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How To Find The Best Online Forums To Market All Of Your Products and Services, The Most Appropriate Ways To Introduce Yourself To Forum Moderators and Participants, How To Easily Manage All Of Your Personal Forum Profile Data, Effortlessly Track The Success Of All Of Your Forum Marketing Campaigns, and How To Instantly Measure Your Sales Productivity.

Why does forum marketing work? Forums are comprised of highly targeted and motivated buyers. Forums are usually organized and structured around niches such as Internet marketing, web design, and search engine optimization. All you need to start making money is a product or service that is appropriate for that niche and priced very attractively.


- The Forum Manager comes with a database of over 100 forums including:

  • Forums categorized by niche
  • Ranked by the amount of posting/responses they receive
  • The Forum URL
  • Whether advertising is allowed or not
  • Moderator contact information where publicly available

Now you can instantly find the most appropriate forums to market your products and services at the click of a button. And you can edit the information, delete defunct forums, and add new ones quickly and easily. You can even import or export your forum list at any time. It’s like having a Forum Yellow Pages at your fingertips.

- The Product Manager - With the Product Manager, you can organize your product data and track pricing and URLs. Then when you build your campaigns, you can simply pick your products from a drop-down menu and the price is automatically filled in for you.

- The Campaign Manager - With the Campaign Manager you’ll be able to enter and track all of your marketing campaign data including every purchase made:

  • Product Name
  • Revenue Generated
  • Targeted Forum
  • Campaign Date
  • Purchases Made
  • Campaign Duration
  • Offer Details

Best of all, you’ll be able to see graphically in the bar charts exactly how your products and campaigns are performing and how they compare to each other by date, campaign, product or forum.

- The Report Manager - With the Report Manager you’ll also be to generate, print and export reports with the touch of a button to determine how your marketing campaigns are performing by forum, product, campaign, and by customer. You’ll be able to see textual reports and graphical charts.

- The Settings Manager - With the Settings Manager you can enter and track your login and password, email address and signature for every forum. Never forget a login or your marketing position at a forum again.

Schneiderman & Associates LLC (Steven Schneiderman) [did also : Mr Closer , Pop-Up Navigator , Clock Popper , Rumble Pop ]
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