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* CBStatz 1.96 2007/06 Software Cleverbyte Inc US$29.95

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Amazing Software tool that will Download your Clickbank™ sales and let you organize that data in ways that you never thought possible!

Instantly know your Clickbank™ business inside and out and gain an unfair Advantage over other Vendors and Affiliates!

For years the guys at CBstatz have been successful and dedicated Clickbank™ users, and that means for years we have used the standard Clickbank™ reports mixed with spreadsheets and a good bit of patience as well.

We all know that if you plan on making money on Clickbank™, you have got to be prepared to put in the long hours. There is advertising setup and costs, PPC Campaigns to keep a watchful eye on, meeting the customers demand, keeping in touch with associates and other online friends, and of course, not to mention Family and our lives outside the square box you are viewing this webpage through. Somewhere in this chaos you have to fully manage your sales data, and lets face it, Clickbank™ does not exactly make this a walk in the park for you. We certainly aren’t blaming Clickbank™ for their sales reporting. With hundreds of thousands of members and endless gigabytes of data, they have to ensure that everything runs smoothly for everyone.

This is where CBstatz comes in! Using the simple sales data that Clickbank™ provides, CBstatz lets you manipulate, sort, and view your data in ways you never thought possible! The team here at CBstatz all joined heads and made a simple mission: "What would we like to see in our dream statistics program?". After a lot of planning, we watched these dreams come into reality, and now this dream is available to you!

Made by Clickbank™ enthusiasts for Clickbank™ users, this amazing software tool will save you countless hours by quickly extracting your sales data across unlimited accounts in one brief moment. What you do with your sales data from here is up to you and CBstatz gives you full freedom. Wish you could test drive this amazing program and see what the fuss is about? Well YOU can!

Just look at some of the features!

- Download full years sales data at lightning speeds. CBStatz is the fastest Clickbank™ sales data downloading tool available on the Internet.
- View and compare data effortlessly across multiple accounts with the Sales Reports section. View sales by Affiliate/Vendor/Product ID/Account and more. Do things with your data that you never thought possible!
- A wide arrange of instant graphing options gives you amazing bar and line charts at the click of a button. View several years worth of sales data visually and in many different ways!
- Import your existing sales data to bring CBstatz up to date with your sales archive. (supports many formats)
- Backup your data for safety, at anytime you may make a complete backup of your sales data in a snap! Store these backups on CD or other media to ensure your data is never lost.
- One click order lookups to find any record you wish. Search by name, order ID, email address, etc. and find that record instantly!
- Never log-in to any of your Clickbank™ accounts manually again! No need to manage those awkward long Clickbank™ passwords either!
- Lock-in to the official Clickbank™ date and time. No matter what part of the world you are from, all data is displayed according to the exact time of the Clickbank™ servers, instead of to your local time.
- Handle refund orders instantly from within the program. Clickbank™ is notified and your sales data is updated to reflect the new refund.
- Keep tabs of all your Affiliates and Vendors in real time. Keep special nicknames and contact details in case you are dealing with many records so that you never have to be confused as to who superid252 is.
- Need to look up a really old order? Don’t bother trying the normal Clickbank™ stats. They only go back 1 year! Don’t waste your time searching through thousands of email archives! Get the record your after in 5 seconds...
- Complete automation and ease of use - CBstatz always keeps user friendliness in mind and that is why you will find yourself mastering this program within 10 minutes!
- Free Support is included for all CBstatz members. We listen to our customers and are always open to ideas that can benefit our program. If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, we are here to help!
- Export any combination of sales data (I.E. Name and Email address only) in a wide range of popular formats.
- Free Upgrades Included. Never pay for a minor or major upgrade!

Sounds Pretty Good... What else can CBStatz do?

Once you start using CBstatz, you will wonder how in the world you lived without it! We do not believe in over hyping our product just to try and get a sale. That is why we are offering our free trial so that you can see for yourself the true power of CBstatz!

  • Create Customer mailing lists and general Email lists - Export any combination of data (Name, Email, Order ID, Date, etc) into a mailing list which can be separated by comma, semicomma, tab, csv.
  • Generate a summary of your top earning Affiliates - Look back over the last Week, Month, Pay Period, Year or any time frame that you choose to determine your most successful Affiliates. You can choose to reward your best earners!
  • Give your Accountant a Sales Report in seconds - Tax time can be such a mess! Generate a sales report for any period quickly and effortlessly! Print the selected data at the press of a button.
  • Download since last check feature - No need to download sales data which you have already downloaded or is in your database already! Using this feature, you only download brand new sales data.
  • See your exact Pay Period earnings in real-time - No need to take a guess or spend time calculating your current Pay Period earnings vs Refunds. CBstatz will take out the guess work for you.
  • Find out your top 25 hot selling Countries - Attractive Geographic reports are available in line or bar graphs so that you can determine which Countries are your top sellers.
  • Discover the most popular hour of the day for sales - Looking back on any date range, you can see which hour of the day is the highest selling. Use this valuable information to increase promotions during these times.
  • Which day of the week is the highest selling - You will be surprised to find out over a large date range which day of the week is your best day to sell. You can also use this information to increase profits on that particular day.
  • Unlimited Accounts and Products support - Your earning potential is unlimited and so is the number of Accounts and Products that CBstatz supports. Download sales data across 1 or 100 accounts with the click of a button.
  • Increase your profit by tracking specific sales success- Two clicks and you can determine how much your sales have increased since concentrating more of your advertising dollar on a specific Product.
  • And much, MUCH more!

CBstatz 1.96 Minor Upgrade

When downloading more than 3 Months worth of data at a time, CBstatz looks like it is downloading. But it just freezes. The Download since last check feature can be used without any problems unless the last download was done 3 Months ago. Then you would have to select one Month at a time.

The Paycheck downloading works perfectly, except it might not download the Paycheck data for a particular Account. Even if only that one Account is selected for downloading, it still doesn’t download the Paycheck data. This is a minor problem that we are working on.

Before (this Update), CBstatz would go back through the database and Refund the actual Sale. Now, CBstatz posts the Refund to the date that it was Refunded. This is because of the way that Clickbank now posts the Refund in your Account. On the plus side, now you can see exactly how many Refunds got posted to your Account on any given day. But, I’d prefer to see the ACTUAL Sale in the database Refunded. We will be working on this as well.

CBstatz 1.95 Minor Upgrade

Here is a list of the things included in this Update:

  • Added options to hide accounts from Download Statz and from Sales Reports.
  • Sales Reports now include the selected date range in the header when printing.
  • Added additional error handling if there is problems with downloading stats.
  • Fixed minor spelling mistakes
Cleverbyte Inc [did also : CBStatz ]
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Win 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
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