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Your all-in-one Private Label Content Provider

Discover How To Obtain Hundreds Of Top Quality, Private Label Articles & Information Products For FREE ... Thanks To A Breakthrough Patent Pending ’Content Generation’ System!

As an IGR member you’ll have around-the-clock access to 4 incredibly powerful content-based services as follows:

- 1. IGR’s Ever-Expanding, Private Label, Niche Article Database! - You’ll have unlimited access to our ever-growing, fully-searchable database of private label article content!

Need an article NOW? Well, you can search our article database by keyword, by favorite "original author," by top-rated article - or simply browse our 40+ content categories to find the article you desire within seconds!

When you find an article you’d like to use, our ingenious built-in formatting tool enables you to instantly format it to fit your desired application. For example, with an online newsletter you may wish to format your articles at 55 characters wide. Whereas, for a special report or "ebook" you may wish to widen the format. IGR’s formatting tool makes an otherwise tedious and mundane task a BREEZE!

Following are the current private label article database categories. You’ll find that our categories cover the majority of today’s most popular topics both online and off.

We monitor and manage categories such that each [category] is "stocked" with brand new (freshly written) content on a regular basis. I.e., no category is neglected!

Each month, anywhere from 100-300+ brand new, exclusive articles are added to the database. Nearly every day you can login to find new private label articles that have been freshly written and submitted, either by IGR member-authors through our patent pending Cash for Content Program (which I’ll cover in a minute), or by IGR’s staff of ghostwriters.

- 2. IGR’s Private Label Niche Article Packs! - In addition to our database articles, you’ll receive 200-250 private label articles on HOT niche topics such as:

    • Selling on Ebay
    • Investing in Real Estate
    • Gardening
      - **Stock Investments
    • Etc. (4-8 new topics will be covered each month)

These articles are offered in "bundles" each consisting of anywhere from 10-50 articles. Each bundle will focus on a different niche topic. As mentioned, you’ll typically receive at least 200-250 "niche article pack" articles in total each month. Remember, this is in addition to the articles added to the IGR article database every month.

You can use the Niche Article Pack articles in the very same way that you’re able to use our database articles (the only real difference is in the way they are "delivered" to you as a member - in article bundles separated by topic, vs. articles published within IGR’s database).

Some potential uses include:

    • Quickly create your own content based web-sites.
    • Generate Adsense and affiliate commissions.
    • Create your own ebooks and information products.
    • Publish your own online or OFF line newsletter.
    • Create training courses and special reports.
    • Generate unlimited free traffic - we’ll show you how!
    • And much more!

- 3. IGR’s Private Label Product Packages! - Every month you’ll receive not one, but TWO complete private label product packages with a real world value of anywhere from $500-1,000! ...Meaning we literally pay anywhere from $500 to $1,000+ to have these products professionally developed on your behalf, for your exclusive benefit!

The first of the two monthly products is a book written exclusively for members by a professional freelance writer, and will consist of 40-100 pages of valuable information on a hot niche topic.

The second of the two monthly products is a "public domain" book (50-200+ pages), also covering an in-demand niche topic (and offered in easily modifiable text format just as the first product).

...In addition to each of the two monthly private label products just covered, we’ll provide you with corresponding private label sales letters! Each sales letter is 2-3 pages in length and is professionally written using the time-tested "AIDA" (Attention; Interest; Desire; Action) copywriting formula. As with the products, you are free to modify these sales letters in any way you desire - set your own pricing and money-back guarantees, add additional bullet points, etc.

For sales letters of the quality we provide, you’d have to shell out anywhere from $100 - $500 per letter!

As if that’s not enough already, we’ve decided to include professional web-site graphics packages to correspond with every private label product! Each graphics package will include:

    • A header/banner
    • Book cover
    • Order button
    • Footer
    • Background image

- 4. IGR’s Exclusive Articles Wanted Service! - Can’t find the article you want? Our unique "Articles Wanted" service enables you to post specific article topics that you may be seeking. Although we can’t absolutely guarantee fulfillment of all article requests, there is a good chance yours will be filled, particularly when you request a popular topic.

...In fact, we have a writer on staff specifically for the purpose of fulfilling the requests posted in our Articles Wanted section!

10 Ways To Begin Building Your Business Today With IGR’s Top Quality Content

IGR is designed to serve as your singular content source - Imagine being just a couple mouse clicks away from having all the private label content you’ll ever need.

Imagine having a never-ending supply of articles for your newsletters... Or having access to unlimited content for your web-sites and blogs... Or having content with which you can quickly and easily create and publish books, training courses, special reports, and more... Or having keyword specific content to generate free traffic through search engines, forums, directories...

In just moments from now you can begin using IGR content to potentially:

  • 1. Create your own network of "niche" web-sites. Use your sites as vehicles to promote your favorite affiliate programs and/or Google Adsense™ listings.
  • 2. Add freshly written content to your existing sites on a regular basis. Content that could take you months to write can be acquired and added to your web-site(s) in literally just a few minutes thanks to IGR.
  • 3. Start your own profitable "chain" of online or offline newsletters. Time after time (after time), you can login to IGR and with one quick search have fresh articles ready to send to your subscribers!
  • 4. Generate free web-site traffic through the major search engines with our keyword specific content. Don’t forget, the content IGR provides is private label and can be modified in any way you see fit - add additional keywords, affiliate links, the sky’s the limit.
  • 5. Generate free traffic by utilizing our article content on forums and message boards. Many popular forums will allow you to include a link to your web-site, provided your posts offer useful information. As an IGR member you’ll always have useful, "post-ready" information at your fingertips.
  • 6. Generate free traffic and by creating "viral" products that contain links to your web-sites and product offers. You could also increase your subscriber base by offering such products as bonuses to your prospective newsletter subscribers.
  • 7. Within minutes: Create books and other information products for sale or distribution - perhaps even your own best seller! By compiling/arranging IGR article content, or by utilizing IGR’s ready-made product content, you’ll be able to create a wide variety of information products in rapid succession...Books, ebooks, special reports, training courses, how-to manuals, tutorials, and more. You are free to convert our text-based content into a variety of optional formats such as pdf, exe, cd-rom, audio, or even video!
  • 8. Publish your own magazine? (Your "staff of writers" is in already in place! Use IGR’s ready-made article content to assemble your own online or offline magazine in efficient fashion.)
  • 9. Of course, the content we provide would be perfect for use in your own blog! (One of the keys to a successful blog is consistency. On days when you experience "writers block" or are simply short on time, grab an article from IGR and you have an instant blog entry.)
  • 10. Pre-sell your prospective customers by using the content that relates to the products or services you’re promoting. It’s a fact: *Educating your customer* is one of the most effective ways to "sell" them on your offer.

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