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CommissionAlert™ for iDevAffiliate is an Add-On Module, Available Only In English.

Install this Windows desktop application add-on module for iDevAffiliate and get notified of commissions instantly, right on your Windows desktop!

CommissionAlert™ comes with two main components. The admin application which alerts you of new affiliates & commissions and the affiliate application which alerts each individual affiliate of new commissions they generate in your affiliate program! CommissionAlert™ runs as a Windows taskbar icon (the little shopping cart).

- Admin Application

    • Instant alert of new affiliates as they join.
    • Instant alert of new approved, new un-approved or all new commissions.
    • Ability to include or exclude tier and recurring commissions.

- Affiliate Application

    • Each of your affiliates can download CommissionAlert™ from their affiliate control panel.
    • Affiliates receive instant alerts when they generate a commission in your affiliate program.
    • Creates tremendous added value to your affiliate program. Affiliates love these kind of extra features.
iDevDirect LLC (James Webster) [did also : CommissionStats for iDevAffiliate , iDevAffiliate Hosted Solution , iDevAffiliate Gold Edition , iDevAffiliate ]
iDevAffiliate or later
Win 98/Me/2000/XP
Money Back
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