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Isn’t It Time You Stop People From Stealing Your Download Products From Your Website?

What’s worse than having your download-able products stolen from you?...

Losing all of the money that you could have been making from all of those people who would have otherwise had to pay you!

One of the biggest problems on the Internet today, is that people just like you and I are being ripped off right under our very noses.

We sign-up and pay our hard earned money to join the ClickBank sellers program, in the hopes that we will generate a few sales from that account.

Then, it doesn’t take long before we find out that about 60% of the sales we should have had are being lost to people who think it’s real cute to go ahead and just take your products without paying for them. Not Anymore, It’s Time To Put A Stop To It!

Now, with the "ClickBank Protection Buddy" script, you CAN prevent people from stealing your ClickBank downloads from right under your nose.

Just imagine how your sales will climb when those who would otherwise just take your product, now have to actually pay you for that product!

The only requirement that must be met for you to run ClickBank Protection Buddy successfully, is your web server most use PHP version 4.0 or better. (99% of todays web servers run PHP 4.3 and above!)

ClickBank Protection Buddy uses the supplied variables from ClickBank when a purchase is made, plus your site visitors IP address, to track if a sale has been made or not.

If no sale is recorded, then ClickBank Protection Buddy issues your own error page, and stops anyone trying to grab your ClickBank product for free.

You can even use your own download pages, just tell ClickBank Protection Buddy where they are located, and ClickBank Protection Buddy will handle all of the rest!

ClickBank Protection Buddy is Totally super easy to use, and setup. In a matter of a few short minutes, you can be protecting your download goods from thief’s.

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