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Your Complete Sale, Customer, Affiliates and JV Management System

Introducing, the Most Powerful Weapon Ever Discovered for ...

  • Organizing Your Business
  • Enrolling Affiliates
  • Contacting JV Partners
  • Safeguarding Your Products
  • Handling Administrative Details
  • Dealing With Customers Smoothly
  • Having More Time and Less Stress
  • Getting More Product Orders
  • Eliminating Mistakes and Streamlining Your Business for Even Greater Profits and Peace of Mind

So What Can JV Manager 2 Fantasos Do For Your Business That Will Make Your Life Easier and Your Bottom Line?

Here are just a few ideas to get you started...

- Save Time And Frustration - Your customer has a downloading issue, and you can’t find the record of sale? Your affiliate wants to know how much commission he’s made, and you waste 30 minutes figuring it out? You want to find every customer who ordered ABC product so you can offer them an upgrade, but you have to sort through the orders by hand? We’ve all wasted time doing these menial but necessary tasks. With Fantasos, it’s like you have full time assistants doing all of this tedious work FOR YOU, while you concentrate on the important things, like marketing, product creation, and your family!

- Use Coupons to Increase Your Sales! - You can offer coupons for product discounts to any and all of your customers, based upon the criteria you choose. Or let your affiliates offer their customers coupons for discounts on your products. You decide how much the coupons are for and how fast they expire. Fantasos takes care of the rest, and you make more sales!

"And one of the beautiful features I like about Fantasos is the coupon code which I use very often to give discounts, depending on certain criteria. I love that feature, John!" —Alex from Australia

- Blow Your Competition Away With Your Own Rewards Program! - Competing with other affiliates to make sales? Then offer your customers a rewards program! When your customers purchase products through you, they get points redeemable for products. You set all the parameters, and then let Fantasos handle it for you. Your sales increase, your customers are happier, your list grows faster, all without your workload getting any heavier! Plus, you can reward affiliates with the rewards program, too, to inspire them to make more sales for you.

- Skyrocket Your Sales by Running Affiliate Contests - You can offer prizes to your top affiliates. During the contest, affiliates can check online in real time to see how well they’re doing, and how many more sales they need to beat their competitors and earn bragging rights. They win prizes, earn more commissions, and you make more sales!

- Build Financial Security With a Monthly Membership Site - There’s nothing like KNOWING you have a steady, permanent income you can COUNT on. Having your own membership site is one of the easiest ways to do that online, and Fantasos has everything you need to run it! A friend of mine recently started a membership site in a relatively small niche. He only charges $39 per month, yet he’s built a MONTHLY income of over $40,000 in just a few months!

- Wave Goodbye to Chronic Refunders - Every marketer is eventually plagued with a handful of refunders who purchase every product, and then immediately ask for a refund. But with Fantasos, you can BAN these refunders from ever purchasing from you again.

- Increase The Money You Make on Each Sale By Offering a Backend - Did you know the father of JVManager Fantasos is also the original creator of the One-Time-Offer? It’s true! And One-Time-Offers are a GREAT way to add backend revenue to your sales. When a customer purchases your product, simply offer them a One-Time-Offer of a discount on your other products. You can increase your sales revenue as much as 25% or more with this one simple addition to your marketing arsenal.

- Make New Income From Old Products - Bringing back some of your older products and offering them as a package can often times give you an unexpected windfall. These are usually products that you haven’t been selling for six months or more. Bringing them back in package form gives your customers a great deal, and adds to your income with practically no effort at all. And with Fantasos, it’s extremely easy to do!

- Grow Your List Exponentially - You can quickly build your list by letting affiliates offer a free product of yours to their customers, and then backing it up with a One-Time-Offer that gives the affiliates a healthy commission. Marketers have doubled and tripled their lists in a very short time using this method.

- Turn Cyber-Scrap Into Gold While Building Your List - Why not joint venture with other marketers, collect some of their older products they’ve stopped selling, and bundle them all up into a discounted package? This gives every marketer in your group a chance to not only make some extra money, but also build their mailing lists. And with Fantasos, it’s amazingly easy to do. It’ll even calculate the commissions everyone receives, and you can do the payout with one click of a button. Of course, since YOU put the package together, you deserve a healthy slice of the pie, too!

- Create a Monthly Income With Sponsorships - Do you have a lot of affiliates? Then you can make additional income by allowing people to pay you for including their website and URL inside your affiliate area. And you can sell an UNLIMITED NUMBER of these sponsorships.

- Build an Awesome Reputation as Someone Affiliates Want to Sell For! - Let’s face it, affiliates can sell anyone’s products they want to. So if they encounter problems with your system, suspect they’re not getting full credit for their sales, or worse yet - get shorted in their pay, you’re going to lose them forever. With Fantasos, you’ve got the one platform affiliates have come to know and trust. When they see you’re powered by Fantasos (Formerly JVManager) they know you’re a professional they can rely on. And when you’ve earned their trust, they’re ready to make sales for you!

- Kiss 1ShoppingCart Fees Goodbye Forever - If you’re paying 1ShoppingCart $79 a month for their services, in five years you will spend almost $5,000! With Fantasos, you OWN your own license. Fantasos is on YOUR server, you get to use YOUR own URL and look like the professional you are. Plus, lifetime upgrades are FREE! So kiss your $79 per month bill goodbye, enjoy GREATER FLEXIBILITY and a host of additional options without the monthly charge.

- Sell Hosted Accounts of Fantasos Yourself! - Not only can you stop paying 1ShoppingCart every month, you can also become one of their competitors! Sell hosted accounts that provide the same professional services you’re enjoying with Fantasos, and charge whatever you want. Even if you only sell a few of these, that’s another monthly income you can count on!

JVManager 2 Fantasos allows YOU to compete with the big dogs without having to spend a fortune on running and maintaining your online business.

It’s the perfect system that allows you to:

- Automatically accept payments through various payment gateways.

- Automatically handle subscription payments (for example, you can offer payments on products and product packages to make them more affordable to your customers. You can also collect payments for ongoing services, subscriptions, and membership sites.)

- Set up and run both free and paid membership sites (including automatic pass code generation and protection.) Just imagine if you had several hundred (or thousand) members paying you each and every month for access to your website!

- Automatically keep detailed records of all of your sales (including where they came from, which is essential for testing what working in your marketing arsenal, and what isn’t.)

- Automatically keep detailed records of all of your customers (for example, if you want to create customer lists according to product(s) purchased, or amount purchased, or from a particular advertising campaign; you can do it with the click of a mouse button.)

- Automatically keep detailed records of all of your affiliates and JV partners (you’ll not only know who your best affiliates are, you’ll also be able to contact them with a click of your mouse, unlike places such as Clickbank who HIDE your affiliate information from you.)

- Digitally deliver your products within seconds of payment being received.

- Protect your products from theft. If you’re not currently protecting your products, I GUARANTEE they are being stolen and you are losing money.

- Offer, manage and run unlimited affiliate programs EXACTLY the way YOU want to.

- Automate your email Marketing tasks, including sending receipts, follow-up emails, autoresponder courses, emails to affiliates, automatically sending pass codes, download links, notification of sales made, etc

- Automatically handle your Joint Venture tasks.

- Keep you organized (and sane) for the rest of your online life.

JVManager 2 Fantasos is THE way to go for both newbies and professionals; it’s YOUR friendliest solution on the NET, and it has it ALL:

  • Package and Product Manager
  • Universal Payment manager
  • Download Manager and URL Protector
  • Sales Manager
  • Refund Manager
  • Joint Venture (JV) Manager
  • Charity Manager
  • Affiliate Manager
  • Membership Manager and Automatic .htaccess / .htpasswd Generator
  • Autoresponder Manager
  • Template Driven
  • Multi-Lingual
  • And More...

Your Warehouse Supervisor and Delivery Coordinator - (Package and Product Manager)

When You Use the Package and Product Manager, Centralizing & Organizing Your Business Becomes a Breeze!

Thanks to the inception of resale rights, many Internet marketers have more products than they can keep track of in the first place. Then when they’re just getting started, they can make the rookie mistake of hosting their products in numerous locations. Talk about mass confusion! Starting today, you’ll keep track of all of your products in one central location, while simultaneously boosting your profits.

You can even create packages of products, even if they cannot be bundled together by "grouping the order links."

For example, let’s say you want to sell a package of 5 ebooks that must be sold as stand alone products. You can create a Package through JVManager, add all 5 Products and use a 6th one to give as a Bonus to everyone who purchases them ALL! Simple!

Product Grouping into Packages is a surefire way to make sales. But did you know that JVManager was the FIRST to offer this capability?

JVManager stays on the cutting edge, with never-ending innovations and mind-bending improvements.

Your Banker - (Universal Payment Manager)

Allow Your Customers To Pay You through :

  • Paypal
  • ClickBank
  • 2checkout
  • MoneyBookers
  • LinkPoint
  • Authorize Net

More payment gateways will be added in the future.

Choose a service such as Paypal, and receive your money INSTANTLY!

Your Salesclerk and Your Security Guard - (Download Manager and URL Protector)

Automatically Distribute Your Products & Subscriptions...

With JVManager you can distribute your products instantly NO MATTER what payment system is selected by the customer. Your customers will reach your instructions to download their purchase or to access their memberships right after completion of their order.

...And Protect Your Online Property!

Theft of online products is at an all time high. You can protect your intellectual property by HIDING the actual URL of the links for your "Thank You" pages. And you can also EXPIRE those links in any number of days you choose.

Your Record Keeper - (Sales Manager)

Keep Records - Make More Sales

You can AT LAST keep records for all of your sales in ONE central location. Search and display all sales using the criteria YOU choose, such as time periods, product title(s), affiliates, etc.

You can even see your Top Ten Customers & Affiliates (read below.)

Your Front Gate Security Personnel and Your ID Clerk - (Membership Manager and Automatic .htaccess / .htpasswd Generator)

Put Recurring Sales In Action & Control Subscriptions

Creating a membership site has never been easier...

With JVManager 2 Fantasos all you have to do is define the directory you want JVManager to protect and the duration of each membership. JVManager will automatically:

- lock that area for the period you define and for the specific customers that order the subscription,

- distribute random passwords to your customers,

- email them their codes,

- allow them to access the site for as long they remain paid subscribers, and

- automatically collect payments on their "subscription."

You can expire memberships either automatically by date or manually (by clicking a link.)

Talk about hands-off automation: your customers will have ONLY 1 SET OF CODES. This means that a customer’s email address and password reaches ALL of their purchases through a centralized customers’ area. And even if a paying customer has NEVER obtained a "password" for accessing that central area, JVManager will issue a password upon request!

Your Customer Service Manager and Your Accountant - (Refund Manager)

No More Unfair Commissions

Have you ever had a customer ask for a refund AFTER you paid the corresponding affiliate for the sale?

For example, if you’re selling a $100 product with a 50% commission, you took in $100, paid $50 to the affiliate, and now you’ve got to refund $100 to the customer. That $100 sale has now cost you $150, LOSING YOU $50 in the bargain.


For each of the products you sell through JVManager 2 Fantasos, you define a "Guarantee" period. Here is how this feature works if a customer asks for a refund during that period:

  • The commission is not credited to the affiliate - if any exists for that sale.
  • This purchase is marked as refunded for your records.
  • The affiliate is paid after the guarantee period expires. Thus, you CANNOT lose money!

Of course, if you define 0 as the "Guarantee" period, you turn this feature off and instant commissions are applied to your affiliates’ accounts.

Your Sales Team Manager - (Affiliate Manager)

The Best Affiliate Solution That Exists Today On The Net. Period.

You can include in your affiliate program ALL of your Packages or SOME of them: You decide! You can even assign a package to be offered to a specific AFFILIATE GROUP - read below.

You can offer a separate HOMEPAGE for each of your Packages, which can reside on DIFFERENT servers.

You can include any Products in your affiliate program, no matter WHERE they’re located.

The affiliate manager works with all payment gateways and separately from them. For example, if you use, your affiliates are paid by you and not by

The affiliate manager also works with subscriptions. You can choose to use, for example,’s IPN system for automating a subscription, or use JVManager 2 Fantasos’s INTERNAL subscription system for selling recurring services THROUGH ANY payment system or retailer, EVEN CLICKBANK.COM!

You can offer commissions by percentage (%) or flat amounts OR BOTH (read below).

You can offer a 1-tier or a 2-tier plan OR combine plans. For example, you can create 1 Package with 1 Product that offers 50% commission on 1-tier only, a 2nd product that offers a commission of 50% on 1-tier and $5 on 2nd tier, etc.

You can also offer commissions per click. For example, your affiliates can get $0.10 for each click their affiliate links send to the homepage of Package A.

Your affiliates can link to either the homepage of a Package OR to the ORDER LINK of the Package or ANY page you want them to promote. You can use some specific affiliate tags (homepage, order link, ANY link) and offer PERSONALIZED promotional materials to your affiliates in a snap!

You can create the HTML page you want for each Package, include those special tags, and JVManager will replace them with the affiliate’s information and links. This also means your affiliates can include their own DIRECT ORDER LINK inside their ebooks, html pages, etc.

You can pay your affiliates through Paypal e-a-s-i-l-y. JVManager will create 1 pay-now-button for each payment.

You just pay each affiliate and return to your site right after payment. OR you can mark commissions as paid, in case you pay them by check. Or you can use mass payments!

You Can Get MORE AFFILIATES by rewarding your affiliates for referring sub-affiliates.

For each sub-affiliate referred, your affiliates receive the dollar amount you choose. That commission will be added to their account automatically ONCE sub-affiliates COMPLETE the double opt-in registration procedure AND are ACTIVATED by the administrator - you.

Only affiliates that have completed the double opt-in registration procedure AND have been ACTIVATED by you can participate in your affiliate program.

Or you can put it on auto-pilot and make JVManager automatically accept affiliates.

You can also DE-activate an affiliate. If you are informed that someone abused your terms and conditions, you just click once and he/she is banned.

You can define Affiliate GROUPS for offering specific Packages only to specific affiliates.

Example: Say you offer Packages A, B, and C, You can create 2 affiliate groups (or as many as you like.) One Group for "ALL" of your affiliates and another one for your "JV partners" because you want to offer higher commissions to your JV partners.

You can include Packages A and B to the Affiliate Group "ALL," and Package C to the Affiliate Group "JV partners." You can then define the groups an affiliate belongs to when you activate his/her account.

You can even define individual "Special Commission Plans" for specific affiliates/ JV partners. For example, instead of normal commissions, you can define that your affiliate John Doe will get 70% on 1-tier and another 10% for 2-tier sales for the Package A, OR for a specific Product INSIDE a Package.

Your affiliates can build their lists, too!

  • They can add THEIR sub-affiliates to an autoresponder of their choice.
  • They can ALSO add the CUSTOMERS they send to YOU to an autoresponder of their choice!

Just in case your affiliates do not have an autoresponder to use, they can also define a DEFAULT message to be sent once their sub-affiliates are registered and activated by the administrator - you.

You can even get some Special Javascript codes (Trackers) and display the commissions generated so far and/or the commissions paid so far to ANY page you want on ANY server. Ideal when running an affiliate contest. Pure automation!

Your Personal Assistant - (Joint Venture Manager)

Everything You Need for Joint Ventures - Part I

A unique feature you can find nowhere else...

Suppose you partner with John Doe and you want to report the sales of a specific product to him. When adding that product into a Package, you can insert John Doe’s name and email address.

That’s it!

Each time an order is placed for that specific Product, John Doe will get a notification email.

Or suppose you want to promote a friend’s Product, and her name is Helen.

Helen sells her ebook through She gives you her Paypal address and the downloading instructions for your customers.

You include this information in JVManager by creating a Product for Helen’s ebook, you type her name and email address, and here is what happens: Your customers pay Helen (instantly) and return to your site. Helen gets an email message, too, that informs her about the sale - she also gets informed by anyway.

The same scenario above can be used both with and Here is how: Helen will give you her ClickBank ID and the Number of her "Thank You page." You’ll give her a special link to include to her ClickBank account to that "Thank You" page’s slot. That’s it. Your customers will pay Helen through and return to YOUR site.

Can you IMAGINE the ways you can use this UNIQUE Turbo-Feature?

Suppose you want to give Helen’s Product as a Bonus with a DISCOUNTED price IF your customers BUY some other products of yours. You can create a "LOCKED" Package and your customers will pay for each Product in the row - including Helen’s product.

Or perhaps Helen wants to almost GIVE AWAY her ebook for $0.10 to YOUR customers, but ONLY to those who will buy your Product. Your customers will pay for your Product, then the minimal fee of $0.10 for Helen’s ebook.

Why would Helen do that?

For increasing her customer list, of course!

The same procedure is followed with Helen gives you her ID and the ID of the product she has created. You give her a special URL to include in that product at Customers pay Helen and return to your website.

Your Fundraising Manager (Charity Manager)

Everything You Need for JV Needs - Part II

Another unique feature you can find nowhere else...

Suppose Helen does not have any special Product you can promote for her.

But you feel obliged to Helen because she has helped you. Here is what you can do: You can tell Helen to register as your affiliate.

Helen does it, you approve her account, and she gives you her ID. You can include Helen’s affiliate ID in ANY Product you sell and define a CHARITY COMMISSION - this will be the commission Helen will receive on each sale FOR THAT SPECIFIC PRODUCT.

This could be a 1-tier or 2-tier commission, based on % or a flat amount. Each time that specific Product is sold either by you or by your affiliates, Helen will get the commission you have defined. If an affiliate exists for that sale, he/she will get his/her normal commission, and Helen will also get her "charity commission."

You can then pay Helen through whenever you want.

The same feature can be used for DONATING a % of a sale for a specific Product to a Charity - or to ANY other person that can register with your affiliate program and has an account with

Your Automated Communications Delivery Supervisor (Autoresponder Manager)

Auto-Communicate With Customers & Affiliates

You can set up JVManager to send:

  • A message to your customers when they first buy something from you.
  • A message to your affiliates when they register.
  • A message to customers of a specific Package when they first buy any Product of that Package.

But if you use an autoresponder like Aweber or TurboResponders, you can also tell JVManager to add:

  • Your customers to an autoresponder you have defined,
  • Your affiliates to an autoresponder you have defined,
  • Your customers of a specific Package to an autoresponder you have defined!

Plus, JVManager sends automatically all notifications through email:

  • To your affiliates when they generate a sale with detailed data (you define what to display.)
  • To your JV partners when a product is sold.
  • To your affiliates when a refund is executed.
  • etc.

Your Director of Communications (Email Marketing Manager)

Mass Email Customers & Affiliates, But Only Those You Want To!

You can now mass email customers and affiliates by using various criteria:

  • You can email customers of a Specific Package.
  • You can email customers who have spent LESS than $100.00 or MORE than $100.00 or more than $1,000.00 on your sites.
  • You can send individual messages to customers who purchased, for example, Product A AND Product B BUT NOT Product C!
  • You can email AFFILIATES who have generated commissions of less than $100.00 or more than $100.00 or more than $1,000.00 for your Products on all of your sites.

Your Retail Merchant (Shopping Cart System)

You can even add the products you want to a separate Shopping Cart.

Use the Shopping Cart as an EXTRA selling system!

Your JV Automation Specialist (Automatic JV Package Creator)

An AWESOME way to create your JV collections. Everything is automated!

And the same shell can be used for JV Brokering: Commissions are paid to you, your JV Broker and affiliates.

JVManager 2 Fantasos Pricing

  • 1. JVManager 2 My Fantasos, free lifetime updates and 12-month free support ($1997.00)
  • 2. JVManager 2 My Fantasos, free lifetime updates and 12-month free support ($1025.00) per month for 2 monthly installments.
  • 3. JVManager 2 My Fantasos, free lifetime updates and 12-month free support ($700.00) per month for 3 monthly installments.
  • 4. Fantasos, free lifetime updates and 12-month free support for existing JVManager customers ($0.00)
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