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This incredible automated Internet marketing program designed by a savvy niche portal builder...

- Quickly drives laser targeted traffic to your website...
- Generating enormous payouts....
- And can provide you with an enormous 509% ROI in the first 12 months!

Here is how you can benefit from my system

Now that I can build thousands of sites each day, I have the time and server space to offer this service to a limited number of people. I will build the sites using my methods, and will get the sites in the SE’s and keep them there using all of the tools available to me.

Here is how you make money....You provide your adsense code (or just give me a pointer to it so that you can control the ads) and this will be included in 334 sites I build for you. You will be able to put your money to work for you, and not have to do any of the leg work yourself.

Imagine logging into your Adsense account each day and seeing those kinds of numbers. Imagine what will happen after you have 5000 sites working for you, or 10,000!

  • No worrying about site designs
  • No fretting over SEO
  • Just pay off bills and spend your money
  • We do all the work for you!

And just so you know, the techniques I use for the sites I build for you are the exact same techniques I use on my own. You will recieve the benefit of all of my research and development efforts, and believe me I am constantly looking for improvements.

How the heck are you going to make 509% ROI

As you saw from my statement from a short while ago, I averaged $771.16 each day. With 1000 sites, that is 77 cents for each site each day. I can’t promise you that you will make 77 cents/day from all of your sites, I can’t even promise that you will make 50 cents/day. However, I am reasonably sure that I can get you an average of 25 cents/day. At 25 cents each day times 334 sites time 365 days in a year, your investment would return $30,477.50, or just over 509% in a year. That is over $25,000 in profit annually, and we are offering to build 334 more sitest for you every three months.

We do it all, you do not have to do a thing, except live your life as you please.

What We Do

We take domains, and keyword sets and apply sound SEO techniques to generate targeted pages that will display your ads. These generation techniques that we use are unique in the page generation industry in that we do not scrape any content (which avoids serious copyright violations for users of most Page Generation tools).

If you have ever had any experience with page generators, you understand that speed is of the essence. The more sites you build, the more money you will make. The problem is that most page generators are not easy enough, or fast enough to make more than a couple of sites each day. We take all of the time and effort out of the equation, and allow you to focus on building your business.

After you build a site, now you have to get the Search Engines to come to your site and index it. We have taken the time effort and money out of this as well.

You are probably saying to your self, well it sounds like you have the onsite stuff taken care of (although you haven’t seen the SEO techniques yet), but what about the offsite links. Well we will take care of that as well.

Without getting into details (and giving away secrets) suffice it to say, that we usually see traffic within a couple of days, and start getting clicks the first week. Clearly this doesn’t happen with every domain that is built, but when we have put up at least 500 at a time, we have never not gotten at least one click within the first week.

Who we are Looking For

We provide cost efficient targeted traffic at high volumes for extended periods of time. If you have looked into advertising campaigns for thousands of dollars and thought they were too expensive, then this may be for you! We offer an inexpensive way to get in on the action.

If you understand that getting a lot of targeted traffic can be worth it’s weight in gold, then this program is for you!

If you have spent countless hours building sites with other page generation systems and are looking for an efficient way to boost your income, then this program is for you!

If you are looking to have thousands of sites working for you, this program is for you!

What is this Program Worth?

Trying to determine the worth of a service can be a tough thing to do, so let’s look at it from a time and money point of view, because effort is very hard to measure, and some things are purely a cost, and others are merely time consuming.

  • Hosting for a year: between $1.99 and $25/month. Let’s just call it $50/year.
  • Creating hosting account: 5 minutes per site.
  • Site creation: 3 hours of putting up with expensive hard to use software, or $50 if you can get it done through a freelancer.
  • Templates: A good set of optimized templates can run you $50.
  • SEO: 3 hours, or $100 per site.
  • Total time per site: 6 hours and 5 minutes per site.
  • Total $$ per site: $50 per site, if you did most of the work yourself, far more if you outsourced it.

Time is the only thing you can not buy more of, which makes it an extremely valuable commodity especially in this business. Now you are looking at $250 per site to outsource the whole thing, and you still have to manage the process.

What is a site worth?

If you are familiar with internet marketing and monetizing websites you will probably realize that you can accidentally build a website that makes $1/day. There are some sites that will generate hundreds of dollars per day, but usually not for long periods of time, or without considerable effort.

Let’s assume that each site can generate an average of $0.25 per day. This is where you should use your own experiences, and adjust that number higher or lower depending on your own experience. At only $0.25/day a site will generate $91.25 per year! If you built the sites and hosted them yourself, you made $41.25 for 6 hours worth of work. That is too close to minimum wage for me.

However, using our system your profit would have been $76.25 for each site, and it cost you nothing more than reading this information and signing up for our program. All you have to do is provide us with your advertising code, and you really don’t have to deal with us again.

Your subscription will give you 334 of these sites every time a payment is made (or once every three months)! That comes out to $91.25 times 334 or $30,477.50 for each 334 sites you have built! Even if you change your mind and stop the subscription, your sites will run for the entire year, unlike other subscription services.

What are the risks?

The risks are the most important thing to consider with this proposition. As with any business venture, there are no guarantees. Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future revenue.

You will not make your money back in the first month. As a matter of fact, if you multiplied your first month by 12, you are not very likely to make $5,000. The second month is usually much better than the first month, althgouh you may not be able to multiply the second months revenue by 12 and come up with $5,000 either. The third month is where you will start to feel better, although you are not likely to make the entire purchase back by the third month.

Sometime during the third month, I normally make the money back for the domains that I build for myself. Let’s be honest, I am making some money off of this venture, so your costs are going to be more expensive than mine. However, you should actually start seeing a profit by the end of the fourth month, or early in the fifth month.

The rest of the year will be profit.

If you are in a situation in which you can not risk losing this money, do not make this purchase. This should be viewed as risk capital, and I am trying to sell you on the opportunity of making more money with me than you can by putting this money into a bank. However, as with all rewards, there is an element of risk. Please consider this risk before you make the purchase, as I will be unable to offer a refund unless I can not get the sites up within 2 weeks from time of purchase.

What should I expect after I lock in my rates?

You can expect an email from me within a couple of hours asking for your advertising (Adsense) code. Most importantly, you need to be able to see how much you are making from this. You need to build a channel so that you can see for yourself how long it takes to make your money back, then see how much profit you make from just a few minutes of your time!

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