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EchoTopic™ provides publishers with new sources of revenue by delivering in-text advertising campaigns. Implementation is easy - you can get started with a few simple steps.

New Opportunities for Publishers

EchoTopic automatically places text link advertisement within the content of your website. Dynamically scanning the pages of your site, EchoTopic uncovers the most relevant topics and then matches them with advertisers. Implementation is easy - you can get started with a few simple steps.

EchoTopic’s publisher tools give you instant access to comprehensive reports and billing options. You can even use the white label application to sell text links directly on your own site, taking full advantage of your own branding efforts.

  • Earn more Revenue from the Content on your WebSite
  • Create more Advertising Inventory by Expanding beyond Display Units
  • Improve the User Experience by Showing Highly Relevant Ads on Every Page

About our Beta Program

EchoTopic is currently a beta program designed to get direct product feedback from the online advertiser and publisher communities. If you are interested in becoming part of our beta program, please click on the link below to provide us with a brief profile of your business and we will contact you immediately with more details.

Exponential Interactive Inc [did also : EchoTopic™ for Advertisers ]
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