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What Is LinkAlarm?

LinkAlarm is a link validation service for web sites. It checks every link on every page of your site, from your users’ perspective.

LinkAlarm’s Automatic Reports

When LinkAlarm has finished checking your site, it sends you an email message that the report is ready. You can access the report on the web, or download the report for making repairs when you’re not connected to the Internet.

Your Regular Link Failure Report

Link failures affect all web sites. Your report contains detailed information about the latest problems found.

  • A list of site pages with alarms, allowing access to each of the pages of your site with the defective links.
  • Link failure classified by type of defect, allowing more efficient repair of the links.
  • LinkAlarm Score rating for each check, allowing site quality analysis over time.
  • Separate identification of defective internal and external links.
  • Information about your site - number of publicly accessable pages, internal and external links, unique links.
  • Management information and history of the previous checks allowing you to develop an efficient maintenance program for your site.


LinkAlarm’s price is just 1 cent (US) per page. You can order the LinkAlarm service when you join, or take our trial membership and order later. (The minimum purchase is US$10 allowing 1000 pages to be checked).

With a trial membership you can try the service on 100 pages. The trial is designed to show you how LinkAlarm works on your site(s). It’s exactly the same as a full membership, except you can only run one check at a time. If you’ve ordered the service, all your sites will be checked concurrently.

Online, Independent Checking

LinkAlarm checks your site while it is online. To avoid blocking access to your site for other users, LinkAlarm observes the standard protocol of 1 hit every 30 seconds (this can be increased at your discretion).

Regular Automatic Checks

We recommend that site owners develop a maintenance cycle that includes a regular report from LinkAlarm. The report is scheduled for regular intervals (daily, weekly, monthly) so it is ready when the maintenance schedule requires the site’s links to be reviewed and repaired. Of course, you can start a check at any time. LinkAlarm can check individual pages, entire directories, entire sites and sites spanning multiple servers.


After you have received the LinkAlarm report and fixed the links, LinkAlarm can re-check the site. The re-check applies only to those pages showing defective links in the previous check.

Tailoring LinkAlarm Checks to Your Requirements

You’re in total control of how LinkAlarm works on your site. For example, more frequent checks on the home page or directory pages with many external links. You can omit parts of your site or permit LinkAlarm to check secure areas of your site.

Why Use LinkAlarm to Validate the Links on Your Site?

LinkAlarm checks how your site performs for external users of your site. Some important link defects are only revealed by an external on-line check. This applies particularly to slow and inefficient links, some external links and links requiring authentication.

Do your visitors have nowhere to go?

  • Create separate LinkAlarm reports for different parts of your site.
  • Give access to reports to the people responsible for parts of a large site, or to people responsible for one function of the site.
  • LinkAlarm reports allow website teams to work from the same site data rather than use different reports for different staff.
  • LinkAlarm stores useful historical data about the link performance of your site, allowing causes of problems to be identified and more efficient management and maintenance programs to be developed over time.
  • LinkAlarm checks are delivered automatically when required by your site maintenance schedule.
  • There is no software to buy, install or update.
  • Low cost - 1 cent (US) per page.
  • See your site as outside users see it.


Your name, email address and all other information are never disclosed to third parties without your specific prior approval. LinkAlarm has received approval from a number of members to use their business names in brochures and on this web site.

LinkAlarm places a high value on your privacy and security.

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