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CB Extract is a necessary tool for every ClickBank merchant and affiliate.

To See What One Mouse Click With CB Extract Will Do, Such As...

  • Manage All ClickBank Sales Data Offline
  • Manage Multiple ClickBank Accounts
  • Create Customer Email Lists
  • Report Top Affiliates/Merchants
  • Find Sales Easily And MUCH more...

You can use the ClickBank stats page to get daily stats, or you can use CB Extract to get stats for any period, and produce all kinds of sales reports!

CB Extract helps you manage your sales data and manipulate it any way you choose. Maybe you want to analyze sales trends for a certain period, or for a certain affiliate. Perhaps you need a quick report to give to your accountant showing all details for your profits for a certain fiscal year. Or maybe you want an email list of all your customers. These are just a few of the things CB Extract can do for you!

Ok, so what can CB Extract do for me?

  1. Create a customer/sales database Create a complete database for all your sales information, or a partial database based on region, zip code, between certain dates, you name it! Why use the HTML pages in your ClickBank stats screens to sort and analyze your data when you can easily manipulate and back up all of your sales data with a few clicks.
  2. Create customer email mailing lists It is a fact that current customers are more likely to buy again from a vendor they’ve dealt with in the past. This report generates a complete or partial (based on any criteria) customer email mailing list for you to easily contact your customers.
  3. Extract email addresses to a .txt file using any delimiter you choose Separate the email addresses by comma, semi-colon, space, or one address per line.
  4. Create an affiliate report This report shows total sales by affiliate and lists your top affiliate sales, based on any date range or criteria. It separates sales you’ve made to others (for ClickBank affiliates) and sales affiliates have made of your product (for ClickBank merchants). Click for an example affiliate graph - you can toggle between graph view and data view. Data view displays total profit by affiliate, total sales, and all details.
  5. Generate a custom report based on any criteria This allows you to create a report on anything you choose, and will be displayed within the CB Extract software for you to sort, analyze, and save if you wish. This is extremely valuable since you set the criteria for the report. As an example, now you can see all those sales for the month of June to Texas for customers with the last name Smith (or whatever you choose).
  6. Automatically account for refunded sales With the touch of a button you can remove refunds from your reports, whether it be the customer database, the mailing lists, or the custom reports. You can generate these reports based on sales or refunds.
  7. Report sales to your accountant for any period CB Extract allows you to generate a report for any period, showing gross or net sales. Use the Profit Report or the Payout Report and simply provide your accountant the results.
  8. Update any report with new sales data There’s no need to download all your sales data for the past 18 months every time you wish to update. Use the program as often as you’d like to quickly download only the newest data (since the last time you updated), and all reports will automatically reflect the latest data.
  9. Generate a geographic distribution report of sales This report shows percent of total as well as number of sales per region (this too can be done for certain criteria only, or for your entire customer list). You can toggle between graph view and data view.
  10. Create a ClickBank check report This report shows your actual ClickBank earnings, as paid to you via check every two weeks. Specify any date range to see what you were actually paid, and when.
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