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Drop your eBay listings into any Dreamweaver site

Bring the power of eBay right to your own front door with Merchant Toolkit for eBay. This free extension to Dreamweaver allows you to insert your eBay listings in any Web page. Extremely easy to use, yet powerful, Merchant Toolkit for eBay provides a complete representation of your actual listings at design time. Increase traffic to your site and ramp up your sales with Merchant Toolkit for eBay.

- Easy to Use - Just insert your eBay ID, choose the desired options and eBay is working for you, right in your own site!

- Highly Flexible - Got a lot of products? Display your goods in separates categories on different pages of your site - or show them all on the same page.

- Configurable Look-and-Feel - Set up your products your way and preview the results while you work right in Dreamweaver.

- Works with eBay - No additional listings to enter or store set-up: Merchant Toolkit for eBay uses your same eBay listings and all transactions go through eBay.

- Works within Dreamweaver - Once you have inserted the eBay Listing object on your page - Dreamweaver will display your listings with live data from the eBay server. This allows you to visualize how the listings will look with the overall design of the page.

- Editable and updateble - You can edit any of the properties by selecting the Edit button in the Property Inspector. This will bring up the Edit User Interface with the current values displayed for each of the options. You can change the values and select OK to save your changes. The control will re-connect with eBay and display the updated live data based on your changes.

WebAssist Corp [did also : PayPal eCommerce Toolkit , Site Import , eBay StoreBuilder ]
Dreamweaver MX/MX2004/8
Win 2000/XP/2003 or MacOSX 10.1x/10.2x/10.3x/10.4x
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