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Collect the e-mail address of every visitor to your website.... and store them automatically!

Well, Mailloop makes this easy for you...

  • First of all, Mailloop has a tutorial with simple instructions for creating your own web form.
  • And second, it’s EASY to set up Mailloop to store every e-mail address... automatically!

Automatically send custom e-mails to new subscribers (and customers!)...

Of course, Mailloop doesn’t just help you "store" e-mail addresses — it can also instantly and automatically perform "actions" on new subscribers like:
- E-mail new subscribers a "welcome" message — within MINUTES of receiving their subscription! (This looks VERY professional, and wins you instant credibility!)
- Send new subscribers a FREE copy of your latest newsletter, white paper, or special industry report — to establish VALUE in what you offer!
- Add people to your newsletter mailing list automatically — OR, if you have multiple newsletters, choose which newsletters you’d like them added to!
- Automatically send NEW customers follow-up offers for similar products... and boost your sales by up to 30-45%!
- Enter their names in a contest to win a prize draw! (This is a great way to persuade visitors to give you their e-mail addresses!)
- Forward incoming mail to any e-mail account you choose — so you can follow-up with your most qualified sales leads right away!
- Close more sales while your prospects are still HOT by following up with MORE product information and benefits — automatically!
- Automate your customer service and save time by sending "pre-written" e-mail responses to common customer questions!

Send professionally designed HTML and text e-mails (or newsletters) to subscribers

With Mailloop, sending e-mail campaigns and newsletters to your subscribers on a regular basis suddenly becomes MUCH easier.

You won’t DREAD sending e-mail anymore or put it off because there’s no struggling to prepare your e-mail list... no manually adding new subscribers — or removing unsubscribes... no removing duplicates, etc. etc.

Mailloop does all the "heavy lifting" for you. So when you want to send a special e-mail promotion or newsletter, it can be done in 3 simple steps:

  • 1. Choose the list of subscribers you’d like to e-mail...
  • 2. Use a template to create your e-mail (or insert your own creative)...
  • 3. Then schedule it to "SEND"!

Handpick e-mail lists of your BEST clients and hottest leads to receive special offers...

... And watch your sales increase by as much as 400% (or more)!

With Mailloop, it’s easy to choose small, targeted groups of your BEST sales leads and customers to receive special offers... This is an EXTREMELY powerful — yet very easy — way to increase your sales by as much as 400%, or more!

For example, here are 8 ideas for "targeted" e-mail campaigns you can send with Mailloop:

  • 1. Send a "happy birthday" offer with a special discount
  • 2. 60 days after purchase, remind customers they need to order refills
  • 3. E-mail a "one-year anniversary" discount gift to subscribers
  • 4. Offer buyers of Product A a special price for complementary Product B
  • 5. Give special "Upgrade Prices" to existing owners when you release a new model
  • 6. Joint venture with another business for a 50% profit split, and e-mail product recommendations to owners of your related products
  • 7. Invite subscribers from certain cities or states to attend special events with you
  • 8. Give certain customers "first chance to buy" limited inventory or stock

Make sure your e-mail doesn’t get TRASHED!

Avoid spam complaints, blacklists, filters, and RBLs by keeping your list clean !
- First of all, as part of this special release of the brand-new Mailloop 7.0, I’m giving the first 250 people a free copy of my special report "How To Follow The Rules of CAN-SPAM — and AVOID Getting Spam Complaints!" (A $147 value, yours FREE!) This report will walk you step by step through the VERY simple rules you need to follow to make sure you never break any laws sending e-mail.

- And second, Mailloop has been carefully designed to manage your most critical e-mail chores — automatically. So it will...

    • Remove "bounce backs" (i.e. old, expired e-mail addresses) — automatically!
    • Automatically delete "unsubscribes" from your e-mail list!
    • Remove "invalid" e-mail addresses (like @!#$ from your list — BEFORE you ever hit "send".
    • Record the date and time subscriptions are received (to prove you collect e-mail addresses ethically if you get complaints!)
    • Set mailing speeds (i.e. throttle) to major ISPs like Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL — so you avoid hitting their servers too fast like a spammer.
    • Remove potentially harmful e-mail addresses by filtering using any keyword like ".gov," ".edu," "spam," "abuse," "majordomo," "listserv," etc.
    • Mail each subscriber individually — so ONLY their e-mail address appears in the "To:" field!
    • Protect yourself from "phony" subscription requests with the option of using a double opt-in system — that CONFIRMS every subscription you receive!

Check the content of EVERY e-mail before you "Send" to make sure it won’t accidentally trigger spam filters (sometimes changing a few simple words can mean the difference between getting delivered and getting 50% of your e-mail caught in "Junk Mail Folders!")

The secret to making FREE MONEY with e-mail marketing... while you’re on vacation!

I’m talking about "sequential autoresponders" — series of e-mails, scheduled and sent automatically to EVERY new customer and subscriber added to your e-mail list.

Here’s how it works

A visitor to your website subscribes to your newsletter using your opt-in form. Mailloop automatically goes to work, and:

  • Adds their e-mail address to your "master" subscriber list
  • Sends a "welcome" message (immediately)

... Perfect! Mailloop has already taken care of 2 chores — saving you about 10 minutes!

THEN, the magic happens

If you own Mailloop 7.0 Professional Edition, you also have the option of putting new subscribers in a special "queue" to receive a series of autoresponders.

Here’s what this might look like...
- 3 days after subscribing: Mailloop sends your "FAQ promotion" — that deals with the most common pre-sale objections and asks for the order again!
- 7 days after subscribing: Mailloop sends your "Package Offer" — that offers a 25% discount on TWO products, packaged together.
- 14 days after subscribing: Mailloop sends a FREE Report that explains the benefits of using your product — and asks for the order again!
- 21 days after subscribing: Mailloop sends a "Success Story" e-mail packed with testimonials from satisfied clients — and asks for the order again!
- 30 days after subscribing: Mailloop sends your "FREE Trial Offer" — that lets people who haven’t bought yet sample your product risk-free!

Boost Your Success with EVEN MORE Advanced Profit-Building Tools

So with Mailloop 7.0 Professional Edition, you will also be able to...

  • Schedule promotions to be sent at exactly the right time to get the HIGHEST response. We’ll even show you how to figure out when your market is most responsive (which weekday, at what time)! This trick alone increased our profits by 22%.
  • Send attachments of your latest product brochure, eBook, and more!
  • Automatically distribute all of your eBooks and registration codes (or any other product you may offer that can be delivered electronically) with Mailloop’s built-in eBook distribution system!
  • Make your messages as long as you want! While some e-mail services will limit the length of your e-mails, autoresponders, and newsletters, Mailloop gives you complete control over your message size!
  • Set up unlimited e-mail addresses that give you more control to sort, filter, and store incoming mail.
  • Use the "competitor block list" to make sure your competitors never receive your email, newsletters, or autoresponders! Mailloop allows you to block e-mail by domain AND keyword!
  • Combine multiple opt-in lists for custom mailouts — OR split a single list into multiple lists — while automatically removing the duplicate addresses of subscribers who appear on more than one list!
  • Use unlimited filters to sort and categorize all incoming email — automatically! This can add up to literally hundreds of saved hours each month! It’s almost like having your own personal "email secretary"!
  • Potentially DOUBLE your opt-in subscriptions with a "seven-lesson" series of autoresponders. Offer visitors to your web site a seven-lesson series of messages as a FREE Gift... and you could be watching your subscription rate go through the roof!
  • Get an "instant snapshot" of every mailout you send with DETAILED "Mailout Summary Reports", which include total contacts mailed, total messages "undeliverable," total mailing size, and more!

Manage it all from one User-Friendly Message Control Center

How do you keep track of all your different promotions, mailings, newsletters, text-version letters, HTML mailings, etc., etc...

Let me guess: a whole string of different folders within folders, a few piles of paper on your desk, and the odd post-it note on your monitor... am I right?

I used to be that way myself. Fortunately, with its powerful Message Control Center, Mailloop makes it easy to...

  • Write and format your e-mail, newsletters, and promotions — all from ONE central location!
  • Use professionally designed templates to produce exceptional results!
  • Preview your messages to see how they will look to your subscribers.
  • Edit your NEW messages before sending (OR, rewrite old messages) in text AND HTML!
  • Send "test messages" to make sure your messages display correctly in ALL the major e-mail clients (like Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and more).
  • Organize all of your messages and promotions from this one location.

You should also know that with Mailloop 7.0 Professional Edition, you can also...

  • Use as many autoresponders as you need (10... 50... even 100!) — including series for subscribers, customers, survey participants, affiliates, and more!
  • Specify exactly when you want responders to be sent — right down to the month, week, day, and hour!
  • Add as many responders to a series as you like! With Mailloop, you’re not limited to 1, 2, or even 3 measly responders... Use as many as you need per series... in as many series as you want!
  • Send series of autoresponders in Text or HTML format, or use multi-part MIME technology to let the subscriber’s email client choose the format it reads best!
  • Pause and restart any responder series any time — and pick up exactly where you left off at the click of a button!
  • "Subscribe" people to your responder series automatically! Simply choose the "trigger" (i.e., new subscriber, new affiliate, new customer, etc...) and Mailloop will make sure they’re added to the series right away!
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