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Check Out This Time-Saving Domain Name Tool That Lets Me Easily Find 300 Keyword-Rich Domain Names In 90 Seconds Flat!

I will make this "fairly" short and sweet... There are plenty of tools out there that want to help you build one or two sites a day, but I hope you realize that nowadays you just won’t make much money building on such a small scale.

You may have heard this before, but it bears repeating: The "key" to earning any sort of substantial income using PPC advertising like Adsene involves building websites on a large scale.

That means, more sites... faster!

When I started to crank up my web building back in 2005, I realized that one of my most tedious tasks was finding domain names. It just took hours and hours of mind-numbing work to come up with just a few good domain names. And I needed hundreds... per day!

To solve this problem, I had two choices:

  • 1. I could outsource the work, paying a few people an hourly rate, on an ongoing basis to find hundreds of domains for me each day, or
  • 2. I could just create a script that does exactly what I needed.

I choose the latter.

DomainFinder Is No Longer Publicly Available. You can still get it as part of the Mass Account Manager Package.

Cutting Edge Publishing Inc (Anthony Ellis) [did also : Mass Account Manager , LightPOP WordPress Pop-Up Plugin , CB RSS Clickbank RSS Feed Generator , WP Cloner , scuttlePLUS , Auction Affiliate , RSS Bookmarker , Auto Social Poster 1.7 ]
PHP 4.2+ / FTP software (For uploading the script to your server) / Internet Browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
Single Server License
Linux Server
Money Back
30 days
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