

........This means you can:

      • Link to a given article, display a keyword-relevant article through the built-in article search engine!
      • Being able to make a keyword search among articles, with related snippets below articles is highly valuable and usually only available on high-dollar sites.

Imagine, you just upload your articles to a folder using the control panel, click a button and your whole site is updated, and will display relevant articles (if they exist) with related snippets below the article...

    • 3- Links Link pages have been built for each keyword (usually 2 to 5). Those pages perform well due to their high keyword density. You can also access the complete list of all the link pages from the navigation bar, and then browse your site following the links to the link page.

Let Your Visitors Interact with You and Your Site With These Exclusive "Collaborative" Features :

  • Automatic Social Bookmarking Module: Social bookmarking is an increasingly popular way for visitors to locate, classify, rank and share Internet resources.
  • Subscription Form : Let your visitors join your newsletter, turning them into repeat visitors. This is a form with a twist : your subscribers won’t leave the site when they subscribe and they will have a personal message displayed after they signed up. Once someone uses the form, he will be added to your autoresponder , and you (the admin) will receive a confirmation email with all the details (First name, email address, and the URL of the site where your visitor subscribed - imagine if you have 50 sites how useful this can be to monitor your conversion rates)
  • Submit Articles : Your visitors may submit articles to your site. You get to approve the articles they submit, so you retain complete control.
  • Submit Links : There is a special section called " Partners " that your visitors can browse. This section allows you to add preferred partners (very useful for popularity building), lets your visitors submit their own link, and builds reciprocal links to boost your search engine ranking.
  • Refer Friends : Via this special form, your visitors can refer this site to friends and relative. It’s a very popular feature that effortlessly increases your traffic.
  • Google Search Form

- Note : To prevent automatic submission and bots spamming your site, a challenge process (with captcha code) is installed. Your visitors will have to enter the code to submit their form for link, article and tell-a-friend submissions.

Make Your Web Site Unique

- Updating Your Site is Easy:

    • Drag and drop articles, or use the control panel to upload or create new articles.
    • Create new keyword pages using the Keyword Page Generator (included!) and then drop the generated pages into the system.
    • Or simply use the built-in form in your control panel to generate new pages.

- Unique Template system : 3 Levels of Customization

    • You can enable / disable and configure all of the modules described above from your control panel
    • For advanced users, you also have another level of customization you can reach to make your system even more flexible and personal
      • Keyword pages and related pages (submit articles, partners, tell-a-friend, list of articles...) are built using 3 "macro modules"
        • 1. Left side
        • 2. Center
        • 3. Right side
      • Link pages are built using 3 different "macro modules"
        • 1. Left side
        • 2. Center
        • 3. Right side

Automatic Growth Features : Put Your Site on Autopilot!

- Keyword files : you can let the system add new keywords and generate related files automatically. You just have to do the following:

    • Import a keyword list
    • Set up the scheduled task (cron) program
    • When the keyword list is empty, you will receive a notification email
      - Articles : you can let the system add articles automatically. All you need to do is...
    • Drop articles in the "waiting list"
    • Set up the scheduled task (cron) program
    • When all the articles have been added and more articles are needed, the system will automatically email you.

Cached Pages

By having cached (stored) pages on your site, it lets the search engines believe that you have a lot of pages of fresh content.

This can help tremendously with your search engine placement.

So for example, every time a page is updated, the previous version of that page is stored on the site. If one of your pages is updated 10 times, for example, there will be 10 cached versions, plus the current version (11 total.)

When a search engine bot crawls your site, it’ll see what appears to be 11 pages of fresh content, rather than just the one.

So if your site has, for example, 5 different pages, and each of them are updated three times per week, in a months time your site will appear to have approximately 65 pages, instead of just 5.

To a search engine, 65 pages is a lot more attractive than just 5, thus increasing your ranking on that search engine.

Manage Your Site Without Editing Files Wherever You Are in the World through Proprietary Control Panel

This is a complete password protected module that allows you to manage every aspect of your site directly from your browser.

- Site Configuration : You don’t need to edit the configuration file manually! Throw away your text editor. Just select the module you want to display and enter your details (AdSense, Amazon...IDs, your autoresponder email, etc...)
- Manage Articles

    • Built-in HTML editor to create new articles (new articles can go live immediately or be stored in your "waiting list" if you want to use the automatic growth features)
    • Moderate submitted articles: A specific control panel will let you approve or reject articles submitted by your visitors (again you can choose to add them immediately or to place them in the "waiting list")
    • Regenerate the keyword-relevant articles list (if you add new articles, rebuild the list of keyword-relevant articles to show them for the right keywords)
    • Obtain the command you need to set up as a scheduled task (cron) job for automatic site building
      - Manage Link Partners
    • Add and remove link partners using a simple form (Title, URL, Description)
    • Choose whether you want to add new link partners at the top or at the bottom of your present list
    • Edit your partners’ file directly if you wish
      - Manage Keywords
    • Generate keyword pages : Provide your keyword list directly (you can use my Page Generator to gather your keywords), whether it contains as few as one or as many as 10,000 keywords, and click the "Generate" button. Your site now has as many new pages as you want
    • Put keywords in your "Growing list" (if you use Automatic growth feature, or for later use)
    • Obtain the command you need to set up as a scheduled task (cron) job for automatic keyword page-building
      - Generate the Text Links for your Blog and Ping needs
      - Edit all the Modules with the built-in editor (if you don’t want to use the built-in forms): partners; config; TOS; privacy; keyword lists; best seller; best products; personal banners (center, right); tracking code
      - Check the Permissions : a simple tool that lets you know at any moment if permissions settings are correct for your site and where any problems exist
      - Extensive HELP Section: We’ve made everything as simple as possible. But if you still have a question, help is only keystrokes away!
Innovative Marketing Solutions LLC (Jean-Philippe Schoeffel) [did also : How to Turn Sites into Money , , Viral Marketing Made Easy , AdSpyPro , BuyMe A Word , Visitor Sense Training , Visitor Sense , The Complete Guide to Social Bookmarking , The Viral Socializer , Buy Me A Word ]
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