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If you are selling something online through ClickBank then you need this script. It can allow you to offer anything to your visitors for free if they send you the amount of unique visitors you specify and also they will be able to earn commissions from your sales.

People love getting anything for free so why not turn their love for freebies into traffic? From my experience I can say that it will at least quadruple your current traffic because they will be interested in earning commissions from your sales.

This script helps you to get extra coverage, more traffic and more affiliates.

How does it work?

Your visitors signup by filling out a short form and receive a banner link with their ID. They place this banner anywhere they want. Once they reach the amount of unique visitors you specify you will receive a report.

Features Include:

  • Easy to install and to use
  • Full control of confirmation e-mail to the participants
  • Send notifications with emails, usernames and passwords to the admin
  • Advance checking for duplicate visitors - it will count only unique visitors
  • Participants can see realtime statistics

Earn-It Manager is very easy to configure:

If you are worried that this is too difficult for you to use, don’t worry....this program gives you step by step instructions on how to use it. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

  • Write your confirmation message to the participants
  • Upload your banner image
  • Configure the Perl script, and everything is set

System Requirements:

  • Unix Operating system (linux/FreeBSD)
  • Perl Interpreter (standard on unix machines)
  • SendMail (standard on unix machines)
Sellwide Corp (Konstantin Ursalov) [did also : Affiliate Manager for ClickBank , Earn-it Manager for ClickBank , Affiliate Manager for ClickBank , Earn-It Manager , SellWide Cloaker ]
Perl Interpreter/SendMail
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30 days
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