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Easy Blogger Creator Pro is flat out the most comprehensive and automated blog creator available today. For those who are looking to create SEO friendly, niche specific blog farms. Bundled with Article Infuser, Keyword Infuser and Easy Web Spider.

Features of Easy Blogger Creator Pro

- Rapid Blog Creation

    • Blogger Beta Compatible - We’re good to go on the "New" Blogger and will continue to adjust to any future changes.
    • Create 100’s Of Blogger Blogs Quickly - Just load your files, adjust your settings, pick a template and start building.
    • Host With Or Locally On Your Domain - Why choose one or the other? Create both!
    • Create Blog Farms - Enhance your SEO efforts by creating multiple targeted niche blog clusters.
    • Organic Growth Over Time - Stay under Google’s radar by growing your blogs slowly and naturally.
    • SEO Options - Optimize your blogs by using our new keyword theming feature.
    • Convert Existing Blogs - Don’t throw away all that hard work! Just run them through our Blog Conversion process.

- Powerful Automated Scheduler

    • Automated Scheduled Posts & Comments - Sophisticated scheduler frees you from posting drudgery.
    • Mix & Match Content Engine - Add up to four types of content per post - Articles, Snippets, RSS Feeds, Datafeeds.
    • Content Headings - Add a heading to each type of content post. Style headings too.
    • Automatic Link Insertion With Keyword Anchor Text - Just load your URL and keyword lists for instant backlinks.
    • Duplicate Content Safeguard System - Avoid penalties. Warns when you are about to post the same content again.
    • Full Manual Control Too - Make changes to any individual blog, with no hassle.

- Custom Template Options

    • Randomized Template Selection - Check one box and the program will automatically and randomly choose a template.
    • Custom Templates - Want to stand out from the crowd by using your own unique templates? No problem!!
    • Template Editor - Easily access and modify any template’s HTML code by using the built-in template editor.
    • Advertising Templates - Why limit yourself to AdSense? Use Chitika, eBay, Amazon, ModernClick & Yahoo too.
    • Images - Personalize your blog by adding up to nine custom images. Automatically rotate them through your blogs.
    • Autoresponder - Capture those valuable names and e-mails. Just load the code and insert a token into the template.
    • Code Snippets - Add forms, audio or video into your blogs. Very Web 2.0.

- Project Based

    • Niche Specific Projects - Don’t just throw up blogs. Create multiple blogs farms around a theme or specific niche.
    • View Project Summary - Keeping track of all of your blog information is easy with our Project Summary & Data tables.
    • Export Project Data - Export blog URL, username and password as a text file. Use with Blog2Rank.
    • One-Click Blog Login & Viewing - Just one click is all it takes to view or log in to a particular blog.
    • Duplicate Projects - Here’s a quick and easy way to create small, tightly themed blog farms.
    • Detailed Log Files - Want to see what’s going on behind the scenes? View the log files. For serious power users only.

- Advanced Settings

    • Use A Proxy Server - Protects your IP from being "banned". Load your list and the built-in proxy checker takes over.
    • Removes Blogger Bar & "No Follow" Tags - Removes that nasty bar and allows search engines to follow your links.
    • Secondary Append Files & Selectable Append Tags - For tremendous flexibility and customization in crafting your blogs.
    • Random Character String Generator - No need to create unique usernames, passwords or URLs. System generated.
    • Embedded Contextual Ad Tokens - Just pop in your ID’s for Adsense, Amazon, Chitika, eBay and Yahoo.
    • Advertising & FTP Profiles - Saves time from having to re-enter FTP information and Ad IDs for different projects.
    • Tag & Ping - Easily Add Technorati and IceRocket tags into your blogs. Ping them too.

- Unlock CAPTCHA’d Blogs

    • Automatically Tracks CAPTCHA’d Blogs - You’ll never have to guess if your blog has been CAPTCHA’d.
    • Release Request Mechanism - Don’t just hit the "Delete" key. Petition Google to re-instate your blog!
    • Reinstate, Remove Or Delete CAPTCHA’d Blogs - Easily delete CAPTCHA’d blogs from the program and/or Blogger.

- Mini Nets

    • Quick Mini Net Or Custom Mini Net - Create a mini net with full control or let the program do it automatically.
    • Insert Keyword Text Links - Why just link your blogs together with URLs, when you can use keyword anchor text?
    • Choose Link Direction - Link inward or outward from parent blogs. Optimize for spidering or to gain link popularity.
    • New Crosslink Mini Nets - Now you can link between projects, for greater indexing and spidering.
LightMind Software LLC (Geoff Shaw)(Scott Scales) [did also : Easy Domain Creator Pro , Easy Domain Creator WSO , Easy RSS Backlink Blog Feeder , Article Infuser , Super-Blogging , Squeeze Blogs ]
Single User License
Windows XP
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