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CBENGINE helps Affiliate Marketers find killer, undiscovered, diamond-in-the-rough ClickBank Marketplace products before those products catch their buzz and everyone starts promoting them. CBENGINE gives you ACCESS TO profitable hidden information and helps you maximize your affiliate marketing efforts so you MAKE MORE MONEY.

Now, I’m sure most of you reading this know exactly what Clickbank is. For those new to Clickbank I will tell you ClickBank is BY FAR the best source for top quality e-books and informational products. ClickBank has THOUSANDS of products in its marketplace. By promoting these products affiliates can earn 1-75% per sale! Many people are making a living promoting ONLY ClickBank products. It’s an amazing program and if you’re not on board, you need to be!

Not long ago I showed CBENGINE to a successful stockbroker friend of mine. I explained affiliate marketing and how the CBENGINE software helps affiliate marketers predict up-and-coming ClickBank® Marketplace products. After a contemplative minute, he said with a grin: ’It’s like insider trading.’

It really is like insider trading. It would be like a CEO whispering positive sales data to you before it went public. Or Bill Gates telling you about Windows as it was starting to take off, or, on a secret tip, investing in Ebay before it stratosphered into a household name.

You would be able to capitalize on the information and reap huge rewards. The difference is: This is 100% legal.

As Top Affiliate Marketing Pros Know: good tools and INFORMATION are key to successful affiliate marketing sales...

Without good information you are left in the dark. Affiliates ’IN THE KNOW’ make money. Simple as that. And it’s so competitive out here, you need solid, effective tools to help you operate above and beyond the competition!

When I first started marketing ClickBank® products it was a frustrating game of hit-and-miss guessing. Typically, I’d pick the top-ranking products in various ClickBank® Marketplace categories and promote them. I picked them (it seemed logical at the time) ONLY because they were the TOP-SELLERS. Or I’d pick products that looked good on the outside (the ill-advised judging books by their covers method), but just didn’t convert. Or I’d pick something because it paid a lot, but I only made one sale every three months, so it really did me no good.

My sales were dismal and depressing. I grew FRUSTRATED. I knew there had to be a way to make the dream business of affiliate marketing happen, I knew the answer had to be in DATA, NUMBERS, INFORMATION... I knew the answer was in analyzing ClickBank’s vast Marketplace for clues. But how could I get ClickBank to ’divulge its hidden secrets’?

I thought about it...

I realized I needed to track ALL ClickBank Marketplace products sales’ rankings week after week, and study each product’s performance for ’hidden opportunities’.

So, out of necessity, and a burning desire to quit my stressful day job and make big money with affiliate marketing, I solved the problem and built an analysis tool that allowed me to ’mine’ the ClickBank® Marketplace for ’diamonds in the rough’.

No longer was I throwing away money on products that didn’t convert into sales. No longer was I guessing, following vague hunches or relying on questionable product reviews. The numbers didn’t lie! I could IMMEDIATLY see how well a product was performing, and also find ones that showed incredible promise. It saved and made me THOUSANDS of dollars.

This software transformed me from a nearly broke, indebted to credit-cards web-developer working a high-stress dead-end job into a happy, successful, self-employed internet marketing professional in a short time.

And now after much contemplation I’ve decided to share what was once my personal software tool to Serious ClickBank® Affiliates that want to take their efforts to the next level.

The ClickBank Affiliate Insider

While the ClickBank Marketplace only shows a product’s current ranking, CBengine collects and stores a ranking history for each product over time. Top affiliates use CBengine reports to track and pinpoint hidden opportunities before they disappear. The affiliate insider produces recommendation lists to help you spot opportunities using predictive analysis formulas. Our insider recommendations change automatically each time the ClickBank marketplace is updated.

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