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Probably the most powerful Brainstorming, Keywords and Niche Analyzing software on the market right now!

Generate and manipulate huge keyword lists in minutes, enjoy fantastic brainstorming on autopilot, thoroughly analyze potential markets, spy on your competition, easily customize almost every aspect of the application and more!

Brainstorming - find new profitable markets while you sleep!

Niche Detector includes a number of advanced brainstorming features to help you uncover new profitable online markets. The program will go and check what is "hot" online, on eBay and other websites, what others are searching for - and will automatically start a more detailed research for each possible niche using the settings you specify - for example, you can set Niche Detector to automatically check if the suggested keywords might have some good earning potential with adsense, if there are domain names available for registration and much more. Additionally, the "Keyword Harvester" component in Niche Detector is another nice brainstorming source - it will spider websites for you and extract many interesting keywords you probably would never have thought of before.

Quickly harvest, generate, edit and manipulate thousands of keywords

With Niche Detector you will no longer need to worry about finding suitable keywords for your PPC or SEO campaigns. You can choose between the many data sources, from Yahoo! Marketing (Overture) to Google, from to Keyword Discovery, you can also import Wordtracker keywords, spider specific websites and harvest keywords form meta, title, header or any other tags. But that is not all! You can generate misspellings, shuffle keywords to find all the possible combinations, wrap them for adwords, edit 1000s of keywords at a time, apply complex filters and more. And if you finish up with a "giant" keywords list, no problem! Niche Detector can easily split for you a huge keywords list in smaller "niche keyword files" based on the settings you choose!

Advanced Niche Research

Niche Detector can analyze online markets in great detail - and the brilliant thing is you can completely customize the process! Do you want to see how many monthly searches a keyword has? No problem, just enable that in the program options. Do you want to check how many MSN adcenter ads show up at any time for your keywords? No problem, enable it in the program options and it will be done! Do you want to see how many books are on Amazon, how many blogs in Technorati, how many web pages competing for "allintitle" searches in Google, Msn or Yahoo? No problem - just enable or disable them, as needed! (you get the idea!).

Maybe you want to automatically scan Google, Yahoo! Marketing (Overture) or Msn ads for a particular URL (perhaps one of your competitors, or competitor affiliates) and see what keywords are they advertising for? Maybe you are trying to sell an ebook and would like to check the ads for a specific text - let’s say "secrets" - and thus find the exact keywords which are used to probably advertise other info-type products in your market. Or maybe you want to use proxies for some searches (let’s say for example Msn searches) but use direct connection (no proxies) for everything else? Niche Detector could easily do all that for you.

Niche Detector Features

- Finding Keywords - Niche Detector allows you to perform multiple-level searches (dig keywords down for a maximum of 20 levels). Niche Detector can import or download keywords from a variety of data sources such as:

    • Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture) - US, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Australia and Canada (English and French)
    • Google Adwords - US, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, Canada (English and French) and local
    • Yahoo
    • Gigablast
    • WiseNut
    • Keyword Discovery (subscription required)
    • Keyword Harvester
    • Wordtracker emails

- Keyword Harvester - this feature was initially intended as a bonus application for those who purchased Niche Detector, however, we subsequently decided to include it within the main program and thus make it easier and more convinient for all users. Keyword Harvester will spider and extract keywords from either the top 10 search engine results in Google, Yahoo or MSN or from the websites you specify. The Keyword Harvester will let you:

    • extract keywords from meta-keyword tags
    • extract keywords from title tags
    • extract keywords from header tags
    • extract keywords from image alt tags
    • extract keywords from a particular html tag you specify (you will need to enter the name of the tag)
    • extract keywords from the entire web page content
    • follow internal links up to 16 clicks away and extract keywords from these pages too
    • extract 1-word, 2-word, 3-word or 4-word key phrases
    • ignore the words in a list (won’t extract the words you specify in this list)
    • set a maximum number of keywords to harvest

- Brainstorming

    • Checking high traffic websites and live web searches for "hot" ideas

- Generating Keywords

    • Niche Detector can generate new keywords from word sets (you can enter up to 3 different word sets for Niche Detector to work with)
    • Generate new keywords by splitting existing key phrases in smaller parts

- Manipulating Keywords

    • Mass editing - automatically add, remove or replace certain words or characters from each keyword in the list - easily edit 1000s of keywords at a time
    • Shuffle the words in each key phrase to find all the possible combinations
    • Generate misspellings (skip letters, double letters, reverse leters, skip spaces, typos)
    • Remove duplicate keywords
    • Automatically split big keyword lists in smaller "niche focused" keyword files
    • Wrap keywords for adwords (easily add "phrase", "exact" or "negative" match keywords)
    • Easily find and isolate the exact keywords you are looking for in the keywords list (even if the list contains many thousands of keywords!) For example let’s assume you have a big "law" keyword list and you want to find and separate only those keywords which contain the words san francisco or san diego and the words lawyer or lawyers - with Niche Detector you don’t need to check the keywords one by one - imagine how long will that take if you have a big list! All you need to do is click a button, enter what you are looking for and ... it’s done!

- Advanced Niche Research - When you start an advanced niche research, you have the option to automatically check for each keyword:

    • The keyword popularity in Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture)
    • How many ads show up in Google, Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture), Msn (adcenter) , Miva or Enhance
    • If a website is advertising in Google, Yahoo or MSN for that particular keyword
    • If a specific text is found in the Google, Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture) or Msn ads
    • The number of websites competing for normal, exact (using quotes), allinanchor, allintitle or allinurl searches in Google, Yahoo or MSN
    • The estimated cost per click for the top adwords ad
    • The KEI using a "standard" formula
    • The KEI using a customized formula of your choice
    • The top bids in Miva or Enhance
    • The number of books found in Amazon
    • The number of blogs found in Technorati
    • The domain names available for registration
    • The Keyword discovery total searches (subscription needed)
    • The Keyword discovery monthly estimates (subscription needed)
    • Wordtracker count data (for keywords imported from Wordtracker emails)
    • Wordtracker 24h estimates (for keywords imported from Wordtracker emails)

You can stop the research process and save your work at any time - and resume it days or weeks later from the exact same point. Niche Detector also lets you modify and customize your reports by adding new data to them at a later time or splitting them in smaller files.

The advanced niche research window includes a set of powerful filters which allow you to easily find and save only the data you are interested in. For example you could choose to show or save only those keywords wich contain the word "offer" but not the word "free", have less than 8 adwords ads, .com domains available for registration and more than 1000 monthly searches in Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture).

- Internet options

    • Direct connection or connection via proxies
    • If you wish to connect via proxies you have the following options:
      • Niche Detector can automatically try to find some proxies to use; alternatively you can manually enter specific proxies.
      • You can set Niche Detector to use proxies for all the internet connections or only for some of them - for example let’s say you want to use a proxy only when checking the Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture) monthly searches but use direct connection (no proxies) for everything else to speed up the process

- Other Features

    • Optionally ignore (not add to the keywords list) any key phrases longer than a certain number of words
    • When using Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture) as your keywords data source you can choose not to dig further those keywords with less than the specified number of monthly searches
    • You can specify the number of seconds to wait between each type of searches - Msn searches, Amazon searches, Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture) , etc. For example you could set 4 seconds for MSN searches, 2 seconds for Amazon searches, 3 seconds for Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture), and so on.
Tibi Buta (Tiberiu Buta)
Single User License
Windows 98/NT4/2000/ME/XP/Vista
Money Back
56 days
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