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How Clickbank-Ad-sense-script Works

Pays better than googleŽ adsenseŽ Ads

Clickbank-Ad-sense-script at a glance: google adwords google adwords google adwords google adwords google adwords

  • Maximize your website affiliate revenue without compromising your web site sales with clickbank adwords.
  • Offer your users ads they’ll be interested in without exposing your visitors to your competitors.
  • Start serving high yield Clickbank based ads in your website in minutes.
  • Own a website like this one with no hosting to worry about in just minutes and keep 100% sales.
  • Try clickbank-ad-sense-script now even if you have google adsense and compare the revenue.

Avoid unhealthy competition in your site google adwords google adwords google adwords adwords google adwords google adwords

Clickbank-ad-sense (CBAdwords) delivers dynamically self chosen affiliate ads to your website. Unlike googleŽ adsenseŽ which delivers ads that are selling similar products as your site, Clickbank Ad-sense-script allows you to choose your favorite and fast selling products that does not compete with your web-site product(s). These products pays you up to 75% of the sale value.

Customize your ads appearance and style. google adwords google adsense adwords affiliate affiliate program affiliates adwords adsense

You spend lots of time perfecting the look, feel and style of your website. Clickbank-ad-sense-script ads can be customized on text color, background color, font size, font style, number of ads to run in a specified area and layout in your website. Choose from dozens of preset color palettes, and save your own style using a simple point-and-click color selection tool.

Start serving Clickbank high yield ads in just minutes. Affiliate affiliate clickbank clickbank affiliate affiliate program adwords

After filling out a short sign-up form, a personalized account will be created ready to start serving your clickbank ads customized with your nickname. It takes just minutes to get Clickbank-ad-sense-script ads running in your site. You will be able to select from precise categories, customize them with your affiliate nickname, and generate a simple HTML code that can be pasted in your website.

Sell our technology and serve clickbank-ad-sense even if you don’t own a web-site.

Don’t have a web-site or don’t want the hassles of having one? CBAdwords offers you an amazing opportunity to run this site as your own site. We handle all questions and e-mail for you while you keep all the revenues you generate from it. Your sales will be sent to your paypal account. For more information, see Franchising.

Try clickbank-ad-sense free today. clickbank affiliate affiliate affiliates program adwords clickbank affiliate adsense google

  • GoogleŽ AdsenseŽ program pays per click. How would you like to get more from a click that just cents? CBAdwords ads pays you up to 75% commission of the product price. 75% of an item sold at $ 100 earns you $ 75
  • GoogleŽ AdsenseŽ serves your worst competitors products on your site compromising your site sales. Clickbank based ads allows you to keep your competitor away from your website visitors.
  • GoogleŽ adsenseŽ will never let you earn any good enough revenue with their technology. We will let you sell our services while we do all technical support for you.
Boomshine Ltd [did also : CBAdWords ]
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