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Discovered your Profitable Traffic!

KeywordRadar is an affiliate sales tracking software where you can do a bunch of things, like:

- track sales down to the keyword, or adsense site, or autoresponder, or whatever variable you want to set up.

- split-test items on a single landing page, and track sales back to the split-test version

- track your phone calls back to the keyword you bid on *** you display an 800 number on your website right? Now you can train your staff to ask for the unique extension number or coupon code that the page generated, and this code will track where the phone callers came from

95% of the Content Sites You’re Getting Traffic from are Stealing Your Money!

But the Keyword Radar system lets you easily spot them and give them the boot. Before I invented this system, I used to get ticked off and worked up about the idea of lame content sites that drain money and give crappy traffic.

Now, its so easy to run a keyword report "by Adsense Site" and get rid of those loser spam sites that don’t deliver buyers.

By using Keyword Radar to track your sales down to the keyword level you are now able to manage your Pay-Per-Click campaigns like a pro, drilling down into your campaigns with laser focus, and identifying those loser keywords.

That’s why I decided to create Keyword Radar. I needed something to stop the bleeding month after month. I mean, I’ve been lucky and found a few profitable campaigns on my own, without the use of the software... but do you know how many campaigns you have to test out before you find a profitable winner?

On average, it takes me anywhere between 10 and 15 tries before I find a profitable affiliate program to promote... but that’s not the worst of it!

Do you know how much "bank roll" you MUST have to invest the money (and more importantly, the time) to test all the losers before a winner appears?

Most affiliate markets will go broke or get discouraged before they can start riding the wave of profits that were promised to them by all the Gurus out there!

Using the Keyword Radar software, you are going to be able to take affiliate marketing to a new level, and be able to now "play in the big leagues" with the super affiliates who have been using this type of software for years... and who have been cleaning up after all the affiliate casualties before them.

With the Keyword Radar software you:

- Track your affiliate sales with Clickbank, Commission Junction, Azoogle, Linkshare, plus many more... down to the keyword level without having to put your own tracking script on these external websites! (Google Analytics doesn’t do this!!!) *** Send us an email if your affiliate program isn’t in our system, and we’ll add it pronto!

- Can identify what Google Content Nework Sites (Adsense Partners) made you the most sales of your own product or affiliate product you are promoting... (and if you are a member, well show you how one simple phone call to the webmaster can double your sales!)

- Discover the hidden keywords that your visitors are using to find out more about you and your websites... (these are words that ONLY YOU will know and that your COMPETITORS could NEVER get using Keyword Elite or all the other keyword programs out there!)

- Find out what split-tested landing page (or any HTML element you decide to split-test for that matter) generated the most sales.

- Can build a Google Adwords Account framework in seconds (ready to upload using the FREE Google Adwords Editor Tool) that Google will love you for and chances are, will reward you with higher Quality Scores!

- The little trick I used to track online phone sales down to the keyword level!

- Define your own custom events (pageviews, sales, opt-ins) and split-test to use in the Keyword Radar tracking software to maximize your sales and reduce your advertising costs.

- The flexible reporting system will detail your sales (or any event you’ve defined) by many reporting breaks, such as bidded keyword, actual search query, traffic source, referring page, landing page, ad test version, PPC campaign, PPC adgroup, adsense partner site, etc.

- Find out how different traffic sources respond to your offer by split-testing your sales letter... ( In the Keyword Radar Reporting area, just set Report Level 1 to "source" and Report Level 2 to "split-test" and you are good to go!)

- How to create a Google Adwords Account free of any "Google Slaps". (** If you are an Adwords geek, read on...) Feed your keyword list to the software, and it will generate an Adwords Account Structure that has multiple adgroups (exact, phrase and broad match) for each keyword, and 2 campaigns (content and search) for each keyword... plus you can save your ad copy directly in the software and split-test (or quadrant-test) each of these ads within your adwords account.

- See with "x-ray vision" which keywords are winners and which ones are losers (sorry, RJ, I couldn’t resist :). Simply by turning off the losers, you can have a very profitable campaign!
- Be able to track which "search engine queries" turned into a sale! Google Analytics can’t do this unless you "hack" the system, and it’s impossible to do if you are an affiliate marketer who can’t place the google analytics code on exterior websites!

- What "keyword phrase" did your traffic use to find the Adsense site where you have your Content Network ad on? Yes, my software will show you, so that you can start new profitable adgroups targeting these previously unknown keyword phrases.

- Spy on the exact pages that visitors viewed before they clicked on your affiliate link to buy that affiliate product!

- Lower your cost-per-click by optimizing the landing pages of your most profitable keywords. By increasing your conversion rate and turning off non-performing keywords, you’ll be an unstoppable force!

- View in detail the exact referral URL (including all parameters) that your visitor came from. Doing so will reveal many hidden keywords that you may have overlooked!

- Cookie tracking so that if your visitor doesn’t buy on the first visit, the software will remember who they were if they come back!

- Direct link tracking so that if you want to test a market first, the script can automatically redirect you to the merchant’s affiliate page... and at the same time log your visitor’s very important referral information!

- Store your Google Adwords Ads and keyword list directly in your project file, so you can easily generate new PPC campaigns without having to re-enter your old ads... Folks... trust me on this.. this is an amazing time saver!

- Easily test different versions of your web pages, to maximized your conversions! A/B Split Test different headlines, images, and copy from within one page, with the software automatically rotating the different HTML elements (that you have complete control over), and then track back to the exact keyword AND page version!

- And Much More...

So Basically This Means That By Inserting Few Simple Lines Of Code On Your Webpage You Can Discover Your Most Profitable Keywords That You Will Nurture And Cherish Like Your Most Prized Possesions... And Reveal The Dead-Weight, Money-Sucking Keywords (That Will Eventually Kill Off Other Less Fortunate Competitors) ... That You Can Immediately Turn Off To Lower Your PPC Costs And Boost Profits!

Here’s A List Of The Member’s Area Features

- 1. Project Wizard - Project Creation Wizard - In 3 easy steps, you’ll define a new project, specify the optional tracking parameters if you like, then cut-and-paste the tracking code in your webpage. It’s that simple!

- 2. Edit - Edit Your Project - Change your tracking variables in your project, such as campaign name, source, PPC ad version, adgroup, ip address, server type(PHP or ASP), event type, split-test version.

- 3. Delete - Delete Your Project

- 4. Traffic - View Traffic for Your Project Or A Campaign - Select what project or which campaign you want to view current traffic for. See traffic as it arrives at your website! Drill down and view referral pages and some of the treasures buried in the url parameters!

- 5. Make Adword URLs - Build Your Google Adwords Framework - If you haven’t tried the FREE Google Adwords Editor Tool, you are going to love it. My software creates all the values that you simply cut-and-paste directly into the Google Tool, and it will build an optimized Google Adwords account for you! All you do is come up with the names of your landing page (or have the software do it automatically with the keyword list you give it) and specify 1 or 2 ads you want to rotate. This feature alone is worth the price of the membership!

- 6. Hidden Keywords - Find All The Hidden Keywords Your Visitors Are Bringing With Them - "There’s gold in them thar hills!". The tracking software will scan your visitor’s information and record any new keywords that it encounters!

- 7. Reports - Report On How Your Various Tracking Paramters Made You Money - This is the heart of the system. There are 2 main reporting breaks, called "Report Level 1" and Report Level 2" that determine how you want the report to look. Want to see which traffic source (Google, Yahoo or MSN) brought in the most sales, organically or PPC, and by which keyword phrase (exact query or bidded keyword)? This is now possible! What about this: What Google Ad, A or B, generated the most affiliate sales? (NOTE: I didn’t say what ad generated the highest CTR!!!)

NOTE: The Keyword Radar software is a membership to a website that keeps track of whatever you tell it to, via a few lines of tracking javascript that sits at the bottom of your web page. There is no software to install, and the web page script works on any server type. All Keyword Radar reports are generated on our server and can be viewed and/or printed directly from your Internet browser.

No Software To Install. All Updates/Upgrades Are FREE And Automatic. A Full Zero-Maintenance, No-Headache System!

New Feature Just Added!

The Keyword Radar System Now Has The Ability To Do A/B Split Testing From Within One Landing Page!

You probably already know this... but the most successful marketers test, test, and test! But up until now, it’s been very difficult to do!

You almost needed to have a NASA rocket scientist in your back pocket, who you could call up to "code up" your web pages to do split testing, because while MOST people understand how split testing works, they don’t have the skill or resources to get it done the right way!

Now you can quickly and easily add split-test functionality to any page you want on your website... and begin testing which of your page elements (headline, images, ad copy, etc.) coverted into more sales!

And there’s no worries over fumbling with auto-rotating scripts... because Keyword Radar does it AUTOMATICALLY... and will report which test version made you the most sales!

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