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With Niche Inspector supercharge your Niche Market Research and Uncover hundreds of hidden Niches

What Most Marketers Do Wrong When Mining For Niches

- Mistake # 1 - Choosing Niches Based On Your Personal Passions, Regardless Of Profit Potential - If you want to build websites for fun, then go ahead and investigate any niche your little heart desires. But if you want to make money, put your personal interests aside and focus on what the market wants.

- Mistake # 2 - Choosing Niches With Virtually No Profit Potential - If nobody’s interested in your niche, there’s no money to be made. Dump it and move on.

- Mistake # 3 - Choosing Niches With An Overwhelming Number Of Competitors - If too many people try to cash in on one big, bloated niche, nobody will make any real money. Dump it and move on.

- Mistake # 4 - Attacking The Same Niches As Everybody Else - Some membership sites announce a list of red hot niches every month. In theory, that’s a nice gesture. But those "red hot niches" turn ice cold once 100 internet marketers swarm the same niches at once. Which is why you should never... ever...

- Mistake # 5 - Telling People About Your Niches - The surest way to watch a profitable niche dry out is to tell just one internet marketer about. Because that person will tell two more, and they’ll tell two more... and before you know it you’ll be collecting just pennies a day.

- Mistake # 6 - Using Keyword Tools To Find Niches - Keyword tools were designed to... Find keywords! They were not designed to tell you which niches are profitable. They were not designed to tell you which niches will bleed you dry. So relying on keyword tools to find your niches is like shooting in the dark.

- Mistake # 7 - Jumping Into Your Niche "Blind" and Discovering Months Later That You Cannot Make A Profit From Your Niche - Before I dive into a niche, I’m already 99% certain that it’s going to be profitable. How can I be so sure? Because I follow my simple...

"GoldiLocks" Rules Of Niche Hunting

  • Rule # 1 - A Good Niche Must Not Be Too Small . For example, "harp music" would not be a good niche because there are only a few searches done each month. Which means, this market is practically dead. So no matter what "system" you use, there’s nobody in this market and therefore... no profits for you.
  • Rule # 2 - A Good Niche Must Not Be Too Big . On the flip side, if a niche is overly crowded it will be just as difficult to make a buck. For example, "home mortgage" gets 628,000 searches a month. There’s definitely some interest in this niche.

But odds are... you will never make a dime in this market. Why? Because the market is super-saturated with thousands of competitors, each trying to cash in on this piece of pie.

  • Rule # 3 - A Good Niche Must Be Just Right . Just as Goldilocks had to find the bed that was just right, so we have to find the niches that are just right. They have to be large enough to be profitable, but small enough so we’re not shut out by the competition.

But here’s the kicker: Finding these elusive niches is not easy. Most people can’t tell you how they found good niches. Because it happened by accident and they couldn’t repeat the process if they tried.

However, based on my research, I’ve developed a quick and easy way to find red hot niches with high demand and little competition.

Introducing Niche Inspector

This is the tool I created for my own personal use. Why would I do that? Because I tried every other program on the market and while many tools had some redeeming qualities, none of them did everything I needed.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well, I needed a better way to find high-paying niches with little competition... so I created Niche Inspector.

Here’s What Makes Niche Inspector™ Different

When you’re ready to find your next profitable niche, simply open up the Niche Inspector software (it’s a desktop application) and go to work.

If you don’t have any markets in mind, simply use Niche Inspector’s built in Brainstorm Function and Niche Inspector will grab up to 250 keywords in popular markets.

If you’ve already got a market in mind, simply pop it into Niche Inspector and relax. Niche Inspector will go to work.

- Niche Inspector pulls results from all three major search engines: Google, MSN & Yahoo

Here’s why this is important: Sometimes, when I just want quick cash, I build sites for MSN because (as you may or may not know) it’s much easier to get your sites indexed with MSN.

While other niche hunters blindly focus on Google, you can snatch up quick profits on MSN and Yahoo.

- Niche Inspector makes it easy to figure out which keywords pay peanuts... and which ones pay big money

Niche Inspectors grabs Google Adwords Cost-Per-Click for each keyword... so you’ll instantly know if your niche is worth pursuing.

- Lets you choose the type of search query:

    • Regular Search: [keyword]
    • Quoted: ["keyword"]

Or you can dig even deeper and create your own custom search queries for better targeting. For example...

    • Custom: [allintitle: "keyword"]

This would return the number of sites that have at least the keyword in the title...But you are not limited to allintitle. Use any advanced search query you want!

- Allows you to sift results with powerful filters:

    • Number of monthly searches
    • Number of results in 3 search engines
    • R/S ratio
    • KEI score
    • Number of Adwords advertisers
    • Bid price in Adwords
    • Unwanted keywords: Remove keywords that ...

Here’s what this means for you: Niche Inspector lets you filter out keywords that don’t have enough ads (as they usually don’t pay as much) and filter out keywords that have too many results (too much competition).

An optional step is to filter even further using the Keyword Effectiveness Index and R/S ratio.

A List Of Underserved Keywords That Pay Well And Lack Competition!

Here’s what this means for you: Now you can find underserved keywords with little competition (which means you crack the page one search listings with ease) and you don’t have to settle for measly payouts!

With Niche Inspector you can...

  • Find thousands of untapped niches within minutes
  • Target a specific search engine
  • Use custom search queries for better targeting
  • Sort by search count, number of results, Adwords Cost-Per-Click, KEI score or R/S ratio
  • Let the brainstorm function do the thinking for you on those days when you just can’t seem to find a market
  • Find untapped sub-niches in competitive markets like diet or travel
  • Put your niche mining work on auto-pilot
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