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Learn a Lesson From Television.

Did you ever notice the pressure you begin to feel when you know time is running out on a great deal? Watch any of the shop-at-home television networks or infomercials. They all show you how great their products are, and then they tell you the price.

You have two possible responses at this point: buy it or forget it. Vendors rely on impulse sales for their initial wave of orders, and then they begin to turn up the heat . . .

First, they tell you that they have limited inventory. This flips a lot of people who were teetering on the edge into BUY mode. After all, they don’t want to miss this great opportunity. And so the secondary wave of orders begin . . .

Second, they tell you the product will only be available for a limited time. And then it happens. A clock appears in the upper corner of your screen, and you see your opportunity to own the product is getting smaller by the second.


You think about it some more. You consider the opportunity carefully. You start reviewing the features and benefits of the product. A million emotions race through your mind as you ask yourself how badly you want to own that product. You wish you had more time to think about it, but the hands on the clock keep moving.


You start asking yourself if the time on the clock is right. It seems to be speeding up, doesn’t it? You know that if you call up the toll-free number to order the product that you’ll be placed in a long queue and you may run out of time entirely.


You reach for the phone and buy the product before time is up. You feel great because you took advantage of a great deal for a great product. And you beat the clock.

Add An Animated Clock To Your Web Page.

Clock Popper does things no other pop-up generator can do!

Here’s how Clock Popper works:

- First, it launches a pop-up offer that cannot be blocked by most pop-up blocking software.

- Second, an animated clock appears in the corner of their screen and begins to tick. As long as the clock is ticking, the visitor may click on it to take advantage of your offer. The clock stays in the corner of the screen even when they scroll and it will not close until the offer has expired.

- Third, when time is almost up, the clock begins to flash to let them know time is running out.

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