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A Easy To Follow Guide That Shows You How You Can Become A Highly Paid Niche Software Developer Starting With Little Or No Cash!

Here’s just some of what’s inside:

  • Finding Profitable Niche Markets That You Can Develop Software Products For!
  • Exactly Why You’ll Make More Money Creating Niche Software Products Vs. Ebooks!
  • The Six Different Software Types Explained!
  • Getting Good Ideas For Software Products Any Time Your Want!
  • Complimentary Products - What They Are And Why They Can Be Hot Sellers!
  • How To Easily Outsell Your Competitors!
  • What You Must Do Before You Create Your Finished Product!
  • How To Make Sure The Market Wants To Buy Your Software Before It’s Even Created!
  • How To Let The Market Determine The Best Pricing For Your Product!
  • Creating A Workable On-Paper-Draft Of Your Software Product Without Programming A Thing!
  • Finding A Good Programmer To Turn Your On-Paper-Draft Into Software Reality!
  • How To Protect Your Original Software Ideas From Would Be Thieves!
  • How To Professionally Package Your Products Ship Them On CD With No Out Of Pocket Costs!
  • Providing Good Customer Service And Support!
  • Getting Viral Traffic To Your Software Sales Site!
  • How To Get Your Software Listed At Websites That Get Millions Of Hits Per Month!
  • How Make More Sales By Easily Increasing The Perceived Value Of Your Software Products!
  • An Easy Way To Immediately Make Back Ten Times The Cost Of Your Software If You Do Pay Any Upfront Costs!
  • How To Use Your Software Products To Build A Targeted Opt-In List!
  • Exactly Where You Can Submit Your Site For Review To 4 Million+ Subscribers!
  • How Just One Software Product Can Build You An Ever Expanding Product Line For Free!
  • How To Sell Tons Of Products Without Writing A Sales Letter At All!
  • How To Take One Software Product And Market It Successfully In Many Different Niches!
  • How To Get Programmers To Create Your Software Ideas Paying Them A Fraction Of Their Normal Cost Or Even Nothing At All!
Quality Publishing Group (James Jackson) [did also : Find Hot Niches , Instant Niche Detective , Keyword Station , Niche Power Tools ]
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