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Downline Secrets Viral Software Package! launches August 29

Discover a Proven 3-Step Strategy that Explodes Your Downline in any Program

Here’s A Glimpse Of What You Get With This Powerful System:

  • A detailed break down of the marketing system and the 3 step strategy that I used to build a massive self duplicating downline. The psychological power of this process will always work and therefore can be duplicated over and over for any program.
  • The stand alone PHP software application that installs on your server. You own it forever and can create as many recruiting systems as you want with no monthly fees ever!
  • 2 Easy installation videos so you can install the script by yourself without having to hire a programmer or we have a professional script installer standing by to do the install for you for a very reasonable fee.
  • 8 Training videos that walk you through each step of setting up your system so you will be ready to go in no time! Your videos are accessible when you login to your software and from within the Downline Secrets member’s area.
  • Access to our training and support forum. Great for networking with others.
  • Ability to set up a “Special Offer” for those that join your system. Your special offer appears only once after your team members click the confirmation link in their email.
  • Ability to add as many custom tags to your pages as you like. This means you decide how many programs you want to include in your system. (Video #4)
  • You may edit and customize the 2 welcome emails that the system sends. (Video #7)
  • You can design and add as many splash pages as you want and your team can use them instantly. (Video #5)
  • Ability to export your entire members database into your auto-responder. (Video #9)
  • Reward active members in your team by adding their name to your main page rotation. Great for running affiliate contests. (Video #8)
  • Use the pre-made templates for your pages or design your own pages from scratch with your favorite HTML editor.
  • Set your ID as the default ID for your programs which allows you to grow your organizations faster as your members won’t always update their ID for the programs. When this happens, they will default to yours.
  • Ability to add programs later and have your members login and update their account profile. This is also a great opportunity to build an instant downline in any program you add in the future. (Video #10)
  • Option to have your members add their photo to the splash pages in your system. Now your team members can brand themselves too!
  • Your team members will not know that you are using this script to run your system; it’s completely anonymous.
  • Plus tons more...
James Grandstaff LLC (James Grandstaff)
Single User License
Money Back
60 days
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