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The Content Attack service provides members with many keyword rich articles, which can be used on the members’ websites as fresh, SEOed, relevant content.

The barest necessity of web masters is to rank their sites as high as possible in search engines. The process known as search engine optimization (SEO) takes much time of web sites’ owners. There are a lot of SEO techniques and methods, but the most evident way to rank you site high is to provide it with fresh, keyword rich and relevant content. "If you have relevant, optimized and well-meaning textual content, your visitors will read it, the search engines will find it, and the webmasters will surely link to it," says Sandra Stammberger, the Content Attack SEO. Yes, it is the most evident way, but the hardest way as well.

The goal of the Content Attack service is to provide the content for websites. How it works? A webmaster applies to Content Attack membership, and in the members’ area there are a lot of articles; the webmaster takes the relevant content provided by and puts it on his/her website. This is the keyword rich content; many common keywords and phrases which visitors will actually use on a search query. New articles will be uploaded to the members’ area once per week; old articles will be removed from the server. So the content provided will be fresh.

In order to protect the interests of its members, Content Attack will accept no more than 150 members. After that the doors will close. "So if you come back after 3 days, and the special launch price is gone or 150 memberships have been sold .... there’s nothing I can do..." says Sandra Stammberger. Membership is paid monthly; fee is $97 per month, but during the launch celebration it is being offered for $67 per month only. Taking into consideration that the new articles will be submitted weekly, and that the profits of web site driven with the fresh, relevant, keyword rich content may grow by several dozens of thousands dollars a year, the Content Attack is rather cheap service. A member can always quit the Content Attack, and he reserves private label rights to all the articles published before. More than that, the Content Attack provides two bonuses for its members. The first bonus is "Auto Blog Submitter" - it can auto-submit your message, article etc. to all of your blogger and wordpress blogs at once. The second bonus is tons of insider knowledge - on uploading sites, on article mutators’ services, on fast indexation tips etc.

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