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Targeted web site traffic and search engine ranking

Keyword Page Creator is automated generator of search engines friendly keyword optimized web sites for up to 50 keywords or keyword phrases. Creates content rich web pages using professionally looking web templates. Generates optimized web page with title, meta tags and real content for any keyword phrase. Features number of customization options including editable web page templates. Includes automatic link trade and link popularity builder.

Keyword Page Creator Description

Keyword Page Creator is a tool designed for all webmasters, web site owners, and affiliate program sellers to help them to increase web traffic driven to their web sites. It utilizes revolutional concept of keyword optimized web pages to attract web site traffic. Its main purpose is to quickly and easily create keyword rich web site of up to 50 search engines optimized web pages, one for each of keywords or keyword phrases related to your homepage or market. It automatically generates keyword web pages designed to receive high search engine ranking - they include title, keywords, description, all meta tags, and even real page contents. Keyword Page Creator features automatic link trade and link popularity builder and automatic search engines submission to Google and another top 10 search engines.

Keyword Page Creator Key features

  • Creates search engines friendly keyword optimized web sites for up to 50 keywords or keyword phrases quickly and easily.
  • Generates page title, description, meta tags, and real page contents for each keyword page automatically.
  • Automatic link trade and link popularity builder.
  • Automatic search engines submission.
  • Number of customization options (pop-up window, redirection, colors, additional text or HTML, visitors tracking code,...).
  • Easy to learn and work with thanks to built-in help.
  • Unlimited sites and pages.
  • Editable resources (page titles, copies, layouts) from which keyword pages are built.
  • Spam free. It doesn’t use any spamming or illegal techniques.
  • Abuse protection. Sensitive features are only available to registered users.
Ancodia Software (Lubos Tika) [did also : KeywordPageCreator for MacOSX , KeywordPageCreator for MacOS9 , Keyword Page Creator for Windows , Keyword Page Creator for Windows. , Keyword Page Creator for MacOSX ]
Single User License
MacOS 9
Money Back
30 days
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