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The perfect solution for advanced Cloakers...

CloakerLIVE is a powerful optional service for customers of our flagship product, Search Engine Cloaker. As we roll out more features for SEC, many of them will be made available exclusively through the CloakerLIVE service.

Central Management for all your Cloaker installations

CloakerLIVE allows you to manage up to 1000 separate Cloaker installations from a single console. You can make changes, and apply them to only a single installation, every installation in a user-defined group, or all installations.

The key to search engine success nowadays increasingly relies on multiple domains. Indeed, to get traffic, you need many domains, working in tandem. Using our Cloaker software, of course, helps you better arm each of your domains with the content and techniques needed to get great search engine listings.

Now, with CloakerLIVE, you can simply and easily manage all of your installations at once. No longer do you have to keep track of multiple different Management Consoles, multiple URLs, and so on. You can do it from a single domain.

Nothing to download!

CloakerLIVE runs entirely on our server. Don’t worry, all information about each of your installations remains on your server. Instead, CloakerLIVE makes use of powerful hooks exclusively enabled for CloakerLIVE in every Cloaker installation. Just enter the details of your installations in our service, and you can quickly manage everything remotely.

Subscribe to CloakerLIVE

CloakerLIVE is a powerful monthly subscription service that allows you to manage your Cloaker installations from a central console. CloakerLIVE lets you:

  • Add unlimited installations to a centralized console.
  • Create arbitrary groups, and assign your installations to these groups.
  • Make a change in one installation and the same change will apply to every installation, every installation in a particular group, or just one installation. Selectively submit different form elements.

Besides the centralized console, additional features available in CloakerLIVE include:

- 1. Instantly install new versions of Cloaker with a single click.
- 2. Get 250 free DAILY MassDuplicator filters from your Cloaker installations.
- 3. Graphical logfile analysis in the Logs tab.
- 4. Block all access to your pages EXCEPT through CloakerLIVE in the Advance Config tab (perfect for hiding from snoops).
- 5. Control your own personal Search Engine Spiders list (avoiding overwriting when you update spiders) in the Basic Config tab.
- 6. Control your own organic hyperlink list, letting you tell Cloaker to automatically add X URLs every Y days (which is less suspicious than a 100+ new URLs suddenly appearing).
- 7. And more coming soon...

As an extra bonus to our customers, you can gain the benefits of both PRO membership and a CloakerLIVE subscription for only $30/month (that would be $40 if purchased separately).

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