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Groundbreaking power to get more search listings...

Mass Duplicator is simply the most powerful way to get more listings in the search engines. In just a few minutes, you can create 1000s of duplicates of any Web site or text. Each duplicate will be completely different, using alternate words to express the same meaning. Unlike other programs which randomly mix words, Mass Duplicator makes each duplicate totally readable.

This gives you the power to create a series of totally unique Web sites, each maximizing your ability to get many listings.

Nothing to download!

Our software runs on our server. You don’t have to download anything except the site that you will soon create. You have complete control over the pages that are created.

Start right now!

In just a minute, you can create duplicates of any Web site right now. You will have complete control, picking what words you want replaced. Replace all adjectives, all verbs, and so on. Mass Duplicator performs detailed syntax analysis of any document you input before automated the creation of 1000s of unique variations.

Search Engine Optimization: The Good Ol’ Days

Several years ago it was easy to get many listings (and lots of traffic) from the search engines. All you needed to do was to create a Web site with several pages of unique content. Then, you simply copied these pages onto multiple domains — and, voila!, you had dozens of Web sites, each which would get individually listed in the engines. (Heck, back them you could even interlink the sites, increasing the overall PageRank of your "mini-net".)

In time, software was even developed that helped you create these simple cookie-cutter sites. You just entered a few keywords, and "smart pages" would be created. You could use 1000s of these smart pages on multiple different domains. All would get indexed, all would get traffic.

These easy techniques no longer work.

The engines get smarter...

The search engines now compare content from one source to the next. If your pages bare a striking similarity to other, already indexed pages, well, you probably won’t even get indexed. Or, if you do, you will be at the bottom of the barrel (and get no traffic).

As well, all of that terrific software of yesteryear — things like doorway page creators, niche portal builders, and the like — are rapidly failing. You see, software such as that, while not creating identitical pages, creates overall page composition and site structure that is remarkably rigid and similar from customer to customer.

As more and more customers use such software, well, the engines find their listings filled with pages that may have different keywords, but which have very similar page structure (from where links are placed, to how headlines are displayed). As a result, huge swaths of customers who use such software find their listings removed. After all, all the engines need to do is sort through their listings to find others that have similar link/page/html structures.

...and smarter...

The engines now use adaptive "spam" filters.

In the old days, the engines might filter all pages that contain "viagra" 1000 times. But optimizers found ways to avoid these hard and fast "spam" filters... they would use slightly different words, or print the word like "viagrra" and so on.

The engines looked at email spam filters. There, they saw that programs that used hard and fast rules quickly failed. Those that worked were ones that constantly "learned" and updated themselves to reflect the latest trends in spam. As an example, the most successful anti-email spam filter is a naive Bayesian filter. You train this filter on a pool of emails which you classify as spam or not spam. It analyzes the words used, the headers, and so on... and with remarkably accuracy, it is then able to determine if new emails are spam or not spam.

The engines doubtlessly now use similar Bayesian filters on their search results. Already, there has been much discussion about how Google employs a pool of "reviewers". These reviewers likely sit and rate pages in the engine... classifying listings as "spam" or not spam. When they have reviewed many pages, it is almost certain that they will then be able to automate filtering. The result? Many, many "spam" listings are quickly vanishing from the index. This includes pages from all of the "smart page" creators that create near-duplicate content; and includes hand-optimized pages. Simply: if your content is not a) unique, b) legible, and c) appropriate to the searched for phrase then you will find yourself with increasingly fewer and fewer overall listings.

The new breed of automated search engine optimization...

So what techniques can you use to automate the creation of unique, legible, and appropriate content?

Our application allows you to turn any existing content you have into 1000s of unique variations. The actual words will change into appropriate synonyms based on various rules and options you can specify. This will results in legible content that is appropriate for the engines.

MassDuplicator is for webmasters who have some experience with webmastering. This is not the product for those novices who have never created a site. Why?

You see, with all of our products we aim to provide outstanding applications that let you do "anything you want". We don’t force you to a particular template, or a particular way of doing things. And, as you will see, we provide only a few suggestions on how to use the generated pages and sites.

As mentioned earlier, we feel that providing software that doesn’t require the Webmaster to invest some of his own creativity and thought will eventually lead to poor listings or no listings at all. It is nowadays too easy for the engines to find all sites that employ the same tricks. If we told you to use MassDuplicator to create multiple pages that you can use with Wordpress blogs; or to start interlinked sites with pages; or to use Javascript redirection on MD pages; or to include pay-per-click advertisements in MD pages... well, those pages would work very well but only until the engines noticed how many users had the same general approach (and removed themall).

MassDuplicator, along with our other applications, is like a really good hammer. Now, with that hammer, it won’t build a house for you automatically. But, used by someone who spends some time learning how to use it, it can do pretty much anything you like.

We feel that MassDuplicator is our most exciting and powerful tool available. We encourage you to experiment with it to help you maximize your search engine listings and traffic.

[By the way, I put the words "spam" in quotation marks as unlike commercial email (where spam arrives unsolicited), search engine "spam" is solely under the control of the search engines — you are certainly allowed to publish any content you want on your Web site. It is the engines that ACTIVELY come to your Web site in the form of a spider and REQUEST your content. And it is they who choose to rank and place your page in their index.]

Peter Bray [did also : Instant Optimizer , RankingSpy , CloakerLIVE Pro Membership , CloakerLIVE , Markov Engine Pro Membership , Search Engine Cloaker ]
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