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Now You Can Earn Affiliate Commissions From Even Those Folks Who Don’t Click Your Affiliate Link!

As an Affiliate, You Will Face Three Major Problems :

  1. No Click-throughs - Many visitors to your web site will read about the affiliate products you promote, but will not click your affiliate link to go to the sales site. And why is that? Simple distraction! Perhaps there’s someone at the door, maybe the phone rings, the baby’s crying. Who knows? When they do eventually decide to buy the product, they only remember the name of the product, so most will simply search the product on a search engine and visit the site directly.
  2. Reluctance to Buy Through an Affiliate Link - A lot of people just hate the idea of someone making a commission from their purchases. And this is the sad truth --- most folks hate to buy from an affiliate link! It’s an ugly little secret. But even people who themselves are affiliates, will do everything they can to avoid buying from a hard-working affiliate. So, they simply bypass your affiliate link and visit the site directly. Even though they found out about the product due to your hard work, you never got the commission for it!
  3. Affiliate Thieves - Thieves who steal your rightful commissions quietly, completely without your knowledge! How is that?, you ask... Most affiliate links are some form or the other of where your affiliate id is passed as a parameter. A thief has to simply change the "YOUR-ID" part to "HIS-ID" and he buys the product at a discount and you’ve lost your commission.

The Solution

Many affiliate tools have the feature of cloaking your affiliate link, but...only Covert Affiliate goes a step further - and adds a little bit of code to your existing web page (when you use the "embedded mode"). As soon as your visitor views your page - BAM! - they get tagged with YOUR affiliate cookie. Covert Affiliate both cloaks the URL, hiding your affiliate information, ...and gives the visitor a cookie without his knowledge. So,
- Whether your visitor clicks on your affiliate link or not
- As long as s/he buys the product after visiting your website
- Even if s/he makes a purchase from that site a few days or months later ...YOU get the commission. And that’s the way it should be! Now do you understand the POWER of Covert Affiliate? In fact, because its so "sneaky" and shows no visible affiliate link on the page or within the HTML source of the page... your visitor will NEVER EVEN KNOW he’s been "cookied".

Are you a frustrated Clickbank® Affiliate?

Clickbank® now uses a new system that makes any links added in frames (like most cloakers do) open out into the topmost window. What this means is that when the cloaked page opens, the address-bar will display your Clickbank® affiliate ID, and that means... Your visitor knows it’s an affiliate link! So you’re back where you started - in the big, bad world of affiliate thieves and reluctant buyers. You won’t face this problem with Covert Affiliate because Covert Affiliate can cloak Clickbank® hoplinks properly and securely - something that other link "cloakers" can no longer claim to do.

Covert Affiliate™ also uses true javascript encryption that cannot be hacked, except by very advanced javascript coders - unlike the the flimsy encryption that can be broken by any school kid.

Note: The code only works on files uploaded on the web server. If you run the files locally they may not work properly.

Which Affiliate programs can you use Covert Affiliate™ with?

Covert Affiliate™ can be used with almost any affiliate program of your choice with the exception of only Commission Junction, who do not permit covert clicks and deem such clicks against their user policy.

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