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Let me introduce you to a new tool called CB Accountant from Rod Beckwith (the co-creator of top-selling tools Adword Generator, Article Equalizer, and Blogging Equalizer). This new tool is a lot more than just a piece of software to keep track of your account data.

Rather, it’s a complete accounting program for online businesses — designed just for Clickbank™ affiliates and merchants.

It’s just like having your own personal accountant and business manager on a daily basis to save you hours of time, effort, and help you produce the most profit possible out of your business.

You Just Open-Up Your Copy... And Let It Go To Work.

It then logs into as many accounts as you want, updates, and analyzes all of the data into the software!

The connection is completely secure, as the data goes directly from Clickbank™ to your computer. There’s zero hard work or hassles.

Just let your new software take care of everything for you!

Simply put, nothing else out there compares to what CB Accountant does for you. It’s a one-stop shop needed to easily run your Clickbank™ business up to its full potential.

Here’s The Full Scope What Your CB Accountant Software Currently Does For You:

- Gives you the ability to look at all of your accounts at the same time to determine the health of your overall Clickbank™ business without you having to lift a finger. Save time and effort by not having to log-in to all of your accounts.

- Keeps track of your data in one place for years. Now, you know your exact sales stats over time so you can spot trends and direct your time and effort wisely - and as a result, significantly boost your sales!

- Transforms many of your inactive affiliates into productive money-makers using your built-in affiliate tracking module. You are now updated on each affiliate’s performance, and most importantly... have the information you need to easily keep them motivated to bring in a constant stream of new sales!

- Allows you to follow-up with your customers to bring in new sales - if you’re not collecting their names and following-up with them, then you are missing out on a fortune. Back-end products or additionally affiliate promotions can easily become your largest source of income!

- Shows you who your top selling affiliates are so you can secure stronger relationships with them - and, as a result, shoot your affiliates sales through the roof because they are motivated to work for you - instead of just doing a short-term promotion and moving on.

- Cuts your customer service time in half by allowing you to quickly and easily find all of your customers whenever they contact you. There’s no guesswork when a customer forgets to tell you what product he or she is contacting you about.

- Impresses customers because you can now respond much quicker to their problems. This means they’re going to want to do business with you next time you offer them a valuable product.

- Saves you time because you no-longer have to log-in to your accounts manually. You’re account data is all one in one place, along with associated visual charts and graphs (so you can get the information you need instantly. Your stats aren’t just a bunch of numbers that take your valuable time to demystify)!

- Makes sure you never lose your account data again, due to only having it stored for a single year. Instead, keep all of your data saved for many YEARS. Imagine... A customer contacts you, telling you he or she lost his or her e-book on his or her hard-drive - but they bought it over a year ago. Now, you can instantly check to see if your customers are telling you the truth.

- Emails affiliates and customers with the click of a button using your built-in email system. It’s a one stop shop to handle all of your Clickbank™ business. Having this tool is your ultimate time and energy saver so you can have more time to relax!

- Uncovers your profit margins on all of your products so you will know where to focus your efforts. This means increased profits because your time is being spent wisely. Additionally, you’ll instantly know when you’re losing money on a project so you can re-direct your efforts.

- Auto-updates all of your accounts into the software as often as you want for instantaneous results - This software will become your complete business workstation. No-need to log-in a million places. Watch as new sales and statistics roll in.

- Reveals your refund rates to for all of your products to see where you can improve. Reduce your refund rates by a percent or two... and increase your profits by hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

- Gets your Sales Year To Date and Month To Date and average daily sales to see how you’re progressing - with this data you can finally see where your headed and avoid financial disasters.

- Keeps track of your affiliates... now you can have contests and keep them up on the latest happenings. It’s the little things that make affiliates choose you over your competitors.

- Gives you the ability to back-up all of your account data for safe keeping using export feature. No longer are you forced to rely on Clickbank™ (a third party) to store your invaluable customer information.

- Archives all of your your account information and statistics so you can asses where your business has been and where it is going. From day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, and year-to-year! As time rolls on, you’ll STOP losing your information.

- Allows you to contact your affiliates and customers from all of your products in a central place using your built-in mailer. You don’t have to log-in to multiple accounts or deal with a crowded inbox to connect with those important to the success of your business!

- Avoids those "my hard drive crashed requests" because you have customer data stored for years. Clickbank™ won’t let you look back farther than a single year!

- Gives you all the data you need when tax time rolls around in one place — so you can get your taxes done quickly and easily.

- Estimates what your sales are going to be for the next year using past data. You’re going to have the information you need right away to know if a project is worth your time... or you should dump it. By putting your time in the right places, your profits are going to grow like crazy!

- Plus, we’re not done talking about all it does for you yet....

Best of all, this solution is completely automated. Enter your account information once and you never have to input anything else again! It’s no exaggeration to say that you’re going to save countless hours of time and effort each week (time you can be using to make more cash instead).

What’s even more... you’re also getting figures and statistics that are impossible to extract manually — this gives you an unbeatable advantage over your competition because you have valuable information they’re missing out on.

The bottom line is... you’re getting a constant analysis of your business at all times. So, you can use that data to make intelligent decisions moving forward and take your business to the next level... in profits and efficiency!

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