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Automate Your Email Marketing with ListMail!

ListMail enables you to manage and publish ALL of your e-zines, newsletters, update lists and more from the comfort of your web site! You pay just once and get to use ListMail forever!

We are a company with over 5 years email marketing experience and over 15 years technical experience. We know what we’re doing and we actually care about and are patient with each and every client. We will always do our very best to satisfy your needs, even if it means working late or adding something to the program! ListMail has tons of great features and top-notch support.

Does your business need ListMail?

What are your answers to the following questions?

  • Do you want to run your own online newsletter or send automated timed followup email?
  • Do you want to improve your relationship with site visitors and existing clients?
  • Do you wish you were more aware of what is happening "behind-the-scenes" with your email?
  • Are you tired of your current email list manager and it’s "same-old" limited features?
  • Are you paying OUTRAGEOUS monthly service fees to send your list email?
  • Do you want to take complete control of your email marketing now and forever?

If you answered YES to any of the above... Look no further than ListMail!

Email marketing saves you time and money

  • Allows you to publish personalized, highly professional opt-in email messages.
  • Enables you to stay in constant contact with your visitors, clients and other subscribers to keep their attention glued to your site, services and products.
  • Saves you money. Stop losing potential clients just because they were distracted!
  • Saves you time. Powerful features and automation so you won’t have to work too hard!

Powerful features help you succeed

Here’s a quick run-down of just a few of ListMail’s many features:

  • Unlimited lists each with their own customizable web pages, followups, fields, and users.
  • Timed followup emails sent automatically in the days, weeks, and years after subscription. (With never before seen cron-style timing!)
  • Easily personalize your email with user info, formatted dates, custom text and more.
  • Custom HTML - modify the subscribe and remove pages to FULLY integrate with your site.
  • Link Tracking - see who hits what links and when!
  • Multi-part MIME messages - text and HTML email with or without file attachments.
  • Double Opt-in - Each list can have a welcome and/or confirmation email - both optional!
  • Custom Fields for each list to collect additional user information of your choice on signup.
  • Unlimited users with no limits to the amount of email you can send.
  • Easily add "Remove Links" to your messages with a simple "Message Code".
  • Bounce Handling automatically removes undeliverable email addresses from your lists.
  • Scheduling system to queue your messages days, months, or even years in advance.
  • Backup & Restore protects against unexpected server failures and helps with site migration.
  • User Selection - send to lists and/or sub-lists based on search results or custom SQL queries!
  • Queue Protection - in the event of an unexpected failure you can easily and safely resume your mailings, or do it automatically with the new auto-resume script!
  • Programmed with the powerful PHP scripting language utilizing a MySQL database backend.
  • Super-simple upgrades, even when we add advanced features - just overwrite the files!
  • Installs and runs on your web site with no extra charges whatsoever!
ListMail Inc
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