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Google wants unique content on your site! If your site uses scraped search engine contents, PLR articles, RSS articles etc, then either you have already been banned or will get banned from Google, Yahoo, MSN soon.

First, let me ask you a few questions:

  • How much would you pay a person to convert ALL the shared articles and scraped search engine results into UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE content, every day for the rest of your life?
  • How much would you pay to prevent ALL YOUR SITES from getting banned from Google, MSN, Yahoo etc for duplicate content?
  • How much would you pay to instantly get UNLIMITED VARIATIONS of an article or content.
  • How much would you pay to Automatically Generate an UNLIMITED number of 1000+ page sites containing EXCLUSIVE and Unique Content.

How does Content Customizer work?

On the face of it, Content Customizer appears to work by word substitution. The power behind the software is that it is totally automated. The smart AI based conversion engine finds the most suitable word even if Content Customizer has never come across that word before. Then it uses these words to generate a random content without losing the essence of the content.

You can use Content Customizer to customize any kind of content. This works perfectly with

  • PLR articles that you purchase from others
  • Custom articles that you bought from freelancers
  • Scraped search engine results
  • Scraped RSS contents
  • And absolutely any kind of ENGLISH content.
  • You can use Content Customizer to create RSS feeds or entire 1000 page web site containing unique and exclusive content

Content Customizer is a powerful automatic content customizer that re-creates any article/content into unique content with just a single click.

Just have a look at the Power Features of Content Customizer

- Completely Automated System - You can use Content Customizer to customize the content/articles related to any niche. This intelligent software automatically finds suitable contents for you from the net.

    • Your Advantage: You do not have to be good at English or be familiar with your contents, with just a click of a button Content Customizer will customize your content and make it unique!

- Change the ENTIRE CONTENT of your article - Content Customizer changes the entire content of your article instead of just inserting some custom content here and there.

    • Your Advantage: You get an exclusive content that is genuinely different from others.

- Five Levels of Customization - Content Customizer allows you to select upto FIVE LEVELS of customization.

    • Your Advantage: You can have contents as unique and exclusive as you want.

- Uniqueness Guaranteed - Five levels of customization and a billion possible combinations ensure that you always get unique customization.

    • Your Advantage: Even if 1000 people share one article, each one of them will have exclusive content.

- Super Cool Export Options - Export the customized articles to text file, xml file, SQL queries or Generate a 1000+ page site immediately.

    • Your Advantage: Customize the contents and use it in any way that you want. It automates everything for you.

- Self Learning (AI based) customization engine - Content Customizer learns your preferences as you use this software. It’s AI based customization engine gets better with usage.

    • Your Advantage: As you use this software, it improves in both speed and quality of customization.

- Generate a COMPLETE WEBSITE containing unique contents - Content Customizer enables you to generate a complete website containing pages that have absolutely unique content. All the web pages are template based. You also get 10 professional templates FREE with this software.

    • Your Advantage: Use this software to create unlimited number of adsense sites. Each site will have unique content for the search engines.

- Easy to use - We have automated everything in this software. It has just three screens. One where you paste the content, second where it gives you some suggestions (and takes some from you too) and the third is where you can save the data. Can it get any easier than this.

    • Your Advantage: Start using it within 15 minutes. All you need is some content to start with, an internet connection, Content Customizer and some creativity. You can use this software using only your mouse and without touching the keyboard.

- Backed by the team of Kalptaru Infotech Ltd. - A team of 35 people are behind this software. You get personal support for any kind of help that you need with this software.

    • Your Advantage: All your questions are answered in 24 hours or less on a personal basis.

If you order Content Customizer, I will also give you...

  • Unique Content Site Generator and Export Plugin. Get Content Customizer now and I will give you an amazing plugin that will enable you to create a complete website containing unique articles from one article. You will also be able to export your customized articles to RSS/XML, SQL Queries for databases, Text Files etc.
  • Free upgrades for Lifetime. Order Content Customizer now and you will get all future versions at NO EXTRA COST. We do have at least three more versions in the pipeline and trust me... they are filled with super cool features for you.
  • Free 10 Professional Web Page templates for your website. Order Content Customizer now and I will give you 10 professional templates apart from the 10 templates that you get in the software.
  • Testimonial Bonus: RSS based Auto Content Generator for Blogs (worth US$ 59). Spare a moment to send us a testimonial for this software and I will send you another Auto Content Generation script that generates 100% fresh and genuine content for your website from RSS feeds. This script costs $59. You get it absolutely FREE.
Kalptaru Infotech Ltd (Karun Madhulika Yadav )(Ken Smaile) [did also : Auto Content Generator for WP Blogs , Star Articles , Rapid ArticlesDirectory , Rapid Articles Directory ]
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