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Easily Create, Send, and Track Email Newsletters, Surveys, and RSS Feeds!

What can IntelliContact do?

IntelliContact has one of the best feature-sets on the market, and one of the best price tags. Take that and combine it with a fresh, streamlined user-interface, and you’ve got a world-class product that delivers results quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

The Sophisticated Features You Need at a Price You’ll Like

IntelliContact offers the simplicity of use required by entry-level users and a highly intuitive array of sophisticated features necessary for today’s fast growing businesses! We bundle these features (usually associated with high-priced solutions) into a single, affordable product.

- Standard Features

    • Mail-merge Personalization
    • Message Scheduling
    • Forward-to-a-Friend
    • Assured CAN-SPAM Compliance
    • SpamCheck™
    • Open and Clickthrough Tracking
    • Bounce-back Handling
    • Subscription Management
    • WYSIWYG Newsletter Editor
    • Over 300 Templates Included

- Advanced Features Included Free

    • List Segmentation
    • Multiple Message Autoresponder
    • Integrated Surveying
    • RSS Feeds
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Event Management
    • Industry Leading Deliverability
    • Public Newsletter Archiving

Full Listing of IntelliContact Features

- Create

    • Create and manage an unlimited number of lists
    • Use mail-merge to send personalized HTML or text email newsletters
    • Compose and send emails from any computer with an Internet connection
    • Select from our sample HTML templates or use your own
    • Create and utilize custom mail merge fields
    • Built in HTML WYSIWYG Editor
    • 500kb of image hosting included for storing of commonly used images

- Send

    • Schedule messages to be sent in the future (great for newsletter owners!)
    • Send personalized emails to each recipient with mail merge fields
    • Resend archive/draft messages without retyping
    • T3 connected servers deliver emails to your entire list quickly and within minutes. No more waiting hours for delivery
    • Preview message before sending and send test message. Send out professional, typo-free communications
    • Send to more than one list at once

- Manage

    • Create and manage an unlimited number of lists
    • A complete contact management and follow-up system
    • Choose from our selection of sign up forms or create your own
    • Complete bounce-back email handling
    • Easily import subscribers and contacts from any application or database
    • Event RSVP Management & Follow-up
    • Manage subscription link at the bottom of each email
    • Subscribers manage subscription. No more manual removes and complete opt-out ability ensured
    • Complete list archive and subscriber reports
    • Complete list add/remove/sent statistics and activity reports
    • View dates and addresses of user removals
    • Message drafts & archives
    • Add multiple contacts from a single form. Never forget to follow up with a prospect again
    • Get preformatted HTML subscribe forms. Let users join your list from your Web site in seconds
    • Fully searchable database for easy finding and updating of subscriber information
    • All duplicate emails are automatically deleted

- Track

    • Complete message reporting including open and click through tracking
    • View delivered, bounces, opens, clickthroughs, and unsubscribes for each message
    • See who opened and clicked on which message when
    • Export available of all reporting data
    • Segment your list based on reporting results

- Segment

    • List segmentation - divide your lists into smaller, targeted segments based on criteria set by you
    • Segment by any field or set of fields you have stored in your lists
    • Easily save segments for future use
    • Segments dynamically update as additional people fit the segment criteria

- Follow-up

    • Send automated messages to subscribers based on date or how long they subscribed
    • Create multiple day ecourses to educate your prospects and clients
    • Create your marketing follow-up campaign in advance and put your marketing on auto-pilot
    • Add an autoresponder sign-up form to your web site

- Survey

    • Create, send out, and track the results of surveys to your customers and subscribers
    • Add an unlimited number of questions
    • Customize your survey with your logo and color scheme
    • Ask multiple choice, checkbox, and open-response questions
    • Real-time data with responses and graphs
    • Export all data for further analysis

Pricing Plans

We all agree - and we hope you do too - that successful email marketing is about building relationships. So, we’ve designed our pricing structure to help you do just that.

With all those messages, you can start sending out newsletters on a wide range of topics or survey your contacts to learn more about them. You can even send out an informative multi-part autoresponder series - such as an ecourse or sales follow-up - all for the same price our competition charges for sending out a single email blast.

Plan Contacts Monthly Annual
Clever 500 US$100 US$1,080
Sharp 1,000 US$150 US$1,620
Intelligent 2,500 US$195 US$2,106
Smart 5,000 US$250 US$2,700
Wise 10,000 US$395 US$4,266
Bright 15,000 US$595 US$6,426
Brilliant 25,000 US$795 US$8,586
Master 35,000 US$1,095 US$11,826
Advanced 50,000 US$1,495 US$16,146
Expert 75,000 US$2,195 US$23,706
Genius 100,000 US$2,895 US$31,266
Broadwick Corporation [did also : IntelliContact Custom Services , IntelliContact ]
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