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Share with us an Awesome Method of getting YOUR SITE Indexed and Ranked In MAJOR Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and others for as long as you want!"

It Doesn’t Matter If You’re A "Newbie". This Brand New Crawler and Link Map Generator Is GUARANTEED To Work... No Matter ’WHAT’ Your Website is about.

Imagine a piece of software that :

  • Installs itself automatically on any hosting account. Even a child can install it! It’s like clicking next, next, next... finished!
  • Crawls your FULL WEBSITE from an even easier-to-use interface from your Server NOT your own machine!
  • Allows you to paste a list of URLs that you wish to have crawled. Linkwit will CRAWL only that.
  • Makes a network of internal link maps of your site that search engines love so much - even users. Therefore LINKWIT makes rotating or static mini-site-maps of your site on ANY page that you choose of your own site or someone else’s.
  • Allows you to modify the way in which the links appear on WebPages. You can have your links placed in the form of bullets, columns, horizontal, vertical. It’s all up to you and you can have them as many times as you want on every single page!
  • Allows you to choose :
    • The number of links to be displayed.
    • Static links - Same number of links on one page. Does not change on the same page. Changes on all other pages to follow a structural pattern of your site.
    • Dynamic links - Same number of links on one page, changes with every refresh. (This is option that makes an SE spider go wild since it gives them something fresh to index).
  • You can place static internal links and dynamic internal links TOGETHER on ALL your pages at the same time ! You can place as many as you want on EVERY PAGE of your site !
  • Creates PHP link maps (Search engine friendly / user friendly) or JavaScript link maps (user friendly but cannot be read by search engines) as an option.
  • This one’s going to rock any website! LINKWIT can also display a specific percentage (that you choose) of links to appear across all your website pages. For example, you wish to display your links on only 70% of the pages on your website, you can! No two pages shall ever look the same with this technique!
  • LINKWIT also resides on your server and creates Link Maps of almost ANY website! You can control 1000 Websites from ONE interface! You get UNLIMITED USE!
  • Can work even before you CREATE your website and can obviously work AFTER you have created your website. Thus giving you TOTAL freedom to rule your online empire efficiently.
  • Ever seen a Spider on a Tread Mill? Now’s your chance !

New in LinkWit 1.0.4

  1. Edit your SITEMAPS that Linkwit Crawls in REAL TIME!
  2. Improved Crawler = Much less resource usage!
  3. Crawl by depth or random number of pages!
  4. Only wish to add a certain number of pages to the crawler? EASY!
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