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If you’ve ever blown your last dollar on on the latest "must have" e-book, or wondered whether anyone makes genuine job-killing income from the Internet, you need to read this letter now...

Because you’ve been misinformed and misled, force-fed thousands of pages of useless information, the same information that is directly blocking you from living the life you want.

I should know... because I have been breaking free from the same information myself, by leveraging my position to discover an underground formula from guys that the "gurus" know about, but refuse to even discuss. And what I found explains why most struggle to make a few cents, while some affiliates pump out thousands in auto-pilot cash each day. The answer may shock you, but it has to come out sooner or later.

I want to expose a closed-door formula that the few are using to crush the competition...

...and I can only do this because I have spent the last twelve months stealing from the most successful affiliates on the planet, while successfully testing what I learned on average guys just like you - guys who have been kept out of the loop by an entire industry.

Not only did I meet these "renegades" one-on-one, but I also relied on a 15,000 strong network of affiliates to explain what separates complete failure from six figure success...

And in the end , it took me a full year to realize the truth hiding behind the lies and false promises. Twelve full months to discover a proven blueprint and to expose the truth to thousands of failing affiliates, before you even got here. And now that I know the truth, I want prove it to some of you.

Some of What is Inside DJK / Day Job Killer

- Finally, step-by-step methods that the super affiliates use in 2007 - I literally had to travel the world to see some of the affiliates I encountered; the truth is that these guys do things different to 99% of the rest. Learn exactly what they do - with copy-and-paste examples that may already generate job-killing income for many of your competitors...

- Take from the gurus and borrow from the super affiliates. Our goal is to find campaigns that are currently generating hundreds per day, affiliates making tens of thousands, clone them and siphon off a chunk of their earnings. I owe this one to a friend of mine who I encountered in California (clue: he earns $140,000 per month, and he is largely responsible for the first of the DJK techniques)...

- The secrets they don’t teach anywhere else. Let me expose a live job-killing Adwords campaign. Let me explain how a "whiz-kid" is cleaning up with a series of cut-throat Adwords techniques that allow him to average 20-30% CTR on some keywords. Learn why you will want to avoid the Google Editors like the plague when you use some of my "back-door" techniques. You won’t learn this anywhere else - because no-one is teaching it: it’s all been taken from the guys doing it in the field, the ones making thousands in the shadows while the rest go broke...

- Little need for capital. While other guides tell you to start with hundreds, you can get started with DJK for practically nothing. The funny thing is the guys making the most tend to invest a little to make a lot. Find out why, and then ride their wave all the way to the bank...

- Advanced Adwords techniques the ones they would probably try to ban if they could: find out how a "renegade" Brit has built an 80,000 strong keyword list: and the clincher? He is profitable on every single keyword. Learn how to compete with other affiliates and crush them with these hidden back-door tricks...

- The only affiliate manual that lets you compete with the gurus. Not only will I show you the techniques that the super affiliates use, and not only will we tear other affiliates apart, but now, for the first time EVER.. you can compete with the gurus themselves, literally sucking them dry and building a monstrously profitable list at the same time. Revenge is sweet and it’s time for the affiliates to profit like product vendors. Think about what that means...

- The biggest revelation to hit affiliate marketing in three years - the first method inside DJK is quite probably worth a thousand times the cost of the guide alone. Why? We are about to show 100,000 failing affiliates where the bulk of the $8,000,000 industry lies. Clue: you aren’t even competing in the game...

- Learn from the six figure guys that rarely surface . For a limited time, you have the opportunity to glimpse behind the curtain and see how reclusive six figure consolidators live... to see how they steal buyers from the gurus, instantly work out whether an Adwords niche is profitable (before they run an ad), and how they consistently choose the hottest products on ClickBank (because the truth is, you only need one $100 a day campaign to kill your job, and finally live the way you want).

A select few make $1000/day while the rest stay broke

  • Campaign nuking: locate profitable Adwords campaigns, steal them. This one is profitable, but brutal...
  • The three reasons that 99% of affiliates fail to profit from ClickBank, and what the 1% do differently...
  • The best kept secret in the entire affiliate marketing game - no-one ever tells you this..
  • The "leveller" method: or "how to rob a guru of his customers" and generate multiple income streams

Discover the super affiliate secrets, and break away from the failure and lies

  • Learn the most devestating Adwords techniques on the planet; the ones the top 1% use against you right now
  • The affiliate marketing tricks that the six figure guys use - exposed in copyable step-by-step detail
  • Swipe the blueprint a seven figure ClickBank dynamo just uncovered...
  • Learn why you’ve been living a lie and get revenge on the gurus...

Get paid and get even with the industry...

  • Learn the most devestating Adwords techniques on the planet; the ones the top one-percent use in secret.
  • The methods the pro’s used to quit their job and finally become free.
  • See the game through my eyes.
  • Learn why you’ve been living a lie up until now, and why everyone else has too. And get revenge on the gurus.

How DJK will change you

You could abandon what you "think" you know about making money online, copy my business and potentially gain all of these benefits...

- No more losing Adwords campaigns Imagine if you could spend $10 and get $50 back with each campaign you run. Stop losing cash to Google, and learn the simplest way to "play it safe" and increase your chances of succeeding by as much 900% or more, every time you use Adwords.

- No more problems choosing affiliate programs . Let us show you how the "pro’s" choose affiliate programs (hint: they let the competition choose them, and don’t waste any of their time using some complex algorithm). Ditch what you know and free up hours of your time to hunt down the hottest affiliate programs.

- No more feeling broke . It’s time to see what it feels like to make thousands on the web, to work from home with no boss, and no daily commute. Imagine relaxing and spending only a few hours per day maintaining a $2,000 a week business - many are already doing exactly this. The opportunity I have for you today has the potential to transform your life, but first you must accept that you need to make a change, and you must be willing to take action.

You will abandon what you think you know about making money online - a new life awaits those who dare to take action

- You can get started within 60 minutes (yes, I really can get you up and running that quickly). Remember, small differences lead to different, instantly noticable results. Try to accept that; it explains so much of your failure up until now.

- You will follow my exact lead - the blueprint is yours. DJK is not about academic theory; it’s the diary of an affiliate seven-figure dynamo, laden with step-by-step instruction, copy and paste templates and real life paradigm-shifting techniques, some mine, some taken from the renegades I met on my travels. I am known for talking fast and getting straight to the point; and showing beginners and advanced wealth-seekers what they need to focus on to make money online. Let me show you how I earned that reputation and took what was rightfully mine, despite the odds stacked against me when I was sitting where you are today.

- You can start part-time, working only a few minutes per day. As I always tell my students: work at your own pace and no slower. Because you might want to keep your job and make less than you could... but have the luxury of time. After all, with money a non-issue, why not do what you want with the rest of your day. It’s your life, so start living it for the first time.

- You don’t need to be an expert to copy my tricks : in fact, the whole basis of my strategy is to do the opposite of what 99% of misinformed marketers do. My process is remarkably simple, but runs contrary to "expert knowledge". A beginner could very well swipe one of my templates and copy part of my business down to the finest detail.

Christopher McNeeney [did also : Project Black Mask AdSense , AdWords Miracle , Affiliate Project X ]
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