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Build and manage any niche Website in a flash. No HTML or technical skills required.

Instead - Niche Business Builder a powerful but search-engine-friendly content and product management system that practically anyone can use to create as many customized website(s) as they want or need... and then manage those websites from any computer anywhere in the world with just a few button clicks!

So ... are you ready to set up ongoing autopilot income streams from:

  • Your Own Bank of Traffic Pulling Niche Articles
  • Your Own Built-In RSS Feed Generator
  • High Profit Niche eBook Sales
  • Niche Physical Product Sales
  • Google AdSense, Yahoo! Search, Chitika
  • Any other passive ad program you prefer
  • Clickbank, Commission Junction or any other affiliate program
  • Non-Blockable DHTML Pop-Ups and More!

Here’s your total newbie-friendly solution for getting your website online fast and setting up autopilot streams of niche income from traffic pulling niche articles, Google AdSense or any other passive ad program, Clickbank ads, affiliate program and product links, and high profit ebook sales.

  • Type-It-And-Save-It Webpage Generator and Editor
  • One-Click Article Publishing and Content Management
  • Plug-In Google AdSense, Yahoo! Search, Chitika, and more!
  • Fully Automated eProduct Delivery and Link Cloaking
  • Built-In Shopping Cart & Non-Blockable Pop Up Generator
  • Built-In Affiliate Link and Banner Manager
  • Automated Customer List Building and Emailing
  • Built-In RSS Feed Generator
  • Plus a Lot More!

What Does NICHE BUSINESS BUILDER Have That Other Website Building Softwares Can’t Even Touch ?

- Powerful .php Website Creation and Total Management Script - Simple enough for product driven mini-sites but rugged enough to handle literally 1000’s of pages of prime money-making Adsense content!

NICHE BUSINESS BUILDER resides on your webhosting server so it doesn’t take up room on your desktop. Cuts your website management time to the bone so you’ll have more time to market .... or to play!

- Password Protected Newbie-Friendly Control Center - If you can use a keyboard and click a few buttons, you can build a website in 2 hours or less and then manage and control every aspect - from page layout and colors, graphics, banners, pop ups, links and text, article content, categories, products, Google AdSensetm, even automatic emailing to your customers. Absolutely NO technical skills required. No need for complicated webmaster tools taking up space on your computer.

- Built-In Audio Tutorials - Better than videos in this case - you can LISTEN as you actually DO the process of creating, editing, and managing your webpages. Remember, the entire Niche Business Builder system is simple enough for total beginners - but quick and powerful enough for professionals. And these audio tutorials will get you started even faster!

- Point n Click Friendly Webpage Creator and Editor - Add new salespages (and streams of income) on the fly! Just copy, paste, and click the "save" button. Plus, edits are a snap with the simple but powerful page creator interface that looks and works just like Microsoft Word. If you can use a keyboard and click a mouse - you CAN create, edit, update, and manage your own professional and eye-catching webpages.

- Built-In Niche Article and Website Content Manager - Keep visitors and search engines happy with fresh new content. Just copy, paste, and click to add new traffic pulling articles and content in 10 seconds or less. Plug in your AdSense code just one time and it automatically shows on every content page you create!

By the way, NBB also supports Yahoo! Search, Chitika, and just about any other passive ad program. PLUS - we’ll include more than 500 hot private label niche articles to get you started.

- Change Your Website’s Look, Feel, and Content Anytime - Keep your website fresh and interesting! It’s as simple as making a few choices in your control panel and clicking the "save" button! Change the page layout, colors, graphics, headers, add or delete products in a flash, manage your affiliate links, add new articles and content to improve your AdSense income - just login to your password protected control panel anytime, from any computer, anywhere in the world.

- Creates Search Engine Friendly Webpages Every Time - No need to learn complicated Search Engine Optimizing. NBB automatically formats title, description, and keyword tags into all webpages you create. Additionally, all links are absolute - meaning search engine spiders will visit every page of your website - and not just the homepage. This is critical for maximizing affiliate or AdSense income!

- Built-In Google AdSensetm and Banner Ad Manager - Simple enough for mini-sites and powerful enough to handle 1000s of pages. Just copy and paste your AdSense code one time, and click the "save" button. Bingo! Your Google AdSensetm code is automatically added to every page on your site! Also supports any banner ads plus Yahoo! Search, Chitika, or practically any other passive ad income program you want to use.

- Built-In Non Blockable Floating Pop Up Generator - No coding skills required! Just add your content and click a couple of buttons to put attention-grabbing floating pop ups on your homepage - promote special offers, build your opt-in mailing list, direct traffic to your best paying affiliate pages, the possibilities are endless!

- Built-In RSS Feed Formatter, Pinger, and Manager - Lets you put real-time info on your customer’s and prospect’s desktops, no coding skills required. Simple point n click interface creates and manages up to 10 different RSS articles at one time.

- Built-In Link Manager - Just one click to instantly add/edit/delete affiliate and site links on one webpage or 1000. Formats SEO perfect links every time. Include keywords in link titles for better search engine indexing.

- Built-In Custom Graphics Gallery and Manager - Keep your website fresh and interesting with the built-in image manager. Allows you to quickly swap, upload, or delete any website graphics as you wish - ebook covers, software boxes, page headers and footers, order buttons, you name it! No need to learn FTP - this tool does it all for you.

- Built-In Spell Checker - Forget about the dictionary - all your website content will always be correct and professional with easy one-click spell checking.

- Automated Customer List Databasing - A mailing list of proven buyers is much more valuable than a list of prospects. Your NBB system (with no effort from you) will automatically database the name and email of each customer who buys one of your products. Remember the old saying, "The money is in the list!"

- Built-In Customer Email System - Increase repeat sales and visitors and get a blast of traffic anytime you want. A single button click keeps you in touch with your list of proven customers to update them about new product releases or to deliver tips, information, even your own newsletter.

- Built-In Shopping Cart System - Fully functioned system runs payments through or Paypal. Increase sales by allowing customers to easily purchase several different products on a single transaction, or even multiples of the same product if they wish.

No need to purchase expensive add-on shopping cart software. No need to pay monthly fees for an online shopping cart service.

- Optional Single Item Purchase Links - Make it easier and quicker for your customers to buy single items (ie. a special promo ebook.) You can bypass the built-in shopping cart, and instead use single item purchase links for any product and salespage you wish.

- Fully Automated Delivery For eBooks, Software, All Digital Products - Together with the fully automated sales system, this means you can make sales, accept payments, and deliver products with no effort from you - even while you’re asleep or working a regular job!

- Fully Cloaked Download Links - Forget online theft issues. Your customer will receive an encrypted download link and will never know the true location of your product file. You can even set download links to auto-expire after 1 to 30 days.

- Auto-Resend Lost Download Links To Customers - This is a great time saver for you! On the customer’s request, the automated system will verify the original sale, and resend a replacement download link - even after the original link expires.

Niche Business Builder FAQ

  • Can I use Niche Business Builder to build more than one niche website? - Yes you can - one website or 1000! You will own the Niche Business Builder script, and you can install it (or have it installed) on as many or your own domains as you wish without ever paying another penny. After all, the more niche websites you have, the more opportunities you have to make money on the Internet.

However, you may not give away or resell the Niche Business Builder script, or use it to set up websites for other people, for free, for profit, or for any other reason.

  • By the way, what exactly is Niche Business Builder? - It’s a powerful but newbie-friendly .php script that installs easily on practically any server and provides you with every tool and option you’ll need to create and customize your own complete search engine optimized website(s) and make money from multiple streams of income!

But don’t let the "installation" part scare you! Our professional webmasters will install your Niche Business Builder system on your domain for a one-time $47 US and guarantee it to work correctly!

  • Will you provide products for me to sell and article content to use? - You bet we will - you will have an "instant inventory" of 40 top-shelf niche ebook titles to sell in 12 hot niche markets! Each title includes a professional cover graphic and a pre-written copy-and-paste salesletter. Your built-in Niche Business Builder product manager will automate everything else, from shopping cart sales, to instant product delivery, to automatically building a mailing list of your paying customers.

You’ll also receive a total of 546 private label niche articles providing at least 25 articles (or more) for each of the 12 niche markets you will see further down this webpage. You can use these articles to inform your visitors, edit them as you wish, claim authorship, even put them together to create all new ebooks if you want!

  • Can I sell other products besides the ones you provide? - Oh yes - you will not be limited in any way. You can sell any other ebooks, or even niche related consumer products if you wish. After all, we’re talking about your niche website businesses. You will be free to develop those businesses and streams of income in any way you choose.
  • What do you mean by "plug-in" Google AdSense? - That means you paste in your ad code into your Niche Business Builder system just one time, click one button, and your ads automatically appear on all your webpages. (No need to edit pages one at a time. What a hassle that would be!)

Niche Business Builder also supports ads from CBClicks (Clickbank), Chitika, Revenue Pilot, Yahoo! Search, and practically any other passive ad income program. You can also include any links to any private affiliate programs you choose. Just paste in the link and click the "save" button!

  • Can I use Niche Business Builder to create a home business opportunity site? - Of course you can! The home business opportunity and "how to make money" niche is one of the most popular of all. It receives more searches online than practically any other topic of interest.
  • Will I need a domain name and webhosting to run Niche Business Builder? - Yes - those are the necessary foundation blocks of any online business. Anything less is amateurish at best. But we will show you where to get domain names for about $9 each - and where you can host unlimited domain names and websites for only $9.95 a month.
  • Can I use a free webhosting service like Geocities or Yahoo? - No - free webhosting services do not provide the necessary support systems to run a professional software like Niche Business Builder.

Besides, you want to build a professional business - right? Free webhosting tells visitors and potential customers that you’re not serious about your business - that you may be "here today and gone tomorrow." Once again, your webhosting doesn’t need to be expensive. We will help you choose the right one.

  • Is there a monthly fee for using Niche Business Builder? - Absolutely NOT! When you purchase Niche Business Builder you will own it for life. You will never be required to pay another penny to use the software system, and you can use it to build as many sites as you wish into the future. In addition, all future system upgrades will be furnished to you free of charge.
  • Will my computer need special programs to run Niche Business Builder? - Not at all - Niche Business Builder will not "live" on your computer anyway. Instead, it will be located on your webhosting server as a part of your domain.

That means you can access your Niche Business Builder control panel and manage your website from any computer, anyplace in the world where there is an Internet connection, even when you’re on vacation. You will never be tied down to your own personal computer.

  • Is Niche Business Builder difficult to install? - No, it’s really quite simple. If you know your way around cPanel and know how to upload files, installation is a snap - one hour or less and your Niche Business Builder system will be ready to go.
  • Will you install Niche Business Builder for me? - Yes! - our normal installation fee is $47 - but we will do it for FREE on the next 20 orders only! Our experienced professional webmasters will install your Niche Business Builder system on your domain and webhosting server. We will even suggest an outstanding hosting service if you need one, and help you choose a good domain name if you don’t have one already. You’ll receive details about this service immediately after your order is processed. NOTE that we do not upload the articles and ebooks. You will decide what you wish to sell and to what niche(s) you will market. But that won’t be a problem for you - Niche Business Builder is easy to use!
  • Why must I be careful about choosing a webhosting service? - Some webhosting servers are seriously out of date (of course, they won’t tell you that.) They can host simple webpages just fine, but they don’t provide the necessary support for a powerful software like Niche Business Builder. We will provide you with a list of other qualified webhosting options besides our own service.
  • What are the server requirements for Niche Business Builder? - Niche Business Builder will work on Unix/Linux servers and requires PHP 4.0 or better. Also required is one MySQL database and phpMyAdmin access. Most up to date webhosting services meet those criteria. NOTE that we do not install on Godaddy servers.
  • Will I get free upgrades to the Niche Business Builder system? - Yes you will - the scripts and materials for any future upgrades to the Niche Business Builder software system will be furnished to registered owners free of charge.
Dan Cauthron
PHP/MySQL/phpMyAdmin/cPanel is strongly recommended
Single Server License
Money Back
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