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* Niche Creator 2007/05 Server Solution Creative Connectivity US$99


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New!, Automated portal creator software - all you will have to do is install, and then feed it a list of keywords that deal with your niche. The software will automatically create search engine friendly pages using the template you choose (included or provide your own) with links to affiliate programs such as google adsense, search feed, amazon, and clickbank.

Not for newbies!!


  • Apache server with mod-rewrite and php. MySQL required to use Wordpress Blog (most apache based web hosts support this).
  • Able to upload and unzip or untar file.
  • Able to make minimal changes to files on your server (to put in your adsense code, Amazon code, domain name, etc).
  • Able to copy files on server (to change between templates).
  • Able to setup a custom .htaccess file (most apache based web hosts support this).

This is not for you if:

  • You are a complete newbie at the web. You must know how to do basic stuff like upload and unzip files, etc.
  • You can’t afford it - there are several free page generators out there you can use until you are making some money.
  • You don’t believe in yourself - just like any business, you have to DO it for it to succeed. We are trying to make it as easy as possible for you to do it with this, but you still have to research keywords, and put up the site.

For the moment, the price is $499. We will let all owners sell it as affiliates and make 40%. Current owners keep begging us to raise the price - so we probably will sometime soon.

Buy now and you will have instant gratification. You will be able to download the whole system and install it on your website now. You will be updated and get upgrades as they become ready.

The complete system currently includes:

  • Dynamically generated website that looks static. displays a page optimized for that keyword and adds the keyword to your navigation and sitemap. It is possible to build your website by blogging and pinging only - no generation time required!
  • Modules for Adsense, Amazon, Searchfeed, Random Text, Random Nav link, Auto Backlinks for Link Exchange. More to come soon.
  • Feed.xml - ping with - don’t even need to blog.
  • Sitemap.html/php/txt - easy for cutting and pasting into rss2blog, submitting to search engines, etc.
  • Custom Wordpress blog - all extra links removed, multiple ping targets added. Have your own wordpress blog setup within three minutes.
  • Four professionally designed SEO templates with more to come.

Installing this is as simple as uploading the tarball or zip file, unzipping, and then modifing the domain file and the adsense file to show your info. You can have your new Niche Site up and running within 10 minutes of purchase.

Creative Connectivity (Steve Oliphant) [did also : Niche Creator ]
Single Server License
Money Back
30 days
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