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Eliminate Domain Creation Drudgery!

Do you build sites using any type of automated page generator, article or blog building software?

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Are you tired of the time and hassle spent creating and configuring domains?

If you’re a serious player in the contextual ad game or in the niche marketing arena, you’re well aware that you need to put up lots of sites. And you already know that setting up domains is a necessary part of the game. Unfortunately, until now... it’s also been a tedious, time consuming process.

With Easy Domain Creator, you can now create virtually an unlimited number of domains on any of your web hosting accounts (shared with cPanel only). Just fill in a few fields, upload or paste in a domain list, click a button... and you’re done!

With Easy Domain Creator, you can even SCHEDULE the process to run at a later time!

Just look at these time saving Easy Domain Creator features:

  • Convenient self-contained Windows XP desktop application.
  • No permissions to set, no scripts to install and nothing to configure.
  • Creates virtually an unlimited number of domains / subdomains... right from your desktop.
  • Use it with any or all of your Reseller/VPS hosting accounts (WHM and cPanel only).
    • NOTE: This current version ONLY works on SHARED cPanel servers.
  • WHM and cPanel manager keeps track of login information.
  • Log into WHM Host and cPanel with just a single click.
  • Eliminates logging into your admin panel and doing setup work for individual domains.
  • Automatically creates usernames and passwords.
  • Import domains / subdomains from your WHM or by spreadsheet.
  • Select a static domain password or let Easy Domain Creator generate a random one.
  • Schedule domain and subdomain creation.
  • Built-in delay to keep from stressing servers.
  • Creates databases.
  • Add database descriptions for easy reference.
  • Creates cron jobs.
  • Add cron job labels for easy reference.
LightMind Software LLC (Geoff Shaw)(Scott Scales) [did also : Easy Domain Creator Pro , Easy RSS Backlink Blog Feeder , Easy Blogger Creator Pro , Article Infuser , Super-Blogging , Squeeze Blogs ]
Single User License
Windows XP
Money Back
30 days
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