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Google Wealth Wizard Is The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide That Shows You How To Make BIG Money Selling Other People’s Products Online...Using Google AdWords As Your Advertising Tool!

- Make More Money than you can count by uncovering the VITAL secrets of online wealth.

- Simple Step-By-Step Guide shows you how to master Google AdWords so you can write adverts that reap EASY profits (you make over US$300 a day) on the internet...starting from your very first day

- You Don’t Need To Build A Website: I’ll show you how to make EASY money without having to set up a website or learn any new skills. If you already have a website, you can still use it to make even more than you ever dreamed of.

- You Don’t Need To Have Your Own Product: Make money by selling someone else’s products so you’re taking NO RISK of owning any stock. You get a commission for any sales without having to handle the product yourself in any way.

- You Don’t Need To Be An Internet Expert: Using this system is so EASY that literally anyone can do it, even your 80-year-old Grandmother or your average 10-year-old child! Very Simple yet incredibly POWERFUL!

- You Don’t Need A Lot Of Money To Start: I only started with $25. You can even start with as little as $5 if you wish.

- You Don’t Need Much Time To Do It: You spend no more than 30 minutes a day to apply the system. The rest of the day is all yours to spend enjoying your cash.

- You Start Making Money In 15 Minutes: Everything you need to start is contained in "Google Wizard Of Wealth." Once you’ve read the book and followed the instructions, you can begin earning money in as little as 15 Minutes. You can start getting rich TONIGHT!!!

- Make EASY Money Without Leaving Home: You can get rich while working from home. No need to get up every morning and rush around getting stressed, just to go work for some ungrateful boss. Bye-bye, day job!

- Make Money Even When You’re Away On Vacation: It doesn’t matter where in the world you are. As long as you have an internet connection, you can operate your "money-making" machine from any location on the planet!!!

- No Face to Face Selling: You will never have to sell anything to anyone directly. It’s all done over the internet so don’t worry about having to contact anyone.

- No Need to Deal With Customer Complaints Or Collecting Payments: The owner of the product you will be selling deals with everything from billing/invoicing to customer service issues. So you have nothing to do with the customers after they buy the products.

Don’t Ever Think That You Can Succeed In Selling Products Online Just By Spending Lots Of Money Buying Advertising (Clicks) On Google Adwords! If You Don’t Know The Other Vital Secrets Of Using Google AdWords......You Will Just End Up With Nothing But Empty Pockets And Badly Broken Dreams!

  • The Ultimate Money Making System if you HATE getting up early every morning to "work" for a living
  • Only 30 Minutes A Day To Your RICHES: Enjoy massive FREE TIME as you make money in your pyjamas sipping coffee
  • No More RUBBISH Information: You get the REAL DEAL that exposes all the true hidden secrets of making "cold hard cash" online
  • No More Working HARD For Money: I show you how to live the easy life as a successful internet money "KING."
  • GET RICH The Flexible Way: Start making money any time YOU choose.

If You Don’t Know The Secrets Of Using AdWords, You Will Go Broke Faster Than You Can Say, "Where’s My Money Gone?" Let Me Show YOU The Way To Your Riches :

- The Original Version Of The "Google Wealth Wizard" Manual: Everything you need to start making BIG money with AdWords...TODAY!

- Includes a Complete Beginner’s Guide to using Google AdWords

- Gives you a simple, straightforward step-by-step guide to setting up your AdWords Ads so they make you large amounts of money...with almost ZERO risk!

- How to avoid the 3 CRUCIAL mistakes that most people make on AdWords which costs them thousands of dollars sales and profits.

- The very Simple but absolutely "killer" techniques for writing your headlines to pull buyers to your product owner’s website...FAST!!!

- 5 simple steps to take in writing your advert that will INSTANTLY make Google AdWords seem like your personal "Cash Machine" bringing you hundreds of dollars every single day.

- How to get a "super high" Click Through Rate (CTR: Don’t worry, I’ll explain all this in the book) on your adverts: while other online sellers struggle to get 2% CTR, I show you how to get an easy average of over 7% so your ads appear in the top spot of the Google page making you EASY hundreds of dollars in just a few HOURS.

- How to get away with spending almost NOTHING to attract "red hot" AdWords traffic to your product owner’s website...and ready to buy and make you sweet MONEY!

- The 3 types of products that will make you rich with AdWords, GUARANTEED...not every type of product makes easy money on AdWords. The so-called "AdWords Marketing Gurus" don’t tell you this.

- Why Google NEVER tells you the absolute # Number 1 Money-Making tip that will get your products selling like hot cakes...I REVEAL ALL in the manual.

- Amazing Money-Making Secrets To Make Your Google Adverts Pour $$$s Into Your Online Account every day

- How To Avoid The 7 "Money-Losing" Mistakes that most people make when using Google AdWords: Get RICH easily while others watch you in amazement

Google Wealth Wizard" Gives You Everything You Need to Instantly Start Making Money, And Lots Of It...Inside, You Will See :

  • The 2 "Trick" Words you MUST include in your Ad to make 100% more money than other Affiliates: Most advertisers end up losing money on AdWords simply because they do not know this secret formula. YOU won’t be one of them after reading this.
  • Why the most Popular Products in certain Markets are not always the biggest Money-Makers: I explain why you may be better off selling less popular products, I tell you what these products are and how this can make you more money than 99% of the other internet marketers.
  • The Top 10 Affiliate Products to sell that are "Guaranteed to make BIG Money" for you: Stick to these "super" products on the top 10 list and your online account will soon look like a Swiss Bank account on STEROIDS!
  • 3 Things to do to Avoid Getting your Ad clicked by People who will NEVER buy the Product you’re selling: this is the reason most people using AdWords pay for expensive clicks which costs them lots of dollars and yet they get ZERO return on their investment. What a shame!!!
  • The 1 "secret" Technique to apply to your Ad Headline that will get people clicking like crazy and almost BEGGING to give YOU to take their money
  • The correct way to use Upper and Lower case letters in your Ads to create an AMAZING response: doing this one thing with your ads will make you about 50% to 100% more money.
  • The best way to know FOR SURE if an Affiliate product is going to be a big seller even before you start selling it..
  • Why the Price of the product you’re selling is "crucial" to your online Money-Making success: and how to make sure you choose the right product to sell.
  • How expensive keywords can actually get you more clicks and make you more money than cheaper ones if you know what you’re doing you can pay for more expensive keywords on AdWords and use their high cost to your advantage to make even more money. SURPRISED? I explain why in the book.
  • Why this is the Perfect time to start making money with AdWords before it’s too late: once everyone starts to get into action, we should have already made truckloads of money and won’t be badly hit by the competition. So the time to start making money online is Now!
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