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DaniWeb is an IT Discussion community which, at only three years old, has already surpassed 200,000 forum posts. We are currently growing at the rate of over 400 new members daily. What sets us apart is our ability to offer everything Information Technology related all in one convenient place. At the same time, our organized structure puts a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

Where Did DaniWeb Come From?

No, we didn’t fall from the sky. DaniWeb is the fruition of Dani Horowitz - aka me - aka me. I started the site during my junior year of college at Hofstra University, while working towards a B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Business Computer Information Systems.

I was talking to my friend Dan about how Hofstra’s CSC department doesn’t provide free tutoring as they do for other degrees on campus. We thought it might be a good idea to develop a resource for computer students to share ideas and get help and support from each other online.

As I progressed with my degree, I started getting more heavily into Linux, which prompted me to frequently browse, a popular Linux forum. (In fact, we’re extremely lucky to currently have two JustLinux moderators on the DaniWeb moderating team - Alex and Dave). I learned a lot from the site and started turning into a forum junkie. About that time, I decided to open up a site called TechTalk Forums. It was a simple YaBB! Perl forum covering Windows, Linux, hardware, and a bit of programming. It grew into a close knit community of members including me, Dan, Ryan, Jimmy, AlphA, aeinstein (kaynine), Bob, and Roberdin. (Most of these people now serve as TechTalk Team Colleagues, in memory of the old TechTalk). It was Dan who coined our slogan "where cool techies unite." The first tutorials to appear on the site were my class notes from the first year of my computer science degree. In fact, the same tutorials still appear in the C++ section of DaniWeb, today.

Despite an upgrade to phpBB, TechTalk Forums never took off at all. The following year, I decided to relaunch the community as DaniWeb. We moved to vBulletin, sported a new site design and logo, and an entirely new forum structure. I even took a new Internet alias - CSCGAL - which I named after my car’s license plate, which shares the same name. (Earlier, I was known as TechTalkGal.) This also sparked the birth of our web development forums, at the constant request of Dan, who was learning ASP and PHP at the time (he finally settled down with ColdFusion). It didn’t take long for the site to catch on. As I got more and more interested with growing DaniWeb, I took on an interest in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization ... our SEO forums were born out of that passion. Today, over 150 forums later, redirects to our Tech Talk category.

Who Runs DaniWeb Now?

I do all of the way behind the scenes stuff - all of the coding, the design, the marketing, the ad sales, etc etc etc. While our forums are vBulletin based, and the entire site is based off of the vBulletin framework, our portal, tutorials, code snippets, blogs, and link directory are custom coded by me. (See, I knew a computer science degree would come in handy one day!)

The site is run, for the most part, by an amazing team of moderators, super moderators, and administrators. There is a hierarchial structure which ranges from moderators, who act as community leaders within specific forums, to super moderators, who work to ensure everything is running smoothly and everyone is following the rules, to administrators, who oversee everything and handle the more technical issues that may arise.

And of course, we would be no where without our members.

How Can I Participate?

So you want to join our community? Fabulous! It’s easy and free to register. Once you’re signed up, be sure to check our Rules. If you’d like to help us out, you can do so by donating as little as a few dollars a month. Doing so entitles you to some great goodies, as well!

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