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Who Else Wants to Discover the Amazing Multiple Website Management Tool That Sends Profits Skyrocketing ... By Allowing You to Work Less & Get More Done Faster & Easier Than Ever Before? This is your chance to learn how to automate your business and spend more time focusing on maximizing your profits!

Introducing Domain Dashboard - the Lazy Man’s Key to Domain Management!

Take a Quick Look at Just SOME of What This Program Can Do For You!
- Send your search engine rankings soaring - you’ll be able to conduct backlink searches on Yahoo, MSN and Google ... you’ll be able to instantly identify pages that have been indexed by the major search engines ... plus, you’ll be able to monitor your rankings in all the major search engines so you’ll always know instantly how you are doing ... in short, you’ll have everything you need to dramatically improve your rankings!
- Create hundreds of domain accounts at one time with the push of a button - you’ll shave tons of time from your building process and put yourself on the fast track to greater Internet riches!
- Manage all your WHM and cPanel accounts from one control panel - that’s right no more shuttling between programs and using different login info to access your servers!
- Have all your domain information automatically entered - think of all the time you’ll save not having to enter information for each and every one of your websites!
- Automatically login to all of your WHM accounts and domain cPanels with a simple click of your mouse - now all your important business information never has to be more than a click away!
- See the overall health of your Internet Empire at any moment - if something is not working, you’ll now it instantly and if something is working, you’ll be able to take even greater advantage of it immediately!
- Spend less time checking traffic statistics - and more time building sites and making money!
- Automatically know when and how many pages are indexed for all of your websites - so you will know right away when a site loses pages and you’ll also know which domains to renew and which ones to let go in the future!
- Keep track of when search engine spiders visit your websites - so you’ll know if your website creation efforts are paying off and if a technique you are using is losing its effect!
- And much, much more!

Now You, Too, Can Effortlessly Manage All of Your Websites, Keep Track of Everything from Pages Indexed to Keywords, and Free Up Your Time to Generate More Revenue Than You Ever Thought Possible!

- Why continue to struggle to compile all the website data you need to keep your business operating effectively and efficiently ...
- Why continue to slog through the reams and reams of website information you’ve hand-compiled ...
- Why keep wasting all of your valuable time working in an ineffective, inefficient process ...

When you can now have Domain Dashboard do it all for you - with a simple click of your mouse?

Just look at the amazing features this software program contains:

  • Completely automates the most tedious webmaster tasks associated with managing multiple domains!
  • Provides you with a complete overview of all of your websites in one central location!
  • Ensures that you are always up-to-date on the status of your business by providing you with instant access to comprehensive, yet easy-to-read and easy-to-understand statistics that you otherwise might not have!
  • Allows you to manage multiple servers (WHM and cPanel Servers ONLY), domains and subdomains from one control panel!
  • Saves you tons of time by automatically pulling all of your domain and subdomain data to the database - so instead of entering each website’s information all you have to do is enter your server info once and Domain Dashboard will do the rest!
  • Ensures you’re never more than one click away from the domain control panel and your important domain information thanks to an auto-login feature!
  • Enables you to automatically set up FTP access on any of your websites - saving you a great deal of time and frustration!
  • Monitors pages indexed in Google, Yahoo, and MSN and uses easy-to-spot, color-coded visual indicators so you can instantly know if the number of pages has increased, decreased or remained the same!
  • Allows you to easily create statistical charts for comparison and analysis - plus, all charts can be saved as PDF files!
  • Monitors backlinks so you can be assured that you have all the backlinks you need to achieve great SEO rankings!
  • Pulls traffic data for every domain, add-on domain, and subdomain from awstats - now you’ll no longer have to log in to each cPanel!
  • Provides you with a complete listing of the most recent 25 robot visits for each domain and subdomain!
  • Enables you to check the PageRank for thousands of websites with just a mouse click!
  • Allows you to manage and organize all of your keyword lists from one application - here’s how: Domain Dashboard creates a text file for each domain so that you can store keywords there!
  • Plus, Domain Dashboard will grab keywords and keyword phrases from AWStats and automatically add them to your keyword list - these are visitor proven search terms and are pure gold!
  • Allows you to quickly check to see if you are ranked in the Top 50 results for all the keywords on your list!
  • Automatically sets up basic FTP access for websites - Domain Dashboard will even allow you to assign specific folders on your computer for a domain!
  • Allows you to mass FTP with Auto CHMOD. This feature will allow you to Mass FTP up to 20 files or folders to unlimited domains and have the CHMOD properties automatically applied - imagine being able to automatically update WordPress on hundreds or even thousands of domains quickly and easily!
  • Also allows you to mass create domain accounts in WHM or mass create add-on domains or subdomains in cPanel - just enter your list of domains, select a couple of options, and press a button ... What could be easier than that?
  • All servers, domains and subdomains are listed in tree view so you can easily organize your “empire”!
  • Allows you to filter stats so you can always see and compare just the figures you want!
  • Allows you to quickly create comprehensive domain statistic reports and save them in a PDF file - you can also export stats to Excel!
  • And much, much more!

As you can see, this program is absolutely packed with truckloads of useful features that most Internet business owners and webmasters either don’t have or don’t have all in one place ... Features that will make your business a hundred times easier and a thousand times more profitable!

As You Can See, Domain Dashboard is the Simplest, Easiest, Most Profitable Way to Manage Your Domains!
- Only Domain Dashboard takes you by the hand and guides you step-by-easy-step through building a profitable Internet empire!
- Only Domain Dashboard streamlines your business so you have more time - much, much more time - to devote to doing what you do best, which is grow your business!
- Only Domain Dashboard is a total domain management system that allows you to easily create and manage websites from one central location!

Take A Look At The Professional Reports Domain Dashboard Can Create!

- Domain Dashboard will take all of your statistics for pages indexed, backlinks, and traffic and create these professional charts to get a better visual of your efforts. Click on the icon to see a sample!
- Have all your domains statistics automatically formatted into a PDF file. This domain report could have many possible uses. Click on the icon to take a look!
- Domain Dashboard will even export all of you domain statistics for as many domains as you select to a multi-page Excel workbook file. This file would take hours to create by hand. Click on the icon to download a sample!

Finally, Here’s One More Thing I Hope You Will Consider ...

Have you stopped to really think about what some of the features contained in the Domain Dashboard software program will do for your business?

Take the Mass FTP and Mass Account Creation features, for instance.

Can you even start to imagine the profits these features could produce for you?

- Try right now to imagine being able to mass FTP with Auto CHMOD This feature will allow you to Mass FTP up to 20 files or folders to unlimited domains and have the CHMOD properties automatically applied - which means you’ll be able to automatically update WordPress on hundreds or even thousands of domains quickly and easily!
- And also try to imagine being able to mass create domain accounts in WHM or mass create add-on domains or subdomains in cPanel You’ll be able to just enter your list of domains, select a couple of options, and press a button ... what could be easier or more profitable than that?
- Now try to picture, really picture, the profits these two features could send flooding into your business!

Now are you beginning to see how incredibly profitable this software program could be for you?

And that’s just two of Domain Dashboard’s many, many features. Here’s a Quick Rundown of Some of the Other Features That are Included in the Software:
- Automatically pulls all of your domain, add-on domain and subdomain details from your servers!
- Lists all servers, domains and subdomains in convenient tree view!
- Associates a keyword list with a domain!
- Displays if your site is ranked in the top 50 results for any keywords in your keyword list!
- Automatically sets up FTP access for all of your domains!
- Grabs keywords and keyword phrases from AWStats and automatically adds them to your keyword list
- And much, much more!

Jared Croslow
Single License
Win 98/Me/2000/XP
Money Back
56 days
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