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Popups can be blocked... people have gotten used to seeing various attention getters coming up on websites all over the world.

Here’s the straight facts:

  • Fact #1 : Pop ups dramatically increase response to ’opt ins’ and other Internet offers. Your business may be profiting from them right now.
  • Fact #2 : Many major Internet service providers, like AOL, Earthlink, and Netscape, representing millions of your prospects and customers, are making it as easy as flipping a light switch to permanently turn off all ’pop ups’ - including your ads!
  • Facts #3 : With the mass blocking of pop ups by the major Internet service providers, many Internet businesses will suffer greatly reduced sales and possibly even go out of business...

Will your business be one of them?

What is Focus Generator?

Very simple... Focus Generator is a new technology which will allow you to get past popup blockers with simple to create embedded images which captivate your prospects and instantly gets they attention to FOCUS on your marketing message.

Focus Popups Get Around Popup Blockers!

It’s true... with Focus Generator you don’t have to worry about your marketing message getting blocked by popup blockers. You see, this new technology doesn’t spawn a new window of any kind. In fact, it’s really just part of your webpage.

You don’t have to wonder anymore if you message it getting through. It will get pass popup blockers and guarantee your message gets to where you want it to... in front of the eyes of your prospects and customers. Here’s just a few uses of Focus Generator:

  • Up Selling
  • Cross Selling
  • Reminders
  • Important Notices
  • Contest Announcements
  • What’s New Announcements
  • Postcards
  • Thought of the Day
  • Sweepstakes
  • Affiliate Promotions
  • Daily Tips
  • Highlight Primary Benefit of Your Product
  • Display an Important Testimonial

Can you see yourself using Focus Generator? I’m sure you can clearly see the new increase in income coming your way because of it as well.

Here’s How... Focus Generator Works!

- Step 1: Select Your Focus Popup - Select from over 55 DIFFERENT FOCUS DESIGNS!

- Step 2: Design Your Focus Popup - Now it’s time to design your Focus popup. You can insert as much text as will fit into the Focus Popup and even have multiple text blocks. You can choose any font you have on your computer to create your Focus message and even choose the font size, bold, italic, and underline the text as well. You can also automatically insert a "close" button into your Focus popup to make it easier for your customer to close the popup. With our easy to use controls, you can move the text to any position you want and even rotate the text to your liking to truly customize the popup.

- Step 3: Select Your Focus Properties - Select where you would like your visitors to go when they click your Focus popup. Of course this is not necessary if you want to only show an advertising message or notify them of a promotion. You can also optionally set a cookie so when a visitor comes back, the Focus popup will not show. Select the position of your Focus popup. You can choose where on your page you would like it to appear. You can also optionally choose if you want the Focus popup to auto close. It will appear for a length of time you specify and then it will automatically close itself.

- Step 4: Insert The Focus Popup Code - The last step is to insert the code into your webpage. We’ve made this very simple for you to do. Simply browse your hard drive for the webpage and click the "Generate Focus" button. That’s it, you’re done. If you want to... you can even insert the code yourself. I normally don’t use this method. The software will do all the work for you.

- Step 5: Upload Your New Website - YOU’RE DONE!!!

Generator Software (Armand Morin)(Marc Quarles) [did also : SmartPage Creator , SalesLetter Generator , FlashPal Generator , GeoKeyword Generator Pro , eCover Generator 2.0 , MultiTrack Generator Software Suite , PopOver Generator ]
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