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* FollowUpXpert Professional 2006/06 Software Xtreeme GmbH US$125


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Autoresponder software helps you easily create systems ranging from the simplest "I’m out of office!" autoresponders to automatic follow-up machines sending out messages to your prospects at predefined time intervals.

Unlike web based "free" services the software runs on your own machine so that you are in full control. And you pay only once and can keep the software for life.

No advanced computer skills or programming experience required. Perfect for newbies!

Professional Edition

- Unlimited attachments
- Smooth delivery of large amounts of emails
- Support for any number of POP3 servers
- Simple integration with web forms
- Support for opt-in confirmation
- Measure click-through rates
- Never again send to someone who say you’re spamming them
- Usage reports
- Up to 64 custom fields per prospect
- Looping protection
- Integrated backup/restore
- Quick setup, very easy to use
- Unlimited autoresponders and messages
- No banners or "sponsor ads"
- Full control; installs on your machine
- No monthly fees, one time payment
- Fully automatic operation
- Send newsletters and e-zines
- Support for plain text and HTML
- WYSIWYG HTML message editor
- Mail merge
- Stunning sending speed
- Built-in SMTP server
- Automatic bounce handling
- Support for opt-in and opt-out by email
- Advanced import of email addresses

New features in FollowUpXpert 3.3:

  • Improved prospect import (the user can load/save column mapping, the import window now shows sample values for each column).
  • The user can now change port numbers (SMTP/POP3) for individual autoresponders.
  • Now autoresponders can be set up to optionally reply to the Reply-To: field instead of From:.
  • Fixed an ugly bug in the built-in SMTP server that caused the application to randomly crash. It occurred very rarely but it was very annoying anyway.
  • Several minor fixes.

New features in FollowUpXpert 3.2:

  • You can create and maintain a list of blocked email addresses the program will never send to nor accept opts-in from.
  • Way to clone the settings of an existing autoresponder (right-click the icon and select "Clone").
  • Easier and more intuitive integration with web forms.
  • First and last name can now be separately extracted from a message sent by a web form.
  • When importing prospects from a text file, columns may now be separately mapped to the first and last name.
  • The user can now insert HTML tables into HTML messages using the built-in message editor.
  • Numerous bugfixes.

New features in FollowUpXpert 3.1:

  • Support for ISP limits for outgoing messages. The user can easily add limits for SMTP servers specifying the maximum number of messages to send per hour/day/week/month. (Options > Limits).
  • Ability to send all follow-up messages at once to an email address by clicking the new "Test" button added to the "Follow-Up Messages" tab. This lets the user easily test their follow-up sequence.
  • Support for testing message broadcast. The user can preview a message by sending it to an email address.
  • A separate window showing a log of all events that happen during download of new mail, processing, sending and so on. The window is updated in real-time. (Events > Details)
  • Option to automatically remove a prospect from an autoresponder database when he or she opts in to another.
  • Substitute text for name field. For instance, "Dear Sir," when name is not present instead of "Dear,". (Options > Substitute name).
  • Now the program works much faster with very large email messages (larger than 2MB).
  • Faster download of new messages from a POP3 account.

New features in FollowUpXpert 3.0:

  • Write your messages with ease using completely new message editor:
    • Create messages containing colors and graphics using the editor’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) capability.
    • Add and send images along with your message.
    • Open as many independent windows as you like when creating new messages to your prospects.
    • Easily insert fields into a message by clicking the new "Insert Field" button. All fields available in a given context are listed along with their descriptions.
    • Load and save messages in various formats. This lets you create a library of letter templates and layouts and exchange HTML pages with your favorite web design software.
  • Have invalid addresses automatically removed from your databases using its built-in bounced message (delivery failure notification) handling.
  • Measure effectiveness of your campaigns and follow-up communication by calculating the click-through rates. You can add click-through tracking links to your messages and the program will tell you how many users clicked a given link.
  • Use support for double opt-in to make sure your mailing list is 100% legal. The program may send a confirmation request to everyone that wants to opt-in.
  • Send your messages much faster thanks to many performance improvements we made to the sending engine:
    • Messages are now generated at least an order of magnitude faster than in the previous version.
    • The sending engine now minimizes the number of time it connects to servers. In other words, it connects to an SMTP server and tries to send as many messages as it can (up to a user-defined limit) and reconnects only if it is necessary.
  • Minimize the number of messages sent through your ISP’s SMTP server by using the built-in server while making sure that your have a 100% delivery rate. The program may be told to use the built-in server to send to most of the recipients. If the built-in server is not able to deliver to an email address it will use an external SMTP server.
  • Include the text of the original message in your replies.
  • Have the program automatically capitalize prospects’ first, middle and last names when they are used in a message.
  • Test your web form integration and parsing code using a special testing window.
  • Increase your productivity by taking advantage of the new XP-style user-interface.
  • Keep your software up to date by being automatically informed about updates and new versions.
  • Verify your POP3 and SMTP settings by clicking a single button.
  • Enjoy dozens of user-interface enhancements and modifications.
Xtreeme GmbH (Rafael Zwiegincew) [did also : FollowUpXpert Standard , Search Engine Studio ]
POP3 account/optionally SMTP Server
Win 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003
Money Back
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