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"My eBay Script" is a set of scripts and templates that creates a standalone website that sells products that are being sold on eBay. With this eBay Store, you will be able to pick Niches of product to sell. Don’t try to sell all of the ebay items on one website. Narrow it down to a niche such as Glassware, Plus Size Women’s clothing or Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycles and your visitors will come.

MeS is also designed to show Google Adsense advertising on your pages. This extra potential for revenue can land you another 3% profit. Adsense is the display of Pay-per-Click ads offered by Google. Adsense advertisers get charged a fee every time someone clicks on their paid ad. Adsense affiliates, which is what you will be, will get paid a percentage of that paid click charge. How much easier can this get?

Another form of advertising that MeS provides is the use of Commission Junction. CJ is one of the large affiliate networks in North America and their network serves billions of impressions monthly, ranking it among the largest ad networks in the world. Similar to Adsense, you display Banner Ads for CJ on your site for what ever product they offer and you will receive a commission on the purchase of that product which was advertised on your site. This too is way cool. No inventory and No shipping. Just cashing checks. The eBay affiliate program uses CJ for paying you for items bought thru your site.

What does "My eBay Script" Offer you?

  • Ability to sell thousands of eBay products
  • Opportunity to cash in on a piece of eBay’s $14 Billion revenue stream
  • Earn 50% to 75% commission on eBay Revenue
  • Earn $25 to $35 commission per new eBay active user referral
  • Profit from your visitors by advertising others who sell similar products via Google Adsense.
  • Easy to use web templates that you can customize to fit your needs
  • Easy to use Content Management System that allows you to show articles on your website. Remember, Content is King in order to drive FREE traffic to your site.
  • Earn even more profit displaying banner ads from Commission Junction
  • All template designs are search engine friendly
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