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The geek/talk Community

  • Archives of the best threads - Read the very best threads. Treasures of knowledge and fun. Read only Forum.
  • Technical Questions about geek/talk - Help with the technical operation of our Forum software
  • geek/yak - Pull up a chair and grab your favorite beverage. Talk about sports, politics, news, your favorite joke, stories, or any topic of a social nature. Have fun and get to know your fellow members.

Web Hosting

  • Shared and Reseller Web Hosting - Discuss virtual/shared web hosting. Find free hosting, paid hosting, and discuss your favorite host.
  • Dedicated and Co-Location Hosting - Discuss a dedicated server, co-locating a server, server hardware and connectivity infrastructure.
  • Domain Names - Compare registrars, talk about the value of domain names and discuss branding strategies and SEO as they relate to domain selection.

Building & Maintaining A Web Site

  • Webmaster Issues - Request a site design evaluation. Help finding cgi & php scripts, creating graphics, and other issues not related to coding. Please see our Coding Forum for additional topics.
  • Programming / Coding - Need code help? Post here. Discuss HTML, XHTML, PHP and MySQL, Ruby on Rails, .NET, AJAX, CGI/Perl, Javascript, ASP, XML, Java and other languages.

Making Money On The Internet

  • Making Money with CPC and/or CPM Programs - Strategies, tips, and feedback on the myriad of Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousand (CPM) opportunities, and affiliate programs. Please read all the Forum descriptions before you post to insure you have chosen the appropriate Forum.
  • Making Money with CPA Programs - Discuss the following CPA (Cost Per Action) techniques and affiliate programs: affiliate sales of goods and/or services. Selling your own advertising, goods, services, or content.
  • Making Money from Online Audio, Video and Web 2.0 Applications - Convergence is here! The online advertising landscape is rapidly expanding to include non-display ad formats, such as audio ads, video prerolls, video delivery revenue shares and sponorship models particular to Web 2.0 technologies. Explore these opportunities here.
  • Making Money with Regional Affiliate Programs and Networks - The challenge of monetizing a site’s non-US traffic is set to increase with leaps in non-US internet penetration rates. Discuss leading international ad networks, affiliate programs and monetization strategies here.
  • Making Money with Email - Monetizing an email list, building a list, Opt-in, Opt-out, co-registration, tell a friend, and email list services. Discuss procedures and techniques for ethical email marketing.
  • Business Principles - Discuss Legal, Taxes/Finance, Customer Service, Productivity, Ethics, Business Plans, Human Relations, and other topics essential to running a successful business.
  • StopScum - Discuss Contextual Advertising aka TheftWare and it’s negative financial and moral implications for all Merchants and Publishers. Including procedures which Hijack aka Exploit a surfers browser settings.
  • Spam Talk For Webmasters - Discuss Email Spam (UCE). Anti-Spam procedures, software, and scripts.

Website Promotion

  • Marketing Your Website Online - Discuss marketing, branding, copy that sells, reciprocal links, and building community.
  • Traditional (Offline) Marketing - While online marketing offers a range of affordable options, opportunities also exist to promote your website offline in an affordable and effective manner. Please discuss these
  • Search Engines & Directories - Tips and feedback for getting listed in Search Engines and Directories like Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, AOL, Excite, ODP, and HotBot. Discussions about Pay Per Click Directories like Overture and FindWhat. Discussions about Google belong in our
  • Google Search Engine - Discuss Google, the premiere SE in the world. SEO tips, understanding PageRank, what is Freshbot/freshie, & deep crawl. How to get listed in Google. How to obtain good ranking on your terms. Tips from SEO analysts. Advertising in Google with AdWords.


  • Barter/Trade, Buy, & Sell - Paid advertisements. Includes but not limited to surveys, help wanted, for sale, trade/barter, affiliate programs, announcements, hosting, coding, scripts, and software.
  • Website For Sale - Purchase - Barter - Trade - ONLY use to sell or purchase a website. Please ensure that you include ALL THE DETAILS IN YOUR POST. As per this forum’s sticky post which you should read
  • Barter/Trade Links - ONLY use for links.
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