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The Most Powerful Adsense Income Generator Program! Lets you Create Hundreds or even Thousands of Niche Webpages in an Instant without knowing so much about HTML.

How can you create hundreds of websites when you don’t even know how to build one yourself? And assuming you already know how to build a webpage, how long will it take you to build 100+ webpages for your website?!

That, my friend is the job of Content Creator Pro!

  • The secret tool I’ve been using to create hundreds of websites without knowing so much about html!
  • A tool that can create a website with hundreds of webpages on it linked together in just under an hour!
  • A tool that can rotate your contents at your own specified time for better search engine rankings.
  • The tool that I’ve been using for several months but which I’ve decided to finally release to you just now.

This is the latest, most efficient and results-oriented tool in my arsenal that helped me achieve hundreds of dollars a day in earnings from Google’s Adsense!

Let’s look at Content Creator Pro’s Amazing and Outstanding Features that set it apart from all existing so-called niche creator programs today:
-  Automatically creates hundreds of html pages from a local directory that contains article files all hyperlinked, crosslinked together without you having to know so much about HTML.

  • One article file equals one html page containing hyperlinks (acts as a sitemap) to all the other pages created on a given directory. If you have 10, 50 or even 1000+ articles that you have saved on your computer then you can bulk upload them to your domain and all are converted by the script into html pages in an instant!

-  Create unlimited number of webpages on your server from RSS feeds. Everytime the rss feed is updated a new, actual html webpage is automatically created on your server.

  • So, if for example you have 10 different rss feeds on your page which is being updated daily, then you’ll have 10 new html webpages automatically created on your server everyday! That’s 3,650 new webpages automatically created for you in one year. All in autopilot!
  • This will dynamically and gradually develop your website by adding niche webpages into it without you having to do anything at all!

-  Rotates unlimited real content on your page at your own specified time: 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, etc...

  • This is one of the best features of the script that not even any of the existing high-priced niche creator programs on the market today is offering.
  • This will allow your visitors to see new content on your webpage everytime they visit.
  • With this innovative feature, the search engine spiders will really love your site. They’ll see that your page is being updated regularly which in turn will rank your website high among search engines.

-  A Secure Browser-based Autoinstall of the script so that anyone, even a beginner can install Content Creator Pro easily. Click Here for a sample Video Tutorial for you to see how easy it is to install Content Creator Pro.

-  Wide array of professionaly created templates to choose from and already optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

  • With these templates, creating a website will be so easy that duplicating it to a hundred fold can be done in no time!

-  A Browser-based interface that can do the following:

  • upload unlimited content/articles to your domain server without you having to FTP the files;
  • manage unlimited rss feeds;
  • export local images or affiliate banners and manage image settings;
  • add/edit/delete meta tags;
  • add/change adsense code like url color, background color, border color, etc... for easier testing on which is the most effective settings. Applicable also if you use yahoo publisher, chitika, kontera and other ppc affiliate programs.

-  Over 180 beautifully created themed header graphics yours absolutely free. The header graphics that you will see on the sample sites below are just 3 of the 180+ you’ll get for free. These themed header graphics cost me around $900 to make, but it’s yours absolutely free!

-  Newsletter subscription form on the template . This makes the site created by the script look very professional unlike those fly-by-night-looking sites created by other pitiful niche creator programs.

-  Default or Alternate Feeds . This allows you to specify a default feed URL - so if one of your feeds does not contain any links or is inaccessible, it will automatically switch to your default feed.

-  You can select RSS feed links quantity . Some RSS Feeds will return 10 or more rss links.

  • This feature allows you to set a maximum number of rss links to display - so if you only want 5 links to be displayed, 5 will be displayed, regardless of the total number returned by the given feed. This makes your website design have a very professional look.

-  Option to open RSS links to a new window.

-  Add as many RSS feeds as you want to any single page. Works with all RSS and XML formats including Atom feeds.

-  Mass/Bulk Editing

  • Even if you have thousands of pages created by the script on your domain or directory, you can edit their templates from your browser-based admin panel interface with just a few clicks of your mouse and all changes will reflect on the thousands of pages residing on any given domain directory.

-  A Browser-Based Admin Panel Interface that’s so EASY to use!

  • An exclusive, easy-to-use browser-based Admin Panel where you can perform all the simple tasks needed to create hundreds of beautiful, highly-optimized income-generating webpages in less than an hour!

-  Free Lifetime Upgrades!

Jess Baylon [did also : Content Creator Pro ]
PHP 4.0+ Fully Enabled/Domain/s
Unix/Linux servers
Money Back
30 days
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