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Discover Search Engine Ranking Software That Includes A Comprehensive Statistical Analysis To Choose High Ranking Domain Names... 100% Guaranteed!

Put your list of domains and URLs in the input file (we’ll show you how to do this in videos you can watch on your PC).

Once you do that, you click the "Score" button. In milliseconds, all of your domains and URLs are scored and you are presented with a list of them along with their score to the right of each one.

Choose the highest scoring and you are well on your way to having 15% or higher rankings than if you ignore this letter and don’t use Nemeas.

Will a higher scoring URL always perform better than a lower scoring URL? No; of course not. This is just a statistical analysis of about 20% of the search engine ranking factors. You still need to get inbound links. You still need to have on page factors optimized. But this does give you an edge over the competition if all other factors are equal.

James Brausch [did also : MuVar MultiVariate Testing Software , Relusi , Hermusa , Hermusa Link Building Software , Glyphius , Glyphius Copywriting Software , Artemis Pro ]
Single User License
Win 2000/XP
Money Back
56 days
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