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Automated Website Updating

Discover How You Can Instantly Update Hundreds of Website Files and Folders At The Click Of A Button :

- Update Content and Information

- Add or Change Ad Displays

- Test Sales Copy Variations and Improve

- Insert Web2.0 Graphics and Links

- Replace a Link that is Now Dead

- Add Additional Resources

- Improve Search Engine Rankings

- Add or Replace Links

- Completely Rebuild

With the fast pace of the internet it is imperative that you continually test, tweak, and update your websites. Maybe it just a matter of uploading fresh content, or you want to add a bookmark script or a tag - but you need to do it dozens if not hundreds of times to properly maintain your websites.

Up until now your only option was to individually log into each domain - and upload the new file(s) - one domain after the other. Now you can set it up and the FTP-O-MATIC will take care of this chore for you -automatically. While it automatically logs in and updates your domains, one domain after the other, you can devote your time to more productive tasks.

You now have a simple and quick way to do exactly that...

  • Upload Unlimited Number of Files - Browse and Select the files you want uploaded
  • Upload Unlimited Number of Domains - Direct the FTP-O-MATIC to login and ftp files and folders to a Unlimited Number of Domains
  • Customize with Unlimited Number of Variables - Build Templates with Tags and FTP-O-MATIC will insert the correct value for each domain
  • Automatic Website Folder Creation - FTP-O-MATIC when using the customization feature will create a folder for each domain on your pc
  • Create Customized csv Files - Input all of your usernames-passwords-domain names and unlimited number of variables into a simple csv file that the FTP-O-Matic uses as a simple database for completion of the tasks
  • At the Completion of a Job - A log file is created - If a file fails to upload properly - it is listed in the log file - Making it very simple to double check that all files were properly uploaded.
  • Upload Entire Website folders - One Right After the Other - Build new sites or update old sites on your pc. Then point the FTP-O-MATIC at the folders, and it will upload entire websites for you one right after the other until all your sites have been uploaded
  • Easily test and tweak your website and sales copy - Determine what provides a better ROI and then tweak all of your sites with one operation
  • Create mirror copy backups of your website files and folders on your pc - Having multiple backups of your websites is ALWAYS a good business decision
  • Regular website updating will improve search engine rankings as opposed to websites that are never updated
  • Increase your revenues by testing with different ad displays and using the higher performing ads
  • Quickly upload scripts and server applications across multiple domains - instead of a one by one procedure

BizBin (Ray La Foy)
Single User License
Win 2000/XP
Money Back
56 days
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