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Instant Visitor Tracking and Fraud Detection

Secretly Identify Your Visitors By Location And STOP Fraudulent Traffic In Its Tracks!

Why Do I Need Geo Detector?

  • Internet Fraud Is A Serious Problem! - According to a survey by CyberSource Corp, online credit card fraud could cost US businesses as much as $2.8 billion in 2005. As an online merchant, reseller, or affiliate you can end up liable for fraudulent credit card transactions plus fees— and even lose your merchant account for fraud.
  • Even If You Don’t Sell Anything, You’re A Target For Abuse - Scammers abuse forums, free sites, free resources, and communities in order to target your community members with scams or collect their private information. They may to try to use almost any feature of your web site to exploit your server or scam other visitors to your site.
  • When You Pay For Internet Advertising, Some Of Your ’Customers’ Are Really Professional Con Artists - Criminals actually use search engines, pay-per-click campaigns, banners, newsletters, and other advertising to target you. You can eliminate a significant part of the threat by screening traffic based on geographic region. Certain regions are so bad that almost all the traffic from those areas is fraudulent.
  • Knowing Where Your Visitors Come From Is Very Useful! - Whether you buy traffic or not, it’s nice to know where your visitors come from, and it may surprise you. If you’re buying any kind of traffic from third parties, you can use geographic information to compare the quality of your campaigns.
  • Bringing The Power Of Geo Detector To Everyone! - Almost every site will benefit from Geo Detector. However, Geo-IP tracking technology usually requires technical setup and programming as well as regular database updates. For example, our database currently tracks over 1.8 million IP ranges (Internet addresses), and is updated daily to reflect changes in the Internet.

After installing and maintaining this type of tracking technology for our own servers and many of our clients, it became clear that a good solution was too time consuming and expensive for a lot of people who needed it. So we created Geo Detector—a solution that anyone with a web site can set up and use in seconds, but that still scales for big networks.

What Will Geo Detector Do For Me? How Does It Work?

- It’s Affordable! - To build, host and maintain your own Geo-IP solution you could easily spend upwards of $2,000.00 per year and up to $3,000.00 in setup fees, and that doesn’t include the cost of creating reports! Start using Geo Detector NOW on all of your sites for as little as US$7 per month!
- It’s Convenient - Installs In Less Than 60 Seconds! - Geo Detector integrates into your web site without hardware or software upgrades. It can be installed with a single "cut and paste" by even a beginning web-master. You can track one URL, or many.
- Instantly Identifies Your Visitors By Geographic Location - Geo Detector instantly begins identifying the geographic location of every visitor to your web site and storing those statistics in your account.
- Blocks Visitors From High-Fraud And Unwanted Regions - Based on your screening settings, Geo Detector cloaks your web site from visitors in high-fraud or unwanted regions. You can choose the screening level based on what’s appropriate for each domain or URL you want to track, and you can change the screening level at any time from your control panel.
- Gives You Instant Geographic Reporting On Your Visitors - Your Geo Detector account provides you with reports for one or many domains or URLs. Your reports will show you:

    • Composite traffic graphs
    • Monthly traffic history
    • Country, state, and city traffic breakdowns

Geo Detector Pricing

All Geo Detector accounts give you a password protected login with the following benefits:

  • Separate tracking for multiple URLs
  • Your choice of fraud screening options for each URL
  • Traffic and geo reports, updated every 60 seconds
  • Track 1 million or more visitors per month
  • Simple instructions for installing Geo Detector in 5 minutes

We’re excited to offer Geo Detector to you for a fraction of the cost of building and hosting a Geo-IP solution. Our standard accounts are intended for serious use, and they include access to a full range of reporting and blocking features.

Geo Detector Professional Edition

- 6 Months Subscription : US$57

    • Up to 10 separate URLS
    • Up to 1 million visitors per month per URL

- 1 Year Subscription : US$97

    • Up to 25 separate URLS
    • Up to 3 million visitors per month per URL

- 2 Years Subscription : US$167

    • Up to 100 separate URLS
    • Up to 10 million visitors per month per URL

Geo Detector Professional Edition

If you have a smaller, lower-traffic site, Geo Detector Personal Edition may be just right for you. This specially priced package includes tracking for one URL and up to 50,000 visitors per month.

- 1 Year Subscription : US$27

    • 1 URL
    • Up to 50,000 visitors per month on 1 URL
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